Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2293

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The next morning, the entire eastern part of Ancient Dragon City was flooded with people. Hundreds and thousands of people were going to enter the Hidden Secret Realm. This was not a secret matter because the chance of entering the Hidden Secret Realm only happens once every hundred years. However, the place had been monopolised by those sects that had a long tradition. 

If one wanted to enter the place, one had to join a sect and one must be below the Heavenly God Realm. That was why not everyone was able to enter the Hidden Secret Realm. 

This year was destined to be the livisest year in the Ancient Dragon City. There would be countless treasures, Divine Tools, ancient inheritances in Hidden Hidden Secret Realm. All of these made everyone feel very excited and they were the reason why many people would wait here for their sect disciples to come out from the Hidden Secret Realm. The people who would be waiting here could take out any precious items or Divine Origin Stones to exchange for any treasures taken out by the disciples who came out from the Hidden Secret Realm. 

The disciples of Clear River Sect, Ghost Eye Sect, and Divine Pill Sect took the initiative and ran quickly to the Twisted Jungle at the outskirts of the eastern part of the city.

The Twisted Jungle had existed even before the formation of the Hidden Secret Realm. Instead of saying that the Hidden Secret Realm was connected to the Twisted Jungle, it's better to say that the Twisted Jungle accomplished the Hidden Secret Realm. 

The Twisted Jungle was around hundred thousand miles square feet and it was also called Hundred Thousand Mountains. Although the jungle was not huge, only very few experts were courageous enough to enter it. As the name suggested, the space and time in the Twisted Jungle were all twisted. In the past, there had been Divine King experts accidently entering the jungle and dying inside. Since then, no one dared to enter the deeper part of the jungle.

There were no monsters or beasts in the Twisted Jungle because none of the monsters could survive in such condition. Ever since a long long time ago, the Twisted Jungle has existed and no one was able to see any living beings surviving inside.

Luckily, the Hidden Secret Realm was located three thousand miles further from the Twisted Jungle. Otherwise, not to mention True Gods, even Heavenly God experts might not be able to come out alive from the Hidden Secret Realm or the Twisted Jungle.

Moreover, it was impossible to fly in the sky in the Twisted Jungle as its space and time was in complete disorder. This place was one of the most mystical places in the entire Ancient Dragon City. Due to the disorder of space and time, people who flew inside might be absorbed into the turbulence of space and get killed. 

Xuan Qingming brought Jiang Chen and the others to the outer area of the Twisted Jungle where the Hidden Secret Realm was located. However, the distance was very long and even if they were quick, it still took them two days to reach their destination.

“What a good Profound Feng Sect. Who is Jiang Chen?”

Someone shouted coldly and appeared in front of Xuan Qingming and others. Jiang Chen was stunned for a while as well. Who have I offended? 

“Taiji Zi, what do you mean?”

Xuan Qingming squinted his eyes and only then did he realise that the person who was blocking them was the Great Elder of Taichi Sect, Taiji Zi.

Taiji Zi pointed at the people behind Xuan Qingming and said coldly, “What do I mean? Humph. You should ask your disciples. My disciple was killed not long ago. And my disciples’ brother can sense that the person who killed him is in your Profound Feng Sect. I am sure that he is Jiang Chen.”

A green long-haired young man who looked pale and thin was standing behind Taiji Zi. He was filled with pride and ruthlessness while looking around the people behind Xuan Qingming. Eventually, his gaze stopped at Jiang Chen.

“He’s the one.”

The green-haired young man said coldly while staring at Jiang Chen sharply.

Jiang Cheng shivered in his heart  and heaved a sigh as he knew that someone had betrayed him. He should have never shown mercy and killed everyone on that day. If that was the case, what was happening now would not have happened. Unfortunately, it was too late to say this. 

“My disciple, Helian Wushuang, was killed by Jiang Chen. You ask him if this is true!”

Taiji Zi shouted loudly and his manner was overbearing, however, Xuan Qingming did not dare to take any step backwards and he even took a step forward fiercely. 

“How daring are you to shout at my disciples? If Zhang Zhenren of your Taichi Sect is here, I might still give him face. But who are you?” 

Xuan Qingming did not retreat and faced Taiji Zi. It was a confrontation between two experts and this made many people astounded. This scene had attracted the attention of many passersby.

“You mean that you will not hand over Jiang Chen?” said Taiji Zi.

“Your disciples deserved death. Whether this was done by my disciple or not, I am not going to call him out today. If you want to find trouble here, I, Xuan Qingming, am going to deal with you until the end.”

Xuan Qingming and Taiji Zi were looking at each other’s eyes meanwhile Jiang Chen wanted to step out but was stopped by Pan Hong.

“Let the Lord make the decision. Be calm.”

Pan Hong was very concerned about Jiang Cheng because he was someone who could concoct the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. He would like to maintain a good relationship with a Supreme Grade Alchemist like him. Even if Xuan Qingming did not say anything, he would still protect Jiang Chen with everything he got.

Jiang Chen nodded. At the moment, Xuan Qingming and Taiji Zi were both unwilling to take a step back.

“Haha. It’s so lively here. Taiji Zi, you haven’t died yet. Do you still want to take action against Profound Feng Sect? I, Old Ancestor Di Long, won’t just sit here and watch the show.”

Old Ancestor Di Long arrived right on time. He laughed loudly and his demeanor was terrifying. Obviously, he was more formidable than Taiji Zi. Taiji Zi took a step back based on the situation but his face was still gloomy.

“Since when did your Earthly Hades Sect teamed up with the Profound Feng Sect?” said Taiji Zi while gritting his teeth.

The Earthly Hades Sect was not a sect that his sect could withstand. Old Ancestor Di Long was more powerful than him. Now Xuan Qingming was also here. He realized that he was not going to  have a chance to take action against Jiang Chen today. Moreover, Ren Yuanzi of Heavenly Star Sect and Mu Tianen of Yellow Flame Sect were also here. They showed an attitude that indicated they were all in the same team and they were gonna fight him together if he took any action against Jiang Chen. Hence, he had no other choice but to retreat. Moreover, he did not want to offend the four of them together.

“I don’t like what you said just now. If you want to take action against Profound Feng Sect, do you think I will ignore this? We are brother sects. If you want to take action against Jiang Chen, you have to go through me first.”

Humph. Throwing your weight around.”

Taiji Zi snorted.

“So what? How daring are you to bully a young disciple? Shameless,” retorted Mu Tianen coldly. 

“Alright. Alright. I am just unlucky today. But you guys must protect your kid well in the Hidden Secret Realm. Don’t let our people catch him. Otherwise, he might die tragically,” Taiji Zi said and smiled ruthlessly.

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