Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2261

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“Azure Dragon Five Steps!”

Jiang Chen stepped on the void, with each of his steps reaching the heavens. Under his five steps, the void was smashed. The Fire Qilin, filled with unstoppable momentum, clashed wildly with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was sent flying and was burnt by Fire Qilin’s monstrous fire. However, Jiang Chen remained calm in spite of the great danger. He waved his hand and put out the monstrous fire then he immediately made another full strike using the Azure Dragon Five Steps, creating great pressure on the Fire Qilin. 

“Unification of Dragon and Sword!”

“Fire Filling the Heavens!”

Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin were once again tangled together fiercely. The dreadful mightiness they released was more powerful than a Mid True God’s mightiness. 

After Jiang Chen merged with his sword into one, he pierced through the Heavens and Fire Qilin’s body. At this moment, Fire Qilin was covered with its blood. Under the Unification of Dragon and Sword, the Heavenly Dragon Sword was all-conquering and irresistable. The grade of the Heavenly Dragon Sword had already exceeded the grade of Heavenly Divine Sword. With the Heavenly Dragon Sword’s full display, Jiang Chen was certain that even a Mid True God expert might not dare to confront it. Right now the Fire Qilin was obviously suffering from severe injury. It had become the absolute loser after its body was pierced through by Jiang Chen. 

“Why did it become like this, why did it become like this…….”

The Fire Qilin murmured. In the fire bath, the Fire Qilin’s body was recovering continuously, but it did not help much as it could not help him to recover to his best condition. 

The Fire Qilin was being reborn in the fire bath. In the flames, it was like a phoenix. It was too difficult to kill it but the injury it had might take a long time to recover. 

“I am defeated by a mere Void God? It’s impossible, impossible!”

The Fire Qilin fell down and crawled on the ground. The flames disappeared as well, and suddenly, he seemed to have become a victim.

“Powerful. So powerful,” Liao Bufan said sincerely. 

At first, he looked down upon Jiang Chen but now he really admired him. He now realized that it’s impossible for him to take the Dragon Ball away from Jiang Chen. How could someone here be a match for Jiang Chen?


Jiang Chen took a step forward and kneeled on the ground. Holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword, he looked slightly pale.

Undeniably, this battle was really astonishing but he had also used up too much Divine Origin Qi and was even hurt by Fire Qilin’s fire.  Although it was not difficult to get rid of the monstrous fire, his body was still burnt by the dreadful flames of the beast.

“I lost.”

The Fire Qilin finally lowered his arrogant head down. At this moment, only then did he realise that he was being overly conceited, and not all human experts were weak. 

“You deserve this loss.” 

Jiang Chen was still confident and proud.

Applaud! Applaud! Applaud!

“It was astonishing to the point that I was so excited. Profound Feng Sect, Happy Valley, Shadow Murder Sect, and Lotus Cloud Sect. The excellent disciples of these four sects had a life-and-death battle with the Fire Qilin and the ferocious beast Ya Zi. It’s really thrilling. I couldn’t help feeling immersed with the battle. However, the ending had become a joke? Haha, losing to an unnamed small potato, a Void God Realm bastard. It’s pitiful and lamentable.”

A ruthless and cold voice suddenly echoed between the heavens and earth. Above the void, a youth, who was carrying a Taichi Chart on his back and riding a green bull, was slowly approaching them. He was emitting an outstanding aura that gave people a sense that he was out of the ordinary. His existence was like the only grain of dust between the heavens and earth, the wisp of smoke and fire, the spring or even the only light.

“Who are you?”

Jiang Chen suddenly raised up his head, looking at the guy who’s waiting to gain advantage. Unfortunately, this guy does not have a chance to take advantage of the situation. 

“Seems like we are only the first batch of cannon fodder. The people of Taichi Sect are also here.”

Liao Bufan’s facial expression changed. 

“Taichi Sect? You meant Taichi Sect, one of the ten major sects of the Deer Mourn Mountain?”

Shadow Murder Sect’s Xiao Ying was shocked as well. Compared to Taichi Sect, the Shadow Murder Sect was slightly weaker in terms of strength. In the entire Li He Boundary, the people of Taichi Sect could be considered as having some kind of reputation. Deer Mourn Mountain was not a large domain, so it’s quite difficult for a sect to be known in the Li He Boundary. One should know that Profound Feng Sect was unknown in the Li He Boundary. So, compared to Taichi Sect, Profound Feng Sect and Happy Valley were of course weaker. 

In the entire Deer Mourn Mountain, the Taichi Sect was quite popular because there was once a Divine King born in their sect. However, that Divine King had already fallen. Despite that, there were still experts of Late Heavenly God Realm taking the helm of the Taichi Sect. That’s why it was ranked high in the Deer Mourn Mountain. 

Moreover, Taichi Sect had always been mysterious as their disciples seldom came out. However, unexpectedly, a mysterious disciple who rode a green bull appeared here today. 

“I have once heard that there is an incredible genius in the Taichi Sect name  Helian Wuji. He is the top amongst the three geniuses in his sect. His brother, Helian Wushuang, is the one riding a green bull. His bull is not an ordinary bull. It’s a Heavenly Divine Bull that is only one grade lower than a Divine Beast. It is quite formidable. Helian Wuji usually lay low, whereas Helian Wushuang is quite high profile. It is because he is one of the three geniuses in Taichi Sect,” Xue Qianying said in a sinking voice.

Yang Jian and the others felt the great pressure immediately. This guy obviously was much more dreadful than them, and his strength was still in its peak right now. Currently, Jiang Chen had also suffered a severe injury and it seemed unrealistic for him, a Mid Void God, to confront a MidTrue God.

The reason he could defeat the Fire Qilin was because the beast had already been injured. It could be considered as part luck. However, right now a very strong expert from Taichi Sect was standing in front of them. Who would dare to go against him?

“Unexpectedly, there are people who know my existence. It’s not simple. It’s not simple. Girl, I think you’re talented and beautiful. How about going back with me to practice another method of cultivation?”

Helian Wushuang smiled and said. He looked very cultured and polite; not many people had seen his dreadfulness before.

“Are you the one who has been following me for five years?”

The Fire Qilin finally squinted its eyes and looked at Helian Wushuang. The beast found him somehow familiar.

“You’re right. I never expected that you were able to notice me before. However, it’s useless to talk about this now.”

Helian Wushuang shook his head, expressing his disappointment at the Fire Qilin. 

“I thought that you’re very formidable, but I never expected that you would be defeated by a Void God bastarb.” 

Helian Wushuang gave Jiang Chen a glance with a hint of disdain.

“You’re sleeping on brushwood and taste gall. Hehe. It’s as if you’re holding the victory. But it doesn’t matter who has the best smile since who’s going to laugh in the end is the most important.”

The Fire Qilin seemed like sensing the inexorable fate as if everything happened for a reason. 

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