Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2230


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A loud roar was heard yet it did not stop Jiang Chen from killing his opponent. 

Sui Zhenkai’s eyes were filled with disbelief. Until death, he still couldn’t believe that he would die here. To think he would lose against a Mid Void God lad, truly out of expectation, truly frightening. 

Silence, dead silence! 

Even at the moment Sui Zhenkai’s body fell to the ground, nobody believed that he had lost. A total and miserable loss. Ten thousand blades pierced through his heart. A miserable death indeed. 

Jiang Chen held his long sword behind his back and looked at the sky, his overbearing pressure was unstoppable! 

The death of Sui Zhenkai made the distinction between the two of them clear. Every one of them was still in a daze from the result of this battle, because the battle ended way too quick. They all originally wanted to see Sui Zhenkai’s valour. But in the end, he was the one who got mercilessly killed by his opponent. 

The thousands of onlookers were all silent and their view towards Jiang Chen was utterly changed. Now, it was filled with respect. Jiang Chen’s methods and techniques were far too terrifying, shocking the whole outer sect. 

The people present at the scene sighed. Jiang Chen’s blade was far too powerful. A Mid Void God just eliminated a Late Void God who was on the Hundred Battle Ranking. Many people will surely not believe this news. Especially since Jiang Chen had just recently entered the sect. Everyone could only sigh and look up to this result. 

A man who has two horns on his head and was covered with fire suddenly appeared. He has a giant ruler on his back and had a cold expression, his eyes were staring straight at Jiang Chen. 

“I told you to stop, did you not hear me?!” The man, named Yan Cheng, roared furiously. 

His fiery temper was just the same as his facial expression, filled with overbearing qi, violent as a tiger. His gaze as sharp as a knife, his fist clasped tightly. The stage trembled as he landed on it, causing even the air to burn in the process. 

“The life-and-death stage, where the victor decides who lives and dies. Who are you to interfere? He could kill me but I cannot kill him?” Jiang Chen sneered. 

“You ought to know who you’re talking to.” Yan Cheng smiled lightly and the violent demeanour he had earlier was gone. 

This fellow was definitely strong but he was not strong enough to make Jiang Chen bow. 

“Not even the Sect Master has the qualification to blame me. Are you the Sect Master?” Jiang Chen sneered. 

“Smart mouth. But these kinds of people do not live long.” Yan Cheng looked at Jiang Chen with an angry gaze, his fiery temper was famous amongst the members of the sect. 

“Damn, even that devil’s incarnate came. Looks like Jiang Chen killing Sui Zhenkai today is not something that will be easily settled.” 

“Who is he? So overbearing, he doesn't look like he’s your average guy.” 

“Yan Cheng. The outer sect’s number two, meaning… he’s the strongest one after the Big Brother of the Outer Sect!”

“Could it be?! It’s really him! The Number Two in the Hundred Battle Ranking Li Huo Demon, Yan Cheng?!”

Everyone turned silent for Jiang Chen, feeling worried for him. Li Huo Demon, Yan Cheng, was famous for his hot temper and for killing others without batting an eye. In the past, someone had angered Yan Cheng who had just entered the sect, he then fought against 23 people simultaneously, shocking the whole outer sect in the process. Now, his ability was enough to let him enter the inner sect. Such a person is definitely not your average joe. 

Li Huo Demon, Yan Cheng signifies slaughter, nobody would dare act cocky while facing him. If you do so, then there’s only one end—death. This fellow normally does not respect Big Brother Yang Jian of the outer sect too. Lest this new disciple. 

“Looks like you’re courting death.” Yan Cheng did not waste his breath and struck Jiang Chen fiercely. The pressure of the fist shocked the people on site. Jiang Chen wasn’t feeling courteous either. I’ll give you a battle if you want it! 

Both of their fist clashed together. At this moment, Jiang Chen and Yan Cheng both took three steps back from the force. Yan Cheng’s expression became serious, including the onlookers. Jiang Chen shocked them once again! To think Yan Cheng could not do anything against him. Even though it was just a probe, that ‘probing’ punch could easily kill off a Mid Void God expert. Meaning, Yan Cheng’s punch was dead set on killing Jiang Chen but Jiang Chen was unfazed by it who was now looking at Yan Cheng coldly.  

“To think you managed to take one of my punches. Interesting, truly interesting.” Yan Cheng’s eyes slightly squinted. 

He finally found an opponent where he could go all out. Moreover, Jiang Chen was the one that killed one of his friends, hence he  has all the reasons to fight Jiang Chen. 

“This, this, this… Could Jiang Chen actually take the fist of the devil's incarnate? Oh my god, what did I just see?!” 

“This is truly incredible. A new disciple managed to fight toe-to-toe with Yan Cheng. That fellow must not be feeling good at this moment. Hahaha.” 

“This newly recruited disciple is monstrously strong.” Some sighed, some were filled with worry seeing a great battle was on the verge of erupting. Yan Cheng did not care much about the rules. In his eyes, he is the rule. 

“Don’t force me. Otherwise, I’ll even put you into the ground!” Jiang Chen raised his head with a cold gaze, gazing towards Yan Cheng. 

At this moment, Yan Cheng could feel Jiang Chen’s determination. This fellow is the same as him, a devil's incarnate. This battle was on the verge of erupting. The urge to fight Jiang Chen was getting stronger. This fellow could definitely enter the top 10 of the Hundred Battle Ranking. Otherwise, he cannot take one of my fists. 

“Truly wild. But today I am dead set in forcing you.” Yan Cheng sneered. 

“You. This fella, do you know shame? Hahaha, Yan Cheng, to think you would put your hands on a newly recruited disciple. Your life has been wasted on dogs!”

A white-robbed figure appeared in front of Jiang Chen with a feather fan in his hand and lightly smiled. 

“This is not your problem, Bai Yunfei, don’t ask for contempt.” Yan Cheng said. 

“This is the outer sect and I am in charge of the outer sect, of course this is something I will butt into. ” Bai Yunfei said. 

“Do you think I’m afraid of you? Come and fight!” Yan Cheng said angrily. 

“The Hidden Secret Realm is about to be opened soon. I advise that you don’t act recklessly if you do not wish to be locked up. Otherwise, your name will not be on the trip to the Hidden Secret Realm.” Bai Yunfei said with a smile. 

“Are you threatening me?” Yan Cheng’s angry eyes opened wide. 

“You should know which to prioritise. I’ve said what was needed. If you truly wish to fight, you can try and see whether I have the ability to do so or not. Even if I cannot, Big Brother surely can.” 

Bai Yunfei looked calm, but it forced Yan Cheng to give up. Because the Hidden Secret Realm will only open once every hundred years. If he was to be locked up, then he’ll lose the chance to enter the Hidden Secret Realm. 

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