Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2237

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When Jiang Chen appeared in the medicinal pill market again, the place was already filled with people. Again, this time without an accident, all of his pills were sold out in an instant. 40,000 Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones. Zhou Yunpeng was in awe. Jiang Chen gave him 500 and it made him extremely happy, as it was beneficial for his cultivation. With these Divine Origin Stones, he was confident in reaching the Late Void God realm. 

For a lower ranked disciple, sometimes it wasn’t that they’re not talented, it’s just that they did not have enough resources to go by. Once they have enough resources they will certainly reach the sky. 

“Brother, I wonder how your medicinal pills are made? I have been researching the art of alchemy for over twenty years and am quite accomplished. I wonder if my brother is willing to exchange the art of alchemy with this one?” A slender, pale guy slowly walked towards Jiang Chen, but his eyes were sharp as he stared at Jiang Chen and said with a smile. 

Moreover, he was not wearing any mask. So many years have passed and quite a number of people have recognised him, hence there’s no meaning in him wearing a mask anymore. 

“This brother, you mean that you want my formula?” Jiang Chen slightly squinted his eyes. 

Jiang Chen was selling medicinal pills on the opposite side of the pale guy’s stall. This was Jiang Chen’s second time on the market, causing everyone to have zero business. Jiang Chen’s pills were exceptionally good; for these alchemists he has become a thorn on their side. 

The alchemist here numbered around 30. They were mostly self-studied beginner alchemists. But only 3-5 of them were selling pills. However, when their products were compared to Jiang Chen’s pills, the difference was enormous and could not be compared. 

“No, no, why would I want your pill formula? That is a taboo for an alchemist. Moreover, pill formulas are a person’s personal treasure, who would want to share it with others? But I am also here to represent the opinions gathered from the others: it’s just a Low Grade pill formula. We’re all members of the same sect, why not take it out and let us study it together. It is also great as it could unite the disciples together. Plus, it could further improve the formula in the process, isn’t that a great thing?” Gu Wanfeng said with a smile and shook his head. 

The surrounding 10 alchemists nodded in agreement. They held resentment towards Jiang Chen for robbing off their business. Now that Jiang Chen was the biggest supplier, nobody was willing to buy their pills anymore. This had severely disrupted the market. How could they allow such a thing to persist? 

Jiang Chen had become a thorn on their side who severed their income. They would naturally become hostile towards Jiang Chen. 

“This person is an inner sect disciple. He is also the number one alchemist within the inner sect. He was said to be able to concoct a High Grade medicinal pill, which is pretty exceptional. Even the Elder Alchemist Ling Zhongqiang praised his abilities and accepted him as a named disciple. Once he breaks through to the Void God Realm and reach the True God Realm, then the elder will take him in as a True Disciple. Moreover, nobody wants to offend an alchemist. An alchemist is great in gathering people under their banner. They could use medicinal pills as collateral to have others act for their sake if anyone offends them. There’s quite a number of people who're in a good relationship with him in the inner sect.” Zhou Yunpeng whispered in Jiang Chen’s ears, hinting him to back off as Gu Wanfeng was not a man to be trifled with. 

“In this case, we’re all disciples of the same sect, would senior brother also let me borrow your pill formula? So that we could study it together. As for this un-authentic pill formula of mine, I fear it’ll not be good enough for you guys to study.” 

Jiang Chen sneered in his heart. Obviously, they do not like him and wanted the formulas of the Day break Pill and Soul Stabilising Pill. Because these pills had made countless people jealous and Gu Wanfeng was the first. He was the number one alchemist in Profound Feng Sect. How could such a great thing not have him involved? 

If Jiang Chen was smart, he would hand over the formula and they could both benefit from it. If he won’t  agree, then they’ll have to use force. 

“Are you challenging me? Wanting my formula? Keep dreaming. Aren’t you obnoxious.” Gu Wanfeng said coldly. 

“Then, on what basis do I need to hand over my formula to you? Who do you think you are? Only allowing yourself to do whatever you want and not allowing others to do so. You want my formula to study together, then I also want yours, is it too much? Challenging you? Hahaha, looks like your brain has some serious damage, do you think I’m afraid of you? Grandson? This one refuses to give. What can you do to me? Come bite me if you can’t accept it.” Jiang Chen sneered continuously, angering Gu Wanfeng and causing him to instantly unleash a strong killing intent. 

“Great, great, great! I’m giving you face but you refused to accept it. This is my first time meeting such a person who fails to appreciate my kindness. Looks like you need some education to know how to respect your elders.” Gu Wanfeng harrumphed. 

“Senior brother is truly our senior brother, there is always something that we could learn from you.” 

“You bet.” 

“Senior brother is able to master such a divine technique of shamelessness, I am truly amazed by such a technique. Your face is as thick as the widest mountain range. It's hard to not be amazed by it. Haha.” Jiang Chen said while laughing madly, completely disregarding Gu Wanfeng. 

“Brother Jiang, you’re too reckless. That is Gu Wanfeng of the inner sect. The number 7 of the inner sect, Lei Zhenting, is his best friend. This time, this matter won’t be easily resolved.” Zhou Yunpeng’s expression was full of worry. 

“So what? He’s the one provoking me. He can ask for my formula and I can’t ask for his? Giving me such a bullshit excuse of studying it together? Fuck him, I have never seen such a shameless person before.” Jiang Chen stared at Gu Wanfeng. 

The two of them were on each other’s throat. None of them were willing to take a step back. The surrounding audience had become tense. 

“You’re seeking your own death, am I right? You refused to listen to the advice of these many senior brothers, you selfish person, you’re asking to be cast aside.” Gu Wanfeng sighed, as if he was disappointed with Jiang Chen. As if to say that Jiang Chen’s pill formula was a property of everyone. 

“It is the greatest disrespect towards us senior brothers by guarding your formula closely, even though you’ve already said that it's bad. Now, it looks like you’re becoming more and more disappointing. No matter if you're an inner sect disciple or outer sect disciple. Today, I will challenge you. Obediently hand over the formula if you do not dare to accept my challenge. Then, you may possibly be at ease. Our Profound Feng Sect has always advocated peace and harmony. You have openly challenged your senior brothers. This senior brother of yours has already given you all the chance.” Gu Wanfeng’s words made Jiang Chen laugh in disdain. 

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