Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2289

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“Don’t forget that he just simply gave three priceless Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pills to others. This fellow must have the resources for it,” said Jiang Chengzi. 

“4500!” Jiang Chen raised the bid again. This time, by 700. 

“Jiang Chen, are you mad? Do you have that many Divine Origin Stones? 4,500 High-Grade Divine Origin Stones, you… you… you…” Bai Yunfei stuttered as he could not understand Jiang Chen. 

“Yeah, Jiang Chen, this is not a game.” Yang Jian reminded him. 

“I can give three Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill to the sect lords that are worth more than 3000 high-grade divine origin stones. Do you guys think I am playing here?” Jiang Chen asked.  

“True. Haha.” Wang Chongyang was stunned and nodded in agreement. 

But they did not know where Jiang Chen had gotten such great fortune. Because, if he was really wealthy, there was no need for him to sell those pills before. 

The grey-robed youth’s expression became cold. This fellow is bidding way too high. The value of the item is at best only at 4000 high-grade divine origin stones. But he keeps raising the bid. 

“4700!” The grey-robed youth didn’t back off. 

“5000,” Jiang Chen bid again, calmly.

Once again shocking the whole auction. Many girls became crazy at this moment. A man like that was truly handsome. Moreover, that attitude and character of his… unimaginable. 

“I will marry a guy like him in the future.” 

“He may not even want you. Haha.” 

“Yish. Aren’t I allowed to even dream?” 

“Yeah. Such a guy is really charming and you can’t do anything about it.” 

Countless girls were infatuated with Jiang Chen, no matter if his act of giving the pills or the bids he made, it had shocked the hearts of people. 

The grey-robed youth wanted to bid again but was stopped by Jiang Chengzi. 

“Enough. Our target is the Immortal Grade Pill Formula.” 

The youth harrumphed from Jiang Chengzi’s words, obviously unhappy. But to think he could not get those ingredients. That fellow was truly irritating.

“Alright! 5000 once, 5000 twice, 5000 thrice! Sold.” Hao Dabing was extremely happy. 

He looked at Jiang Chen and slightly nodded. 5000 high-grade divine origin stones. Such dominance, truly domineering!

The next item was Jiang Chen’s divine tool. The final bidding price was 9300. A pretty high price. Jiang Chen was satisfied with it. It’s just that… What will the price of the final pill formula be? 

“Next item is the finale of today’s auction. The starting bid is the same as the divine tool Zi Luo Sword, 5000 high-grade divine origin stones. Each bid needs to be more than 500 divine origin stones.” 

The place suddenly went silent after Hao Dabing’s announcement. Immortal Grade Pill Formula… it's a supreme grade treasure. A treasure that one couldn’t resist. But those that could really utilise it were rare because the value of the formula was hard to measure. Only a true immortal grade alchemist could utilise such a formula and create an immortal grade pill, but it would not be easy to concoct it.

“It’s finally your turn.” Jiang Chen’s heart moved. 

At this moment, he did not want anything else, but just that sheet of pill formula. 

“This pill formula is written in a special way in the ancient era. The scroll will disappear after it’s read once. Hence, there’s no risk of the content being leaked. This is the one and only formula.” Han Dabing said. 

“I announce, the bidding of the Immortal Grade Pill Formula starts now!” 


The first to bid was the grey-robed youth.

Unexpectedly, nobody raised the bid. Even though the pill formula was precious, for most of the people, it’s useless for them even if they obtained it. Only those alchemists have any use for it. Moreover, only the Divine Pill Sect has Immortal Grade Alchemists. 

The audience was somewhat stunned, including Han Dabing who was feeling awkward. Could it be that only the Divine Pill Sect is going to bid for it? 


An old man wearing a black bamboo hat said.

Hao Dabing breath out a sigh of relief. Finally, someone started to raise the bid. 




The youth said confidently. This time, the black bamboo hat old man did not raise his bid anymore. 

“This Immortal Grade Pill Formula is mine.” The grey-robed youth smiled. 

“8000,” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

Once again the whole auction house lit up. 

“You again!” The youth felt angry. This fella is like our sect’s greatest bane. 





10,000! When Jiang Chen raised the bid to 10,000, the people beside him were shocked, thinking: This fellow is nuts. Moreover, to stand up against the Divine Pill Sect with such an attitude. Truly commendable. 

“Little friend. Why are you going against our Divine Pill Sect? This immortal grade pill formula is not something you can concoct. Why don’t you do us a favour?” Jiang Chengzi said. 

“Why do you think that I cannot concoct it? How about… Divine Pill Sect sell me their favour?” Jiang Chen said with a smile.  

“Why should we do you a favour?” Li Yanchao said. 

“Forgive me for being frank. Your Divine Pill Sect and I do not have any respect to talk about in the first place. Don’t come here and bid if you are afraid to lose. Haha.” Jiang Chen’s laugh could be heard across the auction site. 


The people of the Divine Pill Sect’s expression became cold. Looks like they have met their match this time. Moreover, Jiang Chen was not willing to do them any favour.

As one of the strongest sects in Linhe Boundary, not even the 1st or 2nd strongest sects—Clear River Sect and Ghost Eye Sect—would choose to offend them. But a mere disciple of Profound Feng Sect dared to offend them openly. 

Li Yanchao’s expression was extremely cold. 

“You… We are giving you respect and you’re not accepting it.” 

“What respect does a mere loser be able to offer?” Jiang Chen disdainfully said. 

He was dead set on getting that formula. Hence, he did not need to continue this farce with the Divine Pill Sect. That was not his style. Today they might not know it, but in the future, they’ll understand how valuable it is to curry favour for Jiang Chen. 

“You……!”  Li Yanchao could not say another word.

“Such being the case, let’s battle towards the end. Agree?” The grey-robed youth sneered.  

“That immortal grade pill formula is mine.” Jiang Chen curled his lips, he was very confident. 

“I’ll tell you this too. I will not give up. This pill formula is mine for the taking.” 

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