Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2268

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A day later, when the night fell, a meteor appeared out of the blue. A buffed middle-aged man with terrifying killing intent appeared, however he was already too late. 

The middle-aged man wore a Taichi robe. He had a long fine beard and a cold pair of eyes. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath… then he suddenly opened his eyes filled with killing intent. 

“The Fire Qilin and… a hint of… Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus. The Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus…. It has not been seen for a few thousand years.”

The middle-aged man’s expression sunk and sighed. A dead person shall never live again. The man then rushed towards the Lotus Cloud Sect. 

In the grand hall of the Lotus Cloud Sect, the image of lotuses could be seen carved on their pillars and paintings. Lotus flowers covered the whole mountain, the invigorating fragrance of flora was everywhere. 

In the grand hall, a middle-aged lady sat on top of a thousand petal lotus platform. Her eyes opened and looked up at a ray of light shuttling through the sky, closing in onto the Lian Tai Mountain. 

“I’m Taiji Zi of Taichi Sect. Greetings.” A cold shout was heard. 

The middle-aged lady, who’s holding a green lotus in her hand, frowned with her extremely beautiful and elegant face. 

“On what occasion does Brother Taiji come? Little Sister is honoured.” The Sect Lord of the Lotus Cloud Sect, Qing Lianzi, said calmly. 

Taiji Zi’s gaze was cold, making Qing Lianzi feel puzzled. 

“Are you playing a fool?! My Taichi Sect’s prodigy Helian Wushuang died under your Lotus Cloud Sect territory, the Qiyun Mountain Range and without a corpse to boot. Hence, I hope the Sect Lord will give me a good explanation.” Taiji Zi said coldly. 

“Is there such a thing?” Qing Lianzi's beautiful brow frowned slightly, her expression became cold. 

“I felt the lingering qi of your Lotus Cloud Sect techniques on the scene. Ask your disciple and we shall know.” Taiji Zi said. 

“Alright. Since the disciple of your sect unfortunately died in my sect’s territory. Then, I have to know about it. Where is Qianying? Come and see me as soon as possible.” An amplified voice resounded through the mountain. In less than ten breaths of time, Qianying arrived at the hall. 

“Yes. It’s this qi.” Taiji Zi squinted his eyes.  

“What matters does the master summon me for?” Xue Qianying greeted her with respect. 

“Asking the obvious! Yesterday, in the grand canyon of the Qiyun Mountain Range, my sect’s disciple, Helian Wushuang, died. Did you kill him?” Taiji Zi’s words made Qing Lianzi’s eyes become cold. 

Her expression became cold. A gigantic pressure was unleashed, making Xue Qianying take a dozen steps back to stabilise her body. 

“Taiji Zi. Do not think that because your sect has become famous that you can do whatever you want in my sect. This is not the place for you to do as you please. What are you planning? Making things hard for my disciple.

“I have been patient with you from the moment you entered my Lotus Cloud Sect, I hope you do not cross the line.”

Taiji Zi hesitated a moment and silently nodded. 

“I was being hasty. I only wanted to know whether you know how Helian Wushuang died.” Taiji Zi once again looked at Xue Qianying with domineering pressure. 

“This junior doesn’t know.” Xue Qianying said. 

“A ‘doesn’t know’ to send me away? I think you’re playing a fool. Could it be that my disciple is killed by you?!” Taiji Zi said.  

“I seriously do not know.” Xue Qianying replied again. 

“Are you lying to me?” Taiji Zi increased his volume and harrumphed.  

“Looks like Brother Taiji is ignoring this little sister’s words. Then, please leave my Lotus Cloud Sect.” Qing Lianzi waved her hand and pushed Taiji Zi out of the grand hall. 

Taiji Zi retreated a hundred zhang backwards and gently floated in the air. 

“Qiang Lianzi’s techniques are immeasurable. But I bet Sister Qiang Lianzi will not treat the Lord of Taiji Sect in such a manner if he’s the one here today. My Taiji Sect will not take this matter lightly. We shall meet again.” Taiji Zi turned away and left. 

As the Great Elder of the sect, Taiji Zi standing toe-to-toe against Qing Lianzi proved that he was pretty strong. 

“This Great Elder of Taiji Sect is quite strong. Truly a powerful sect. Haih.” Qing Lianzi sighed. 

Her pushing Taiji Zi out of the hall did not give her any information on how strong Taiji Zi was. Taiji Zi was unpredictable too. 

“Tell me. How did the disciple of Taiji Sect die.” Qing Lianzi looked at Xue Qianying and said. 

This disciple of hers was brought up by her from when she was a child. She knew whether she’s lying or not. 

“Helian Wushuang was killed by the people of Profound Feng Sect, who also saved this disciple’s life.” Xue Qianying replied.  

“I’m relieved that it’s not related to you. But to think there’s a person in the Profound Feng Sect with such a calibre. Looks like Deer Mourn Mountain will have a new wind brewing,” Qing Lianzi said.  

“Master, I would like to enter the Frozen Field.” 

“What? Don’t you know what that place is? Only a handful of disciples had managed to come out of that place after entering it. That place is too harsh, it's not suitable for you.” Qiang Lianzi was surprised. 

“I do not fear it. Please grant this disciple entry to the Frozen Field.” Xue Qianying persisted, surprising Qing Lianzi. 

That was a place of certain death, nobody was willing to go there in their own accord. It was Lotus Cloud Sect’s most terrifying cultivation place. But those that managed to walk out of there alive were those with exceptional talent and willpower. The last time anyone managed to walk out of there alive was 2000 years ago. 

“Alright. Go ahead.” Qing Lianzi sighed.  

She knew the girl’s personality. It must be due to the clash for the Dragon Ball. She thinks she’s not strong enough and wanted to go to the Frozen Field to train herself. 

“The Hidden Secret Realm will be opened a week later. You have one week, no more than that. You’re my prized disciple, the position of Sect Lord will be yours in the future.” 

“This disciple will keep it in mind.” Xue Qianying’s eyes were determined. 

She wanted to increase her strength quickly, otherwise, it’ll be hard for her to stand out in the midst of this talented generation. 

This time, Jiang Chen’s image suddenly appeared in Xue Qianying’s eyes. He was a mountain that she’ll never be able to cross, but she wanted to follow his footsteps. At least she needed to reach the Mid or Late True God Realm to defeat Jiang Chen. 

When that fellow’s image appeared in her mind, it did not go away for a period of time. 

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