Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2271

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At this moment, Jiang Hao had already defeated twelve people which, as a result, filled him with an unyielding confidence. In addition to being the most outstanding disciple of Yellow Flame Sect, Jiang Hao was also very skillful in concocting medicinal pills. That was why he had his arrogant side. Challenging the alchemy elder of Profound Feng Sect, Ling Zhongqiang, was very significant to him. He had the confidence of attaining victory in today’s battle because he had already surpassed his own master.

“Jiang Hao, you’re only like this. Do you want to challenge me?”

Ling Zhongqiang said in a deep voice.

At this moment, Jiang Chen and Bai Yunfei had already made it to the plaza. Everyone was furious and they knew that this contest was unavoidable. 

“I am not qualified to say whether I can defeat Elder Ling or not. But right now, I have already surpassed my master.”

Jiang Hao said confidently, his mouth was overflowing with a smile that gave Ling Zhongqiang pressure.

“In this sense, your skill in concocting has already surpassed your master Wang Hongy?” Ling Zhongqiang asked again.

“Slightly better than him. My master also asked me to send his greeting to you.”

Jiang Hao’s words were filled with confidence. Wang Hongyu had also been a genius in concocting medicinal pills in the past but he was restrained by Ling Zhongqiang. In terms of strength or skill in alchemy, Wang Hongyu was still ranked under Ling Zhongqiang. Now, Wang Hongyu had managed to cultivate a disciple who was able to surpass him. Of course, he would support his disciple to challenge Ling Zhongqiang. 

In a sense, this battle was more like a revenge set up by Yellow Flame Sect’s Wang HongYu. Its ultimate goal was to let Jiang Hao challenge Ling Zhongqiang.

“Hehe. Sounds interesting. You seem like Wang Hongyu’s hier now. Then I think it’s unavoidable for us to have a battle today.”

Lin Zhongqiang smiled faintly. As an elder, of course he must have the demeanor that represents his status. Moreover, Jiang Hao was the disciple of his previous enemy who had already lost to him. Although Jiang Hao had surpassed his master, so what?

“I don’t dare say so. I will listen to what you say.”

Although Jiang Hao said so and declined to take the initiative, he actually still took the lead.

Since Jiang Hao had already said so, would Ling Zhongqiang still dare to reject? Obviously, he could not do so. Otherwise, he would be mocked by others and the sect disciples might not respect him as much as before. However, if he accepted the challenge, then the key was whether he had the confidence to defeat Jiang Hao.

If Jiang Hao lost, he would still bask in glory as he was bold to challenge a master. If he won, then he would devalue Profound Feng Sect. Whether he won or lost, the winner would still be him and his Yellow Flame Sect. Jiang Hao could simply start the battle without much stress as he just made an attempt to see if he could win. However, it was a different case for  Ling Zhongqiang. He needed to use his utmost strength and effort in this battle and do his best because the battle was related to himself and his sect’s reputation. 

Whether Jiang Hao won or lost the battle, he would still be the winner. 

“You don’t plan to take any action?”

Bai Yunfei gave Jiang Chen a glance and asked softly.

“He is challenging Ling Zhongqiang. Why would I meddle in?”

Jiang Chen said in an uninterested manner as he had never thought of taking any action.

“You’re right. You and that man are irreconcilable enemies. Why would you help him. But, what if Elder Ling loses in this battle?” Bai Yunfei asked.

Jiang Chen glanced at Bai Yunfei while thinking that he had been concerned too much.

“That means his skill is not as good as the others? Who can he blame for this? If he is defeated, that means he is weak. If so, then he should not be that conceited. What is so formidable about being an elder? Isn’t an elder also a human? Let’s see if he can bear losing to others.”

Jiang Chen sneered. 

“You have a point.”

Bai Yunfei knew the grudges between Jiang Chen and Ling Zhongqiang. It was inappropriate for Jiang Chen to take action at this moment. Moreover, Jiang Chen had mentioned that he wanted to challenge Ling Zhongqiang. Of course, Jiang Chen would not meddle in their business.

“Congratulations. I accept your challenge. But I want you to understand that Yellow Flame Sect will never be able to surpass Profound Feng Sect.” Lin Zhongqiang said in all seriousness.

“Today, I am only here to learn something, widen my perspective and sharpen my skills. Hope Elder Ling will give me lessons generously.” Jiang Hao said in a solemn manner.

“Don’t worry. I will not hold back just for you. If you can defeat me, that means your master is right and you really have surpassed him.”

“Elder Ling is indeed domineering and with great integrity. I salute you.”

“It’s not helpful to say so much. Let’s start. Which aspect do you want to challenge? Tell me now.” 

“Since we are competing with our skill in concoction, then of course we have to refine the hardest medicinal pill, the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. It is a pill that is concocted using a Beast Flame. Whoever eats the pill will become incomparably mystical if he did not suffer from a severe injury. But if he had severe injury, then the pill will help him to get full recovery. A pill like this is extremely difficult to concoct. I believe Elder Ling has heard of this pill before, am I right?”

Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill!””

Lin Zhongqiang shivered in his heart. He had tried to concoct the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill before but he had failed. He had succeeded once but the quality of the pill was extremely low. How could this lad concoct the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill? 

Actually, the formula of making this pill was given to him by Wang Hongyu in the past. If Jiang Hao really managed to make this pill, perhaps this would be a great challenge to Ling Zhongqiang.

“What do you think about this? Elder Lin, do you have the confidence to concoct this pill?”

Jiang Hao curled up his lips slightly upwards and said in a playful manner. It was quite challenging to concoct the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. That was why he chose this pill. Moreover, it’s also extremely difficult to get the suitable herbs to concoct this pill. In the past, he had found ten kinds of herbs but only managed to make one Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. It had been an achievement to him or even to his master Wang Hongyu. Moreover, Wang Hongyu assumed that Ling Zhongqiang might not be able to concoct the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. 

“Such a mystical Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. I guess it must be a very difficult pill.”

“Yea. I have once heard that this Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill had rescued Elder Ling before. However, the way of concocting this pill is too challenging. I am afraid that he has not succeeded in concocting this pill too many times in the past.”

“He seems very confident. Is he purposely here to find trouble?”

“You’re right. If he isn’t here to find trouble, why would he keep pushing Elder Ling. He definitely has bad intentions.”

Ling Zhongqiang smiled faintly.

“Alright. Let’s compete by concocting the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. I'm gonna see if you can fulfill your master’s wish.”

“I am here only to receive teaching from you, Elder Ling.”

Jiang Hao’s words were very clear and gave no chance for others to gossip about his true intention. He was here today to give Ling Zhongqiang a lesson and to let him know that he had to bear the consequences of looking down upon his master in the past.

Bai Yunfei gave Jiang Chen a glance and asked, “Have you heard of the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill before?”

“I’ve heard of it before but had never tried to make it,” replied Jiang Chen.

“How confident are you in making this pill?”

“Not that difficult.”

Jiang Chen shrugged as he didn’t really care about this. 

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