Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2226

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“You’re Jiang Chen?” The blue-robed youth looked at Jiang Chen and said with a cold expression.

“Do we know each other?” Jiang Chen asked. 

“Huang Tianba told me that you are very strong. Therefore, I would like to challenge you and see whether you’re as strong as he said to be.” 

The youth's long hair fluttered even in the absence of wind, making him look even more handsome, exhibiting an overbearing vigor. His strength has already reached the Late Void God Realm, making him stand out amongst the others gathered in the place. 

“Isn't that fella shameless? Sui Zhenkai is one of the hundred ranker experts and he just challenged a new disciple. This is too much."

“Yeah, the guy just entered the sect not too long ago. He must be pretty strong to force a ranker to come out.”

“Rank 69th in the Hundred Battle Ranking. Such an expert must have reached the level of Late Void God Realm and probably one of the stronger Late Void Gods. Since some Late Void Gods couldn't even enter the 100 battle rankings. This means that those experts that were able to enter the ranks are truly powerful cultivators.”

“What if I do not accept it?” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“To act recklessly for the sake of a woman. Such a man is certainly not a coward. You will certainly fight me even though you know that you'll lose to me in the end.” Sui Zhenkai replied coldly. 

“You’re half correct, but that's not the result. You will end up like Huang Tianba in the end, losing pitifully.” Jiang Chen said proudly. 

“Such an arrogant fellow. Looks like you still don't know what a true expert of this world looks like. The Profound Feng Sect is not a place where you can act recklessly. I shall let you know that a new disciple must have a mindset of those rookies. Huang Tianba once helped me before, hence, I shall avenge him. Moreover, you're not worthy of such a gorgeous beauty. ” Sui Zhenkai smiled as he looked at Ling Yun. 

The smile was filled with a gentle and elegant feel, just like the one that comes from a young scholar, well-mannered. It was completely different from the cold stare he had while he was facing Jiang Chen. 

“This person is obviously here for Big Sister Ling. Big Brother, you must take care of him properly.”

Yue Er was waving her little fist with a serious look on her face as if she was up to something, making Jiang Chen chuckle from her action. 

“Such an adorable little girl. Pity, the mouth is a bit… hehe.”' Sui Zhenkai said with a laugh and turned towards Jiang Chen with a solemn expression. 

“Tomorrow, the life-and-death stage. I await your presence.” 

“Deciding on victory and deciding on who to live and die.”

Sui Zhenkai was slightly stunned by Jiang Chen’s words. 

“Hahaha. This is more than what I wished for. Deciding on the victory and also one’s own very life. I did not plan to kill you but looks like you’re confident in yourself. It’s not surprising that Huang Tianbao lost to you. But you’re too arrogant, you’re fated to die a horrible death.” 

“Let us see about that!” Jiang Chen said. 

Countless people witnessed this scene and were looking forward to it. Tomorrow’s battle, a ranked 69th expert will fight against a newly entered disciple. This was the first after several decades. Such an event was one that attracts many Outer Sect disciples to witness. 

Now, wherever Jiang Chen went, he would become the centre of attention of the place. But the true reason for this attention was because of the two pretty girls beside him, especially Ling Yun, even though her face was covered by an azure mask, her magnificent beauty still shows. No other woman could ever be compared against her. How can such an unparalleled beauty not be liked? 

Historically, beauty is always paired with a hero. Jiang Chen, a new disciple of the sect, was like a cow's sh*t compared to those self-proclaimed prodigious seniors. He must've gotten extremely lucky to have such a beauty to follow him. 

“That person is quite strong. At least, for the current you, he’s strong. You have to be careful.” Ling Yun reminded me. 

This made Jiang Chen feel a bit weirded out by her action. This is the first time this woman cared about me. 

“Ahh…  youth…  a beauty shall forever be popular no matter where she goes. Hehe, if this old man is several hundred years younger, I would probably act the same. Hmph hmph, such an intoxicating beauty. ” Elder Wu murmured happily, with a teasing expression on his face. 

But nobody noticed that this Book Collection Pavilion Elder who looked improper had eyes that were cold and stubborn, as he was careful on everyone who enters the place. After all, this was his duty. 

After the trio entered the pavilion, Jiang Chen’s expression became serious. He wanted to pick a powerful battle technique but Ling Yun did not care and Yue Er was feeling bored, causing him to feel at loss. One doesn’t see a single value in the techniques stored here and the other does not plan to practice the cultivation techniques here. He was the only one searching seriously, making him look like a fool in the eyes of Yue Er and Ling Yun. 

“Hmm?” Jiang Chen frowned. 

On the corner of the third floor, he found an incomplete volume that was covered with dust and spider webs. Yet its name attracted his attention. Its name was 《Sword of Solitude》. The name was out of the ordinary, he could not imagine what kind of sword techniques it holds. 

“Forever solitary, created this sword out alone, a solitary blade, a solitary life.” 

Those were written on the first page. Jiang Chen thought this sword art must be extraordinary. He too could feel the solidarity from the book. 

“This sword art. You think highly of it?” Ling Yun looked at Jiang Chen and asked. 

“Yes. Why? Is there an issue?” 

“Rumours have it that this is a sword art created by a True God. I’ve seen it in my sect too, it has a weird name. But… it’s just trash.” 

Jiang Chen was stunned. 

“How trashy is it?”

“Meaning that his sword techniques are unparalleled under the heavens. After that, a disciple practised the sword technique and was beaten like a pulp. So as every disciple after him. I think this 《Sword of Solitude》is the same type as the one in my sect. Just a myth, it is probably not even a complete sword art,” Ling Yun said. 

“A formless fool is the most fatal. Is that what it means?” Jiang Chen said. 

Meaning that this sword art is trash. 

“I would like to see what was written down in this book.” Jiang Chen said because he thought that this sword art was not as weak as Ling Yun says.  

“This is the Phantom Wolf Clone Technique, Big Brother. I deliberately chose it for you.” Yue Er was holding a cultivation technique book with a smug face.  

“This is a Flying Sword Technique. If your 《Sword of Solitude》is no good. Use this.” Ling Yun ignored Jiang Chen, as she said she did not need the techniques that were stored here. 

Moreover, she would give Yue Er the best. Both of them will leave in the future. Hence, they both chose a technique and gave it to Jiang Chen. 

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