Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2292

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Zi Luo gave Jiang Chen a hateful glance but her eyes were still filled with a flirty glow.

Zi Luo then took the two Divine Tools and said, “You horny lady-killer.”

The Nine-Segmented Whip was sold at 12,500 Divine Origin Stones and the Scarlet Light Sword was sold at 13,000 Divine Origin Stones. At the end, Jiang Chen managed to earn 34,800 Divine Origin Stones!

At this moment, the entire scene was boiling but without anyone saying something. 

In a blink of an eye, he had sold three pieces of Divine Tools and he still looked very relaxed and calm. Under the heavens, perhaps even Divine King experts did not have such an imposing demeanor like Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s action had really startled and impressed everyone on the spot. His name had also become popular in the entire Gathering Destiny Square. This was his strength and his overbearing charisma.

At the moment, no one knew where Li Yanchao was because he was too ashamed to stay. 

Meanwhile, Lang Ya was disappointed because his final trick unexpectedly failed and became a trap to themselves instead. Luckily, the clown who jumped into the trap was not him but Li Yanchao. However, Lang Ya still felt that he was the one who lost all of his dignity in front of Jiang Chen. This had really irritated him. 

Eventually, Lang Ya and Jiang Chengzi also left with rage. 

“These are the Divine Origin Stones I got from selling the three pieces of Divine Tools, including the Divine Origin Stones I have to pay you. I will give Miss Zi Luo the remaining Divine Origin Stones as a gift for our first encounter.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth was overflowing with a profound smile and Zi Luo was stunned again. The remaining Divine Origin Stones, from the total amount of sales of the three pieces of Divine Tools subtracted by the 20, 500 Divine Origin Stones he spent, would be given to her as a gift. How extraordinary was this gift? 

Jiang Chen took up Zi Luo’s elegant and smooth hands and left a kiss on her hand. 

“I wish that you would stay pretty and gentle forever. ”

Everyone exclaimed and shouted at Jiang Chen’s action. Zi Luo’s mouth was overflowing with a faint smile. 9,000 High-grade Divine Origin Stones! They were all for her. This gift could already be a price to get a piece of Divine Tool. Countless ladies now wished to fall into Jiang Chen’s embrace immediately.

“Thank you.” Zi Luo said softly while her voice sounded like murmuring in a dream.

Jiang Chen’s kiss on her hand made her feel very proud and the gift of almost ten thousand High-grade Divine Origin Stones would also be a topic among the public in the Ancient Dragon City.

“Motherf*cker. If I were that rich, I could be like him as well. Look at those women. They are all looking at Jiang Chen as if they were hungry wolves craving for food,” Bai Yunfei said out of jealousy. 

Jiang Chen enjoyed the attention and their applause very much. Today he had become the focal point in the entire action. 

At the end, Zi Luo also carried a smiley face in the mortgage hall as she had earned nine thousand Divine Origin Stones today! How Jiang Chen splurged had opened everyone’s eyes.

“This is your Immortal Pill Formula, Ten Thousand Years Blood Spirit Mushroom and Human-faced Demon Ginseng. Keep them well.”

Zi Luo smiled gently.

“Thank you.”

“I am the one supposed to say thank you. The unexpected sum you gave has really made me get butterflies in my stomach.”

Zi Luo pulled her hair gently, which made her look extremely elegant and charming.

“Sister, you must be kidding me. You’re so beautiful, the one who has butterflies in the stomach should be me,” Jiang Chen replied seriously. 

Zi Luo then glanced at Jiang Chen and asked with worry, “Are you going to the Hidden Secret Realm”


“Hidden Secret Realm is a place full of danger. Experts can’t go in and the weaker ones can’t come out. However, those who are able to come out are all talented cultivators with great fortune and determination. Your strength is still a bit…..”

“A bit weak, right? Hahaha. No worries, I am always very lucky.”

Jiang Chen did not worry at all.

Zi Luo shook her head and smiled faintly. Then she took out a black shield the size of a palm.

“I never want to owe others something. This is the Universe Shield given by a Formation Master. In a crisis, it will trigger the formation and help you to resist a strike of Heavenly God experts. I’m going to give it to you.”

Jiang Chen was stunned after Zi Luo had already put the shield into his hand.

“Sister Zi Luo, thank you very much.”

As soon as Jiang Chen expressed his gratitude, he turned his body around and left the place. The Universe Shield seems quite practical as it could resist a strike from a Heavenly God expert. 

When Zi Luo looked at Jiang Chen’s back, she heaved a sigh as she did not know if this overbearing brother could survive through the dangers in the Hidden Secret Realm. One should know that not many people came out alive and his strength was only at Late Void God Realm.

Zi Luo’s gaze of melancholy was realised by Hao Dabing. He then grinned and asked:  “Miss, have you fallen for him?”

“Don’t say nonsense, I just don’t want to owe him something.”

Zi Luo replied seriously.

“Oh. I see. The Universe Shield is valuable and it was given by Master Ling Luo for you to protect yourself,” He Dabing said while laughing, and then left the place without waiting for her response 

Sigh. It’s okay. Everything will be over. But he’s really an interesting boy.”

Zi Luo could not help smiling. Now when she recalled back the scene just now, she still blushed and felt nervous.

In the inn where Divine Pill Sect stayed.

Jiang Chengzi and Lang Ya’s face looked terrible. They never expected that they would be defeated by a disciple of Profound Feng Sect. The Profound Feng Sect was such a low-grade sect that even Lang Ya did not have the desire to know about it.

“Nevermind, let the formula, Ten Thousand Years Blood Spirit Mushroom and Human-faced Demon Ginseng be with him for a few days first,” Jiang Chengzi said faintly.

Lang Ya added with a deep voice, “After we enter the Hidden Secret Realm, I am going to kill him by myself.”

“His strength is really weak. Killing him and stealing his treasure is what we, the Divine Pill Sect, is gonna do.” 

Li Yanchao sneered.

“Don’t underestimate our enemy. Although the Profound Feng Sect is nothing, it is a bit difficult to overcome the alliance of the Heaven, Earthly, Profound and Yellow Sects. The lady in the Heavenly Star Sect looks very formidable. Be careful,” reminded Jiang Chengzi.

Lang Ya smiled and said, “I know about that. There were only a few people whom I admire in the entire Linhe Boundary. Hope that she can give me some surprise.”

“I am going to kill that little guy easily.”

“I hope so. This time, I want as many of you guys as possible to come out from the Hidden Secret Realm. Can you hear me? Lang Ya,” Jiang Chengzi said to which Lang Ya nodded. 

What mattered more to Lang Ya was actually Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was the guy who humiliated him in the public. He was going to kill him as soon as possible!

“Since he was so happy today, we are going to let him know about the strong man’s world and how it feels being stepped under Divine Pill Sect’s feet. The weak man only deserves to be an ant that is killed by others.”

Lang Ya held his fist lightly while his eyes were filled with killing intent!  

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