Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2264


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“Unfortunately, your sound wave attack doesn't work on me.”

Jiang Chen sneered. He then wielded the Divine Burying Flag to stir up terrifying waves to break through the sky. The rocks in the canyon were cleaved and rolled down while the snow slid down. The scene was magnificent and grande but it was also filled with chaos. Ordinary people probably would not be able to escape from an avalanche like this.

The mightiness of Jiang Chen’s Divine Burying Flag had put Helian Wushuang into a predicament in a short period of time. The bamboo flute in his hand was also a piece of Divine Tool but it was not comparable to Jiang Chen’s because the Divine Burying Flag was not an ordinary treasure. Gloomy winds swept across the entire canyon accompanied by a winter storm while the two of them were engaged in a fierce fight. 

In terms of Divine Tools, Jiang Chen’s weapons were obviously more powerful than Helian Wushuang’s weapons. However, in terms of the cultivation realm, Jiang Chen was much inferior compared to the latter. Without the Divine Burying Flag, how would it be possible for Jiang Chen to fight Helian Wushuang who was at the Mid True God realm? 

“Seems like you’re pushing me to take out my trump card.”

Helian Wushung squinted his eyes. In a flash, a cauldron appeared in his hand. The cauldron was truly a powerful weapon, emitting a terrifying aura. The cauldron broke through the vault of the sky while blocking the myriad of things in the world. It engulfed Jiang Chen’s head but Jiang Chen used the Divine Burying Flag to resist the cauldron. 

“Although your Divine Burying Flag is all-conquering, my Luminous Cauldron is not weak as well.”

Helian Wushuang pushed the Luminous Cauldron with his strength and the Luminous Cauldron managed to overcome the Divine Burying Flag this time.

It was not because the Divine Burying Flag was not as powerful as the Luminous Cauldron. Rather, it’s because the one using the Luminous Cauldron had a higher cultivation realm than Jiang Chen. Therefore, it was reasonable that Jiang Chen could not be defeated so easily but he was still constrained. If two of them had the same combat strength, it was possible for Jiang Chen to kill Helian Wushuang within a second using the dreadful Divine Burying Flag. 

“Luminous Cauldron suppresses in all directions!” Helian Wushuang shouted in rage. 

Jiang Chen looked like he was struggling again. 

“Will Jiang Chen be able to withstand this?”

Liao Bufan was shocked. 

“Even the Divine Burying Flag couldn’t defeat Helian Wushaung, how dreadful he is,” Xiao Ying said in a serious manner.

“Are we really going to be killed by this guy right here?”

Tan Shanhe felt quite disappointed and he was even fearful about death. Once Jiang Chen died, they would all be killed as well as this Helian Wushuang was a cruel and ruthless man. It’s impossible for him to let them go alive.

Jiang Chen was suffering under the absolute constraint of Helian Wushuang. Jiang Chen hasn’t suffered any injuries yet, but the Luminous Cauldron almost suffocated him. If this situation continues, his defeat would come sooner.

“You’re not a match for me. I have already told you from the very beginning.”

Helian Wushuang was incomparably confident while suppressing Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s Divine Burying Flag lost its mightiness at this moment.

“Unification of Dragon and Sword!”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen erupted with a dreadful soaring momentum. However, this didn’t even force Helian Wushuang to take a step backward at all. The indestructible Unification of Dragon and Sword still lost its brilliance under the suppression of the Luminous Cauldron.

However, Helian Wushuang was heartbroken because he saw that there was a crack appearing on his Luminous Cauldron.

“I am going to kill you! My Luminous Cauldron!”

Helian Wushuang was enraged, he must eliminate this guy and take away Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword and Divine Burying Flag.

Cough... cough…

Jiang Chen looked a bit panicked with the current situation. Helian Wushuang once again made a heavy blow with the Luminous Cauldron. Even if the Luminous Cauldron was going to be smashed, he wanted to crush Jiang Chen along with it.

“Unparalleled Taichi, divine mightiness in all directions!” 

Helian Wushuang held the Taichi Chart, sealing it on the Luminous Cauldron. Jiang Chen resisted the cauldron’s mightiness this time with one of his arms. However, he could not break through the Luminous Cauldron because its strength had just been boosted, and now it had the Taichi Chart as the foundation to constraint. It’s not that easy for Jiang Chen to break through the cauldron now.

“Seems like I am going to call my friends as well.”

When Yang Jian and others were distressed, Jiang Chen shouted suddenly. The Twelve Fire God Guards suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Chen and surrounded him. The Twelve Fire God Guards jacked the Luminous Cauldron up together. These twelve Fire God Guards were already at the half-step True God Realm due to the advancement of Jiang Chen’s strength. This advancement might not seem much, but once the twelve of them joined hands together, it was a huge difference.

The power of the twelve Fire God Guards was enough to kill an expert at the True God Realm.

The mightiness of the Fire God Guards was astonishing. Everyone was startled and even Helian Wushuang’s countenance fell. The twelve Fire God Guards were capable of resisting the suppression of the Luminous Cauldron and even the Taichi Chart on the cauldron seemed to be cracking now. 

“Why am I feeling palpitations when looking at these flaming puppets?”

The Fire Qilin murmured while Ya Zi also gave it a glance.

“Do you feel this way as well? These flaming puppets don’t seem easy to defeat.”

“If he summoned these flaming puppets earlier, I would have turned tail and run.”

The Fire Qilin smiled bitterly. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s image had become even grander in their hearts. Jiang Chen’s image kept growing in their hearts. 


Jiang Chen’s Fire God Guards were melting the Taichi Chart with their flames, and in the end, the Taichi Chart was completely shattered. The Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus was enough to shatter the Taichi Chart, obviously. Moreover, even the Luminous Cauldron started melting under the roasting of the Fire God Guards’s flame at this moment.

Helian Wushuang retreated in panic while his face looked terrible. 

“How could this be possible? These flaming puppets managed to melt a Divine Tool like the Luminous Cauldron.” 

Helian Wushuang was in a state of great shock but he knew how strong he was. To deal with these Fire God Guards, he had already enhanced himself to the best condition. However, Jiang Chen still came up with a lot of tricks that had numbed him.

The fact that the Luminous Cauldron had been melted left a strong impact on Helian Wushuang. In his eyes, his Luminous Cauldron was a great treasure and it had been with him for a long time. Who knew that it would be melted by Jiang Chen today. 

“It’s okay. I am going to take your Divine Burying Flag and your sword to compensate for the loss.” 

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