Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2270

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Killing the number two in the outer sect Hundred Battle Rankings with a single sword strike! The whole Profound Feng Sect was shocked. Jiang Chen attacked like a dragon and moved like the wind. 

fNo matter if it was Yang Jian or Bai Yunfei, or the audiences, they were thoroughly dumbfounded. Jiang Chen will surely become a legend in the whole Profound  Feng Sect. 

In the end, Jiang Chen managed to get a slot in the Hidden Secret Realm. Stories of the clash between Jiang Chen and Yan Cheng were told, and Jiang Chen was dubbed as the outer sect’s number one evil god. His demeanour even toppled those inner sect experts, including Yang Jian, the number one ranker. Of course, Jiang Chen did not challenge Yang Jian in the end, causing quite some disappointment amongst the disciples. 

Jiang Chen’s name became famous in the sect. 

At this moment, Ling Yun came out of seclusion. 

“How much have you recovered?” Jiang Chen asked. 

Ling Yun’s expression was better than before, but she still wore an azure mask. Nobody has ever seen her face under the mask, other than him. 

“60%. I shouldn’t have any problem protecting myself. I could even face the Profound Feng Sect Lord for a few rounds now, but I’ll still lose to him.” Ling Yun said after thinking for a bit.  

“It’s pretty good.” 

“I received a message from my master.” 

“Then… are you leaving?” Jiang Chen asked, somewhat disappointed.  

“I’m not in a hurry.” 

“Then, when?” 

“I will not join you in the Hidden Secret Realm, but I’ll be here when you return.” Ling Yun said calmly, without a single emotion. However, Jiang Chen felt a slight change from her heart. 


Jiang Chen spoke no further. Since she mentioned that she was going to wait for him until the end of the Hidden Secret Realm, then it shouldn’t be long before she left him. 

“Jiang Chen, bad news. Something bad has happened.” Bai Yunfei rushed to Jiang Chen. 

“What? Why are you so nervous? There are bigshots here to handle it for us even if the heaven’s were to collapse. What is there to fear?” Jiang Chen replied indifferently.  

“The people of the Yellow Flame Sect came to challenge us, they have already defeated the twelve alchemist disciples. Other than Gu Wanfeng, nobody else is their match. Now, they’ve become even cockier, and they even want to challenge our alchemist elder.” 

“Yellow Flame Sect?” Jiang Chen frowned. This was his first time hearing about this sect.  

“Yellow Flame Sect is our brother sect. The Heavenly Star Sect, Earthy Hades Sect, Profound Feng Sect and the Yellow Flame Sect were from the same school, each sect relying upon one another. But after so many years, there are some differences eventually. The Heavenly Star Sect is the strongest, it’s one of the top ten sects in Deer Mourn Mountain. Earthy Hades Sect is the second strongest, also one of the top ten sects. Then, it's the Profound Feng Sect and Yellow Flame Sect. In recent years, our sect has been exerting pressure on the Yellow Flame Sect. Five years ago, an unparalleled prodigy appeared in their sect, possessing great skills in the art of alchemy and also a talented cultivator to boot. Hence, the Yellow Flame Sect began to regain their honour. Now, our sect’s twelve alchemist disciples have lost against him.” Bai Yunfei said. 

“I see… So, our Profound Feng Sect is not alone… Haha. But a fellow that was constantly suppressed by us dares to fight back?” Jiang Chen said with disdain. 

“Haih. A person has to fight back. The Yellow Flame Sect had been inferior to us for so many years, they will surely not let this opportunity go by to pay back what they have suffered in the past.” 

“You’re right. Let’s go and check it out. Let’s see who is this fella that even dares to challenge the alchemist elder.” Jiang Chen said. 

That fellow won’t amount to anything anymore since Jiang Chen has already come out of seclusion. Bai Yunfei had a blind confidence towards Jiang Chen. As Jiang Chen had always brought surprise after surprise to the people around him. 

On the giant plaza that was cut into two by an extremely sharp object. 

Thousands of disciples had gathered on the plaza, even the Sect Lord, Xuan Qingming, had appeared. Since the sect elder was going to be challenged next after the 12 disciples lost against this challenger. It has become a pretty big deal, as the sect has lost a great deal of honour. Otherwise, the sect lord himself wouldn’t have come for such an event. 

“Isn’t this fellow too cocky? To think he’s challenging our alchemist elder. Isn’t he looking down on our sect?!” 

“Yeah. Showing off just because he’s slightly talented… ” 

“In the end, we also did the same thing many years ago. Otherwise, people will not come here and show off. The Yellow Flame Sect was pressured by us in the past, now they’re finally here to take back their honour. They’ll certainly fight back now that they have talented disciples in their ranks.” 

“Still… he’s too much. To think he wants to challenge our elder. Nothing will be gained even if our elder wins. But if our elder loses, he’ll lose his honour and our sect will become a joke.” 

“I bet the elder will put that cocky fella in his place. Hmph, our Profound Feng Sect will never allow such an outsider to cause a scene in our grounds.” 

Everyone was extremely angered, however they knew that this challenger will surely benefit whether he wins or not against Ling Zhongqiang. 

Profound Feng Sect’s disciples were angered and anxious. The alchemist within the sect was rare in numbers, a dozen or so at most, in which all of them have already lost. Now, some people couldn’t help but miss Gu Wanfeng. 

“Oh yeah. Didn’t Jiang Chen beat Gu Wanfeng? Where is he? He’ll most certainly beat this guy too. ” 

“Yeah. How could we forget about him?” 

An increasing amount of people started to have a slither of hope. But at this moment, Ling Zhongqiang appeared on the plaza. 

Ling Zhongqiang stepped forward calmly as the highest-ranking alchemist within the Profound Feng Sect. He needed to step up for the sake of the sect because all the disciples had lost against this challenger. Nobody else in the sect could win against this challenger anymore. 

“My name is Jiang Hao. Today, I took the liberty to ask for Elder Ling of the Profound Feng Sect to advise me in the arts of alchemy. I hope Elder Ling will approve of this and give this junior a chance.” The azure-robed youth said with a calm smile.

This youth was accompanied by his two brothers behind him that looked pretty strong.  

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