Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2235

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Chapter 2235 - If there is any request, one shall follow it through till the ends of the earth. 

Man Shuai was also feeling the same. Even though he was ranked 77th on the Hundred Battle Ranking, he couldn’t improve his strength and could not find out where his bottleneck was. If Jiang Chen’s Daybreak Pill could really give him a push, then he'll be extremely excited. 

“Could this fellow be selling fake medicine? I still think it’s unreal since it’s something that could increase one’s strength. But if it’s real, then one could easily breakthrough to the Late Void God Realm if one has some resources and without worry nonetheless. Isn’t that terrifying.” 

“Yes, in the past there was no such thing, but it doesn’t mean now we don’t have it. Thirty Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones is not a small amount. Since he dares to put up such a price, then there might be a reason for it. If the pills proved to be useless, then there won’t be anyone buying them.” 

“Yes. Let’s observe. I think most of the people here are waiting for him to become the joke of the day. Could the pill really raise a person’s realm? If so, isn’t that too heaven-defying?” 

The audiences chattered unceasingly, discussing whether the pills could really help a person raise their realm. 

Jiang Chen looked at Man Shuai and the others gulping down the pill and gave a confident smirk. The moment of excitement has come, this was the surprise he was planning to give to the whole Profound Feng Sect. 

The trio took the Daybreak Pill and sat down to meditate and absorb the effect of the medicine. In less than an hour, the trio underwent a tremendous change. Their expression was solemn whilst three powerful auras were emitting from their bodies. Such terrifying medicinal effects had forcefully pushed them through their realms. 

Zhou Yunpeng was the first to awaken because he was the weakest. At this moment, his eyes shot out a cold and sharp gaze. Yet, when his gaze fell upon Jiang Chen, it instantly changed into those of gratitude and excitement. 

If it weren’t for Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t have such great fortune. If it weren’t for Jiang Chen, he could never break through the Early Void God Realm. The current him was a true, genuine Mid Void God expert. 

Jiang Chen looked at Zhou Yunpeng, feeling satisfied. Zhou Yunpeng succeeded in breaking through and gave everyone a tremendous shock. Some were even jealous because the pill was free. The pill costs 3000 Low-Grade Divine Origin Stones, but he got it for free. 

“Brother Jiang……” 

At this moment, Zhou Yunpeng’s eyes were filled with gratitude. For so many years, he bore immense pressure, always on the bottom of the outer sect. Hence, not many people recognise him, after all half of the population of the outer sect were Early Void Gods, and Mid Void Gods amounted to thirty to forty thousand people. The rest were Late Void Gods, and some were stronger than the other. There were even some Mid Void Gods that were stronger than Late Void Gods. 

“Speak no more. This is what you are due. Even without me, you’ll certainly succeed in the future.” 

Jiang Chen’s words made Zhou Yunpeng nod. The latter had thoroughly admired Jiang Chen’s personality.  

At this moment, everyone was in shock. Most of them were sceptical earlier. But now the second person, Li Desheng, has awakened. His strength has reached the Late Void God Realm. At this moment, Li Desheng looked at Jiang Chen with a shocked expression. The pill was terrifying. After being stuck in the bottleneck for a long time, and was said to be even weaker than Man Shuai, he finally reached the Late Void God Realm. He had become a true expert, how could he not be shocked?

Li Desheng and Zhou Yunpeng’s eyes were teary. ‘One wouldn’t cry easily if one hasn’t achieved what truly mattered.’. They had tried and struggled countless times, the feeling of breaking through the shackle that bound them was an exhilarating feeling. Moreover, that frustration that was suppressed within their hearts for almost 20 years had finally been quenched. 

“Truly mysterious! This time, I really believe it. These two fellows definitely powered-up, and in such a short time nonetheless. Truly incredible!”

“Look, Man Shuai is waking up too.” 

“This fellow has reached the Late Void God Realm too. Oh my God. This time, this Man Shuai will surely reach the top 30 of the Hundred Battle Ranking. I bet.”

“Hmmm it may not be. But the current Man Shuai will not be easily defeated. He ranked 77th in the past while was at the Peak Mid Void God.”

Man Shuai suddenly stood up and looked at Jiang Chen. He then gave a deep bow, causing everyone to be shocked. 

The audience was shocked by his action. This arrogant and powerful fellow would do such an act?! It was truly out of their expectation!

“Brother Shuai, it is not necessary to be so courteous. I am selling these pills for my cultivation, for my strength only. You have the courage to try my pill, I am grateful for it. Haha.” Jiang Chen pulled Man Shuai up and said. 

Man Shuai looked at Jiang Chen and said with a grateful tone: 

“My cultivation is still wobbly, I need to quickly stabilize my cultivation realm. I shall take my leave now. This signalling spiritual talisman is my personal possession. If brother has any request or in need of help, just signal me through the talisman and I shall come.” 

“Aren’t you worried that I am a despicable person? ” Jiang Chen asked back. 

“A despicable person could never be a talented alchemist. At least, I do not believe it.”

“Since you’re willing to treat me wholeheartedly, how could I let you down?”

Jiang Chen slightly nodded. This Man Shuai was an honourable person. In this trading market, he did not use any mask to cheat others. Such vigour and confidence was truly praiseworthy. 

“This tremendous gratitude shall never be forgotten. If there’s any request, I shall execute it with my very life.” 

Jiang Chen and Man Shuai looked at each other. At this moment, a bond was created. Jiang Chen did not value Man Shuai’s strengths but his vigour. He’s a person with a great charisma. 

Ling Yun too could feel Jiang Chen’s current true feelings. This Man Shuai was an honest person. But in her eyes, she still could not understand Jiang Chen, what kind of person he was. He was like a mist, unable to be caught, but his personality was real. 

Man Shuai left the trading market, but the temperature of the place was still at its peak. The effect of Jiang Chen’s Daybreak Pill was witnessed by several thousand people. Each and every one of their eyes was filled with disbelief. At this moment, his pill was selling like hotcakes, it was something unimaginable previously. 

Good things naturally do not lack customers and do not lack those that appreciate them. The initial worry Zhou Yunpeng had was now gone. 

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