Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2277


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Reverend Heavenly Lightning, like thunder reverberating in one's ears.

One of the most powerful men in the Lone Dragon County… it’s not someone he could contend with. Moreover, the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect was not a sect that he should offend. The Heavenly Star Sect and Earthly Hades Sect will not let him go if he was to offend the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect. 

Xuan Qingming's breath stagnated. The identity of the girl… she’s the disciple of Reverend Heavenly Lightning. Xuan Qingming no longer suspects her identity anymore. The Thunderfire Seal was the secret technique of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect. If he really wanted to see it, wouldn’t he be tarnishing the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect’s name? Since she knew about the secret, she must also be a member of that sect. Xuan Qingming did not suspect her anymore and silently nodded. 

“I see… Then, I understand. This Jiang Chen is your disciple?” Xuan Qingming said in his transmission.  

“He has his own path and it’s not my concern. I originally wanted to leave soon, but to think the Great Elder attacked now. I think Sect Leader Xuan will have to give us an explanation, right?” Ling Yun’s words made Xuan Qingming understand something. 

Even though she didn’t say it, he himself needed to investigate this matter. Since Jiang Chen was not her disciple, then it meant that Jiang Chen’s background was ordinary. He’ll become a sharp blade for the future of Profound Feng Sect. 

Jiang Chen looked at Ling Yun who was calm without worry. He knew that she must be communicating with the Sect Lord and without pressure to boot. 

“Great Elder, what is the meaning of this?” Xuan Qingming said towards the Great Elder. 

Jiang Chen had done great deeds for the sect. At this moment, it’ll be bad for the sect if the elder wanted to kill him. 

“What am I doing? Hahaha, this fella killed my grandson. Sect Lord, do you think I shouldn’t kill him?” Yan Jun sneered with killing intent. 

He would’ve attacked once more if it wasn’t for Xuan Qingming. Not even that girl could stop him. 

When Jiang Chen used the Five Elemental True Fire, Yan Jun immediately felt something was amiss. After confirming this fact, he couldn’t suppress his anger. He needed to kill Jiang Chen to avenge his blood. 

For Yan Jun, Yan Feng was his last shred of longing in his heart… his grandson, gone. An old, lonely man like him, his final shred of longing was his grandson. Hence, Yan Jun drowned Yan Feng with all the love he could give, making Yan Feng a person that no one would dare go against. With his grandpa being the second-in-command of the sect, no one dared to offend him. 

When Yan Feng died, countless people were secretly rejoicing. Because that scum of a human had finally disappeared. Especially those beautiful female disciples, if they were to be targeted by Yan Feng… they won’t be let off by him… 

The ‘freedom’ Yan Jun gave to Yan Feng was over the top. Xuan Qingming too turned a blind eye to the boy’s actions since the boy was Yan Jun’s final baby. But who would’ve thought that Yan Feng was killed by Jiang Chen? 

What Yan Jun said was extremely obvious. He wanted to kill Jiang Chen to relieve the sadness within his heart. 

“Whatever claims you have, do you have evidence that I am the killer of your grandchild? Don’t make a false accusation. I am not one that allows people to make slanderous charges against me. I hope the Sect Lord will investigate this matter.” Jiang Chen said indifferently, neither arrogant nor servile.

He’s not stupid, why should he admit of the murder? Plus, he has done a great deed for the people by killing Yan Feng. That person was a scum of the sect, many people wanted him dead for good. 

“What’s dead is dead, what gives? The grandchild of the Great Elder is also human. Aren’t the lives of our brother’s in the sect precious too? That scum had harmed many disciples of our sect and tarnished many senior and junior sisters. It’s great for such scum to die, he deserves it.” 

“You’re right. If it wasn’t for the Great Elder supporting him I, myself, would've killed him.” 

“Nobody would pity such a scum. Except for that grandpa of his.” 

“The great elder had given that bastard too much freedom. Hence, Yan Feng’s death is also his responsibility.” 

Countless people were murmuring. But none of them dared to speak it out loud. After all, the great elder held quite an authority within the sect, and even the Sect Lord himself had to tread carefully. 

“All of you, scatter for the time being. Today’s battle has concluded. Jiang Chen, follow me to the sect’s grand hall. I will give you a satisfactory answer. Great Elder, join us.” 

Everyone was disappointed with Xuan Qingming’s words. They wanted to see what would unfold between Jiang Chen and the great elder. Looks like they can’t witness it anymore. 

Jiang Chen and the great elder entered the grand hall of the sect with Ling Yun following behind. With both Xuan Qingming and Ling Yun here, Yan Jun will not be able to do anything funny. 

“Great Elder, you said Jiang Chen killed your grandson Yan Feng, what evidence do you have? Let us see it. Otherwise, not even I, as the Sect Lord, could make a decision easily. After all, Jiang Chen is now our sect’s saviour as you’ve seen from today’s battle. Jiang Chen’s skill in alchemy is peerless, not even the prodigy of the Yellow Flame Sect is his match. Now that Jiang Chen had made such a contribution for the sect, I cannot just punish him without any reason, right? Otherwise, how could I explain it to the other disciples? Moreover, it’ll violate our sect’s teaching,” Xuan Qingming said solemnly. 

He needed to give everyone a satisfactory answer, he could not neglect Jiang Chen as he’s the hero of the sect and with Ling Yun here, he could not act selfishly for his personal gains. Moreover, if he was to act selfishly, he would instead help Jiang Chen and not help Yan Jun. Because he too knew what Yan Jun’s grandchild’s character was, everyone knew about it. 

Nevertheless, the great elder was very important for the sect. Hence, he could not simply make a decision. 

Yan Jun’s expression became extremely cold and his eyes were red. He could only see Jiang Chen right now, the others did not matter. 

“I am the evidence! He killed my grandchild and several other disciples, this debt will never be cleared. I had felt several flames on-site, who could it be, if not him?! Who possessed such abilities in the whole Profound Feng Sect, the whole Deer Mourn Mountain?! Hmph hmph, even Elder Ling could not control these many flames at once. Isn’t it clear now?” 

Xuan Qingming’s heart slightly moved. 

Could it be Jiang Chen? This is not easy to handle. The Great Elder does not like Jiang Chen from the very beginning too… will he step back? Looks like he’s dead set on pinning Jiang Chen for this crime. 

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was calm and unfazed as if this matter was unrelated to him. 

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