Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2242


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Jiang Chen attacked twice, each of which were lethal. But the gap between the two of them was wide. A Half-Step True God and a Mid Void God. But if the opponent was a Late Void God, he would’ve been instantly killed by Jiang Chen. Hence, Gu Wanfeng was clear that this fellow was not to be looked down on. 

“This fellow’s strength is quite shocking.” Bai Yunfei murmured. He hoped Jiang Chen would win. 

At the moment, the two were almost at the stage where one must die. Whoever loses the battle may have death visiting their doorstep. 

From Bai Yunfei’s perspective, Jiang Chen was not some goody-two-shoes. Even though he was an outer sect disciple, he was already angered; he was forced by Gu Wanfeng countless times, who could handle it? 

Jiang Chen stared straight towards Gu Wanfeng. This fellow is not weak. But he was confident that he could beat him. Even though he may have difficulties fighting against a True God, it won’t be a problem if the opponent is a Half-Step True God. 

Gu Wanfeng’s main focus was alchemy. Although he wasn’t weak in terms of cultivation, still, he’s a man that focuses on the arts of alchemy, but still lost in the field. If he still loses a fight, then he’ll lose all his reputation. Gu Wanfeng had no choice but to go all out now. 

“It looks like I have looked down on you. But even so, you’ll never be my match. Surrender, an outer sect trash wants to fight me? Dream on!” Gu Wanfeng said coldly. 

He then once again took up his long sword and slashed forward, trying to force Jiang Chen back again. 

But Jiang Chen did not back off. He remained calm and constructed a hand-seal. The terrifying Slaughter Dragon Seal formed the Qi of Death, crushing onto Gu Wanfeng with a red energy of the heaven and earth. 

Gu Wanfeng’s expression changed drastically and swiftly retreated. He could feel how powerful the seal was.  He could suffer heavy injury if he did not evade on time. 

“Desperate Galericulata Sword!”

Gu Wanfeng was desperate. At this moment, he had no choice. After two terrifying lights clashed into each other, Gu Wanfeng was pushed backward several hundred meters, coughing out blood along the way. A black palm print could be seen on his chest, it was charred black, causing him to shudder. 

A terrifying Qi of Death had invaded Gu Wanfeng’s body. He’s expression became cold. 

“Such terrifying Qi of Death.” 

Gu Wanfeng gasped. Only now did he realise that Jiang Chen was terrifyingly powerful, not just exceptional in alchemy, but also in terms of strength. 

Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a cold smile. The terror of the Slaughter Dragon Seal was not something Gu Wanfeng had ever imagined. 

“Let’s see how long you’ll last.” 

Jiang Chen used his Heavenly Dragon Sword and attacked. The air vibrated wherever the sword passed. Everyone held their breaths as they witnessed it, and their expression became ugly. 

“Such a terrifying sword! It has widened my horizon.” 

“This attack is probably on par with the inner sect number 3, Sword Maniac.”

Some inner sect disciples evaluated. They were heavily concerned about the battle between Jiang Chen and Gu Wanfeng. 

“I wouldn’t be so sure since Jiang Chen is still too weak. Do you know Sword Maniac? He’s the future candidate to the Ten Elders of our sect. How could a new disciple be able to compare against him?”

“That’s true. But it looks like this Jiang Chen is stronger. Gu Wanfeng is in big trouble.”

“Such prestige. This kid will certainly have a bright future.”

A lot of the onlookers were commenting as if it doesn’t concern them. There were also many people who were pissed at Gu Wanfeng, as he always looked down on the outer sect disciples. As people of the inner sect, they should not discriminate against others. Moreover, Gu Wanfeng’s identity was quite sensitive. He was always cocky and arrogant, making a lot of people from the inner and outer sect displeased. 

Gu Wanfeng could feel his organ being invaded by this terrifying Qi of Death. The Slaughter Dragon Seal’s terrifying attribute was thoroughly shown. 

With the terrifying sword prestige of the Heavenly Dragon Sword, Gu Wanfeng was forced to be on the defensive, without any chance to retaliate. Slowly, the battle became one-sided. 

Gu Wanfeng’s expression changed, knowing he’s not his match and thought of a scheme, he then roared:

“You, demonic cultivator, dare to use such terrifying evil sorcery?! That deathly technique is truly something. Who are you? What are you planning to do by sneaking into our Profound Feng Sect? What tricks did you do when you sold those pills to our disciples?! ” 

Gu Wanfeng’s words had caused a commotion in the whole trading market. After realizing that Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal was filled with the Qi of Death, everyone felt threatened, causing others to support Gu Wanfeng. 

“Jiang Chen, who are you? What purpose do you have on coming to Profound Feng Sect?” 

“Yeah. How did that terrifying Qis of Death that’s the signature of a demonic cultivator here? You must give us an explanation.”

“Also, the medicinal pills you sold to us, are those safe for consumption?!”

For them, their safety was the highest concern. Gu Wanfeng’s words instantly stirred up their hearts. What Gu Wanfeng said was valid: this Jiang Chen’s background was unknown. Who can take the responsibility if anything were to happen? 

Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal made everyone doubtful of him. After all, Jiang Chen had just entered the sect and Gu Wanfeng was a senior of the inner sect. Even though Gu Wanfeng was not a great person, he still holds speaking authority. Plus, it involves everyone’s safety, something that was taken seriously. 

Poisoning people’s minds!

Jiang Chen coldly looked at Gu Wanfeng. He never thought that this fellow could be this cunning: To think he thought of such a sinister scheme after he found out that he’s not Jiang Chen’s match. Plus, Jiang Chen’s credibility was definitely lower than him. Gu Wanfeng’s scheme had put him towards the highest moral value. At the same time, putting Jiang Chen down. 

Bai Yunfei frowned, from his point of view, this was definitely Gu Wanfeng’s tricks. But he too wasn’t sure of it. Jiang Chen's terrifying Qi of Death that came from Slaughter Dragon Seal made him think that Jiang Chen is a demonic cultivator.

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