Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2273

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“What do you mean? Jiang Chen.”

Bai Yunfei seems to have noticed Jiang Chen’s reaction.

“Ling Zhongqiang lost. Although he managed to concoct the pill, its quality was much lower than  Jiang Hao’s pill. Ling Zhongqiang is inferior in terms of concoction or Beast Fire.”

Jiang Chen said faintly. At the moment, Ling Zhongqiang could only nod his head slightly, indicating that he had already completed his pill.

“Are they done? Does this really mean Elder Ling has lost?” Bai Yunfei perplexed and said with a low voice.

“How about we exchange our pills and examine them? I believe that master would definitely be fair on this matter.”

After saying so, Jiang Hao gave the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill out to Ling Zhongqiang and the latter did the same. 

When Ling Zhongqiang got the pill from Jiang Hao, he knew that he lost. He was utterly and completely defeated. His Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill could not even be considered as middle-grade but Jiang Hao’s pill, despite having some flaws, was around high-grade even with his current cultivation realm. This had shown that Jiang Hao had won.

Ling Zhongqiang took a deep breath. Everyone was stunned at this moment as Jiang Hao’s mouth carried a mocking smile while holding the pill.  He was thinking that Profound Feng Sect’s elder of alchemy was only at this inferior level.

Hundreds and thousands of people held their breath and were stunned. Nevertheless, there were some people who managed to see what something went wrong. Xuan Qingming could not help heaving a sigh silently. Seems like he had lost. 

“I’ve lost…..”

Lin Zhongqiang’s words were like a huge hammer, smashing on most of the Profound Feng Sect’s disciples’ hearts. The fact was unbelievable but he had really lost. If he did not have the courage to admit his failure then he would lose all of his dignity.

Ling Zhongqiang was incomparably serious. The words he said were extremely heavy to him but it was impossible for him to lie about the fact. As a master, he could not do something that went against his conscience although he was in his own sect.  

“He was defeated. Elder Ling was really defeated. Sigh.”

“This time, the people of Yellow Flame Sect will be very proud of this. They have been under our suppression for hundreds years.”

“Seems like not everyone can engage themselves with pill concoction. Our Profound Feng Sect has hundreds and thousands of disciples but only very few are truly able to concoct medicinal pills.”

There was no ridicule that was too harsh for him but Ling Zhongqiang was not able to forgive himself. He was really defeated. Moreover, he was defeated by the disciple of his enemy who he defeated a long time ago. As the proverb says, blue comes from the indigo plant but is bluer than the plant itself. The student had indeed surpassed his master. Unfortunately, Ling Zhongqiang did not have such a good heir. 

In this battle, Jiang Hao had gained a glamorous victory. Ling Zhongqiang could not say something that was against his conscience. 

“Elder Ling, I know my strength is limited and it’s only my luck for this time. Hope that I still have the chance to seek your guidance in the future.”

Jiang Hao said and smiled but his facial expression was filled with overbearing pride. He said that only to magnify his pride but the more he did the more the people of Profound Feng Sect found him destastable. 

“You have won and there’s nothing called luck. What is the point of being hypocrite,”  Lin Zhongqiang said with a deep voice. 

Jiang Hao remained calm and not moved by what Ling Zhongqiang said. This time, the disciples of Yellow Flame Sect had really overcome the disciples of Profound Feng Sect. They had broken the hundred-year suppression by Profound Feng Sect. This had really made Jiang Hao feel proud as this was his only chance to take revenge for his sect.

“If this is the case, then I am going to leave now. It’s my pleasure to be able to compete with Elder Ling.”

Jiang Hao looked dignified, yet his haughty manner had made everyone feel very uncomfortable. This guy really did not put anyone in his eyes.

“How can you be so proud of your low-grade medicinal pill? I think the people of Yellow Flame Sect are not that strong actually. Only with such a pitiful competence, you have dared to come and challenge us. It’s so embarrassing and amusing! Haha.”

It was not Jiang chen who said this but Bai Yunffei. Bai Yunfei laughed coldly and looked at Jiang Hao in disdain. Everyone looked at Bai Yunfei as a result while Jiang Hao also squinted his eyes.

“Who was the one saying this? Even Elder Ling has admitted that my Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill is better than his. What qualification do you have to brag like this?”

Jiang Hao stared at Bai Yunfei and said.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes as Bai Yunfei had betrayed him. Let’s see how I am going to give you a lesson later. He gave Bai Yunfei a fierce glance as he felt very victimized. 

“To be honest, I don’t know anything about concocting pills. But I can see that your medicinal pills are of poor quality. Jiang Chen knew concocting pills and your technique is inferior to his.” 

Bai Yunfei heaved a sigh and only then did everyone realise that Bai Yunfei was actually referring this to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen gave Bai Yunfei a fierce glance while Bai Yunfei just shrugged his shoulder and smiled to indicate his helplessness.

“That’s right, why would we forget about Jiang Chen. He had once defeated Senior Gu Wanfeng.”

“You’re right. Senior Bai is insightful.”

“It’s hard to say. As our Elder Ling was defeated, do you really think that an Outer Sect disciple can turn the tide over?”

“Everything is possible. Jiang Chen’s name is so popular these days in Profound Feng Sect. He has been creating miracles. But this time he might not be able to defeat this haughty Jiang Hao.”

Jiang Hao and Jiang Chen exchanged their glance.

“Do you still want to challenge me? Then let me, your senior, see what kind of competence do you have.”

Jiang Hao said while laughing. His face was filled with an arrogant manner even though he was at Profound Feng Sect. He had just won against Elder Ling, it was not unreasonable that he would be that arrogant. 

“You’re here to seek teaching, why would you have the qualification to call yourself my senior? Profound Feng Sect is the brother sect of Yellow Flame Sect, why would you say so?”

Jiang Chen smiled and said. Since Bai Yunfei had kicked him out in this situation, he did not mind giving a lesson to this guy and become the savior of Profound Feng Sect.

Xuan Qingming squinted his eyes. At this moment, he felt like he saw some kind of hope as this guy might change Profound Feng Sect’s destiny.

The Great Elder’s eyes were cold. What did this guy want to do again?

Lin Zhongqiang was also looking forward to what might happen. Although he had some grudges with Jiang Chen as well, he thought that might not be a bad thing to Profound Feng Sect if Jiang Chen was able to turn the tide over. 

However, was he really capable of making this happen? 

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