Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2249

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“I need to go into seclusion for ten days.”

Ling Yun said and looked at Yue Er for a while. Jiang Chen will need to take care of her. 

“Your strength?” 

Jiang Chen looked at Ling Yun, shocked. Ling Yun nodded. 

“Even though I might not recover my peak strength, at least this time, I’ll recover a part of my strength.”

Jiang Chen calmed down a little. Now, he won’t be that worried if Yue Er follows her. Moreover, the two of them will leave him in the future and he knew that this day would soon come. 

Ling Yun was destined to not stay here. Leaving was just a natural course of action. Moreover, Yue Er following her will certainly allow her a better cultivation environment, something that was much better than he can imagine. Ling Yun’s peak condition could probably be on par against the Sect Lord of Profound Feng Sect. If so, her sect must be extremely strong. Without a doubt. 

“Rest assured. I’ll take care of Yue Er in the meantime.”

“I am not a child anymore. I don’t need you guys to look after me day and night.” Yue Er pouted. 

She’s currently at the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm. Her talent is starting to show, but she’ll need Ling Yun’s help when she reaches the Void God Realm to build a better foundation.  

Jiang Chen too did not dawdle. He was going to challenge Li Huo Demon Yan Cheng a few days later. Hence, he planned to enter the Deer Mourn Mountain to cultivate and practice against some beasts. 

At this moment, Bai Yunfei arrived. 

“We’re thinking of going to a place to search for Fire Spirit Lizard, are you interested?  The one who organised this mission is Yang Jian, our outer sect Great Senior Brother. I think you’ve seen him when you entered the sect.” 

“Great. I wanted to go to Deer Mourn Mountain too, nice. Haha.”  

Jiang Chen and Bai Yunfei agreed and went to meet Yang Jian. There were two others beside him. The number 6th and 9th of the outer sect Hundred Battle Ranking who were at the Late and Peak Void God Realm, respectively. Bai Yunfei was in the Half-Step True God Realm. Whereas, Yang Jian’s strength could be described as unpredictable. It was told that those that could beat him within the inner sect would not be more than 3-5 people. 

“Senior Brother Yang.”

Jiang Chen looked at the two beside Yang Jian as the five gathered at the foot of Deer Mourn Mountain. 

“Jiang Chen. Not bad. You have become a celebrity in both the inner and outer sect.” Yang Jian smiled. Jiang Chen still couldn't see through what Yang Jian was thinking. 

“Senior Brother Yang flatters me. Hehe. These are… ?”  Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Xue Rengang.” 

“Tan Shanhe.” 

The two of them smiled at Jiang Chen. Now that Jiang Chen had killed Huang Bin and Gu Wanfeng of the inner sect, they weren’t arrogant towards Jiang Chen even though they were seniors of the outer sect. They would probably lose against Jiang Chen if they were to fight him too. 

Moreover, one’s strength dictates everything!

“We’ll probably take 10 to 30 days for this trip. The Hidden Secret Realm would’ve been opened after we come back. We must not waste anymore time. We need to come back fast no matter if we succeed or fail.  The Qiyun Mountain Range within the Deer Mourn Mountain is our destination and it’ll five days to reach it. That place is not under the jurisdiction of Profound Feng Sect anymore. A friendly reminder, think before you act, do not act recklessly.” Yang Jian solemnly said. 

“I’ve got news that someone spotted the Fire Spirit Lizard in the Qiyun Mountain Range. Therefore, this time our target is the True God Realm Fire Spirit Lizard. I hope fellow brothers will lend me a hand. I, Yang Jian, will not treat everyone badly.”

“Alright. Let’s depart now. Depart early and return early.” Bai Yunfei smilingly said. 

The five of them departed towards the Qiyun Mountain Range. 

The Deer Mourn Mountain was vast, reaching billions of Li. Qiyun Mountain Range was but a small mountain range at the west of the Profound Feng Sect. But it was outside of the sect’s jurisdiction. Profound Feng Sect’s land covers 100,000 li, it was not a small area, but also not too big. This Qiyun Mountain Range was within the area of Lotus Cloud Sect where all of its members are all women. The Sect Lord was one of the powerful experts in Deer Mourn Mountain, even stronger than Xuan Qingming.

Deer Mourn Mountain was but a 1/100 the size of the boundary area. Jiang Chen gasped in awe after he looked down from above, that ever-stretching Deer Mourn Mountain was truly a sight to behold. This Divine World was far far far too big. He had yet to walk out of this small mountain, much less the boundary river, Lone Dragon County, Northern Cold Divine Region, Central Region Divine Land… 

The path he had to take was very, very long; it was just the start. 

The greenery of Deer Mourn Mountain was lush. Qiyun Mountain Range was just a part of Deer Mourn Mountain but even so it was still vast. 

The group really took five days to reach the Qiyun Mountain Range. 

Lush greeneries, ice glacier covering thousand li, snowy weather, the scenery was a wonder. 

“Truly a beautiful icy mountain and snowy region. With ancient trees, lush greeneries, snows, plum trees blooming in four seasons. Compared to our Profound Feng Sect, the scenery here is refreshing.” 

Bai Yunfei said. Whilst holding a foldable fan in his hand, he looked elegant and relaxed, he was calm compared to the others as he was enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

Jiang Chen silently nodded. This was truly a beautiful place—a boundless snow region, bountiful greenery that  could survive under this cold weather. Mysterious trees that grew within the Divine World. 

“We’ve finally arrived at Qiyun Mountain Range.” Yang Jian breathed out a sigh of relief. 

They did not expect that it’ll be this tiring to rush their journey. However, Jiang Chen, who looked like the weakest of them all, was the least tired one amongst the people in the group. One could see how powerful he was. 


A wolf howl reverberated across the Qiyun Mountain Range. On the peak of the 8000 metre mountain, the glacier and snow trembled. As if an avalanche could happen anytime. 

After that, a dozen wolf howls sounded, without stopping. 

“Let’s move. Be careful. The beasts here are quite scary. I wonder why the Fire Spirit Lizard came to the Ice Field of the Qiyun Mountain Range.” Yang Jian said quietly. 

“There are people there!” 

A powerful divine energy shock could be felt, as if someone was fighting somewhere else and it's not just a person or two. 

“Let’s go and check it out.” Yang Jian looked at Jiang Chen. The five of them quickly rushed towards the site. 

A three zhang tall wild boar was spotted duking out with a dozen of girls. The beast’s strength was extremely terrifying, not even the dozen or so people could put a dent against it. 

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