Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2269

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Jiang Chen went into seclusion after returning to Profound Feng Sect. He needed to recover his strength as soon as possible because he needed to fight Li Huo Demon Yan Cheng. Obviously, he will not challenge Bai Yunfei or Yang Jian, but the other top ten inner sect disciples could be chosen instead. However, he had already decided to fight Yan Cheng before. 

Moreover, another cancerous existence will grow in the sect if Yan Cheng is not eliminated quickly. Hence, Jiang Chen will not let him go. 

When Jiang Chen took out the Dragon Ball, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda trembled and absorbed it. After that, he felt a great change in the pagoda. The weak-looking Dragon Ball helped the pagoda breakthrough and reach the 88th floor, shocking Jiang Chen. 

“This Dragon Ball... such terrifying energy.” Jiang Chen gasped. 

Jiang Chen had reached the Late Void God Realm from the energy gained from the Dragon Ball and from the battle he had gone through previously. 

Adding to the benefits that he got, he found a text on the 88th floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

A tattered ancient scroll. Jiang Chen grabbed onto the scroll that was floating in mid air. 

“This is……  Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique?” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, what is this?

When Jiang Chen read through the text, he found that the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique was the dragon clan’s most secret technique. Only dragon clan members could learn it. It’s a technique that could raise a person's battle strength. It was much more terrifying compared to the Dragon Transformation technique. 

The dragon soars the world, the world bows before me! 

The essence of the Soaring Dragon Technique was to make a qualitative change in a person’s strength but it also heavily relied on the person’s body strength. This technique is separated into three chapters. The first chapter was Glimpsing Sea. The second was the Wind Expansion, the third was the Return to Ruins. 

The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, ‘the indestructible dragon soars a thousand metres’. It could raise a person’s strength and speed tremendously, unleashing the innate talent of the Dragon clan. 

“I should be considered as half of a Dragon clan member right? Let’s see what this Soaring Dragon Technique does… ” 

Jiang Chen was deep into studying the technique for the whole day. He managed to learn the technique in just a day, but what he learned was only the first step of the technique—the Glimpsing Sea Realm. Even so, Jiang Chen had a qualitative change. 

His speed, strength, and all of his six senses, had a significant improvement after learning the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique. He became indestructible like a divine tool. 

This Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique pushes one's innate potential to the extreme. Maximising one’s strength to the extreme. A truly suitable technique for Jiang Chen. 

Even though Jiang Chen was just a Late Void God, with the help of the Soaring Dragon Technique, he could even fight Helian Wushuang head-on with his fist without pressure. 

“What a great technique!” Jiang Chen’s lips curved as he left the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

An old figure suddenly appeared on the 88th floor of the pagoda, in which Jiang Chen did not notice. That Dragon Ball was placed into the pagoda now. 

The old man grabbed the Dragon Ball and caressed it. A drop of tear fell from the old man and landed on the Dragon Ball. 

On the stage of the outer sect. At this moment, thousands of disciples clamoured and gathered under the stage. 

“Why are there so many people below the stage? What’s the occasion?” 

“Don’t you know? Holy sh*t, are you a Profound Feng Sect member?” 

“Today is the day when Jiang Chen is going to challenge the outer sect number two, Li Huo Demon Yan Cheng. All the hundred battle rankers are here. How could we miss such an occasion?” 

“Then, it’s a real sight to watch. Yan Cheng is a powerful man. Not even Bai Yunfei, the enforcer of the outer sect, dares to go against him.” 

“I can’t wait. Hahaha. This Jiang Chen joined the sect not too long ago. He’s truly restless, so many things happened around him. Interesting, interesting, hahaha.” 

At this moment, Yan Cheng’s arms were behind his back while standing on the stage, waiting for his opponent. 

“Even though this Jiang Chen managed to rise up in the outer sect, he wouldn’t just ghost us right?” 

“Who knows? We’re now waiting for the main actor to come. If Jiang Chen does not come, it means that he’s afraid of Yan Cheng.” 

Yan Cheng’s eyes were cold as he looked at the bustling audience below. At this moment, he’s trying to show Jiang Chen that he’s still nothing even if he had killed Gu Wanfeng. The outer sect was also not easy even if one compares it to the inner sect. 

“Have you recovered your strength?” Yang Jian looked at Jiang Chen and asked, 

“Rest assured, I’m fine now.” Jiang Chen replied with a smile.  

“I cannot beat this fellow. I’ll leave him to you, don’t disappoint me.” Bai Yunfei smiled and patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder.  

“You think he’s my match? I am here to take the pass for the Hidden Secret Realm. That’s all.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Will he challenge me after he loses?” Bai Yunfei said.  

“Relax, he won’t have a chance to do it.” Jiang Chen slowly walked up to the stage. 

“This fella.” Bai Yunfei said with a bitter smile. 

He knew that Yan Cheng was sentenced to death by Jiang Chen.

Yan Cheng looked at Jiang Chen and said, “I have killed 13 people this month, today you’ll be the 14th.” 

“Really? Then, I am truly honoured.” Jiang Chen smiled.  

“You bet.” Yan Cheng nodded as if Jiang Chen was a dead man walking.  

“Come. I’ll give you one chance.” Jiang Chen said.

“Really? I’ll see whether you have the ability to support your fame. I’ll lose my face if I can’t kill you on this stage. See? That fresh blood over there is what’s left from your senior brothers.” 

Yan Cheng stepped forward and closed in on Jiang Chen. In his opinion, killing Jiang Chen was but a task of adding a flower in his glory. 

“Yeah. This blood. Suits you.” Jiang Chen smiled and slashed his blade. 

At this moment, Yan Cheng suddenly stopped moving. Then, Jiang Chen jumped and flew up towards the sky. Suddenly, Yan Cheng’s body slowly fell down. Till his death, Yan Cheng did not understand how and when he died. 


Everyone exclaimed. No one believed what had happened. Fresh blood flowed from Yan Cheng’s neck, as his head split off from his body. 

Instant kill, without a doubt. Under each and everyone’s anticipation, Jiang Chen killed the number two, Yan Cheng, with a single stroke of his blade. Yan Cheng did not even have a chance to speak another word. At this moment, the audience gasped and held their breath. 

When they looked back, Jiang Chen has disappeared from the scene. 

This battle had shocked the whole Profound Feng Sect!

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