Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2294

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“Jiang Chen, you killed my brother. You better hope that I do not run into you in the Secret Hidden Realm.” The green-haired youth said indifferently. 

He was the older brother of Helian Wushuang, the number one prodigy of Taichi Sect, Helian Wuji. 

“Enemies always meet each other. If we really bump into each other, I don’t mind sending you off to your brother for a family reunion.” Jiang Chen replied in a serious tone.

Xuan Qingming was startled. It really is him. This fella is a real trouble maker. 

“Finally admitted it, eh?” Taiji Zi said in disdain. 

“I have never denied it. You’re the only one talking to yourself. Taiji Sect, I will make sure that you guys will be void of heirs.” 

Jiang Chen made a ruthless proclamation, making a number of people look at him with a weird expression. The past well mannered and calm Jiang Chen suddenly became extremely cold, it was truly inconceivable. 

“You better hope so.” Helian Wuji said and left. 

Taiji Zi harrumphed and did not speak further with Xuan Qingming and the others. Since the other party has the advantage in numbers, it’ll be futile if he pesters any longer. 

“Can you do it? Wuji.” Taiji Zi asked. 

“Just like taking sweets from a child. He’s just trash.” Helian Wuji said indifferently. 

After all, he was extremely powerful to the point that he was even regarded as Taiji Sect’s once in a hundred years prodigy. Moreover, he was deemed to have the highest chance to reach the level of the First Ancestor of Taiji Sect. 

“Helian Wuji. I’ve heard of him. Rumour has it that he’s on the same level as the Divine Pill Sect’s Lang Ya and our Heavenly Star Sect’s Ling Long. His image in Taiji Sect was said to have the image of their First Ancestor.” Ren Yuanzi said. 

“Yes. You little fellow is one absolute troublemaker. You have already made enemies with various prodigies of some great sects. Looks like your days in the Hidden Secret Realm will not be a peaceful one. Hahaha.” Old Ancestor Di Long patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said in a serious tone. 

They will not forget the graciousness of the medicinal pills. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s skill in alchemy was something they looked highly upon. 

“It doesn’t matter. Two or three enemies, it’s just the same. They’re against me because I am too handsome.” Jiang Chen’s words made Old Ancestor Di Long laugh. 

“You little fella… You should know that once you’ve entered the Hidden Secret Realm, 90% of you will die and the only wish you have is to survive.” Ren Yuanzi sighed and shook his head. 

Jiang Chen was too arrogant and wild. In his opinion, people like him will not go far. Yet, Jiang Chen’s calmness gave him another thought. This fellow is always quiet but when he moves, he’s like a rabbit. 

“Yes. The words and teaching of the two seniors are valuable. Jiang Chen, as a  disciple of Profound Feng Sect, I hope you’ll remember it. No matter where you are, behind you will have a sect that will never abandon you even though it’s not too strong.” 

Honestly, Jiang Chen’s sense of belonging towards the Profound Feng Sect was not strong because he had gone through a lot in his previous two reincarnations. But because of Xuan Qingming’s words, he understood one thing. Perhaps Xuan Qingming may not be an all-powerful and great Sect Lord, but he’s a man with sentiment. Jiang Chen finds it valuable. In this world, too many people talk about dreams and responsibilities, but it was rare for a person to take one step at a time. Yet, Xuan Qingming was a person of such qualities. 

At least, from this moment onwards, he found a sense of belonging towards the Profound Feng Sect. 

Two days later, almost everyone reached the outer area of the Twisted Jungle. Jiang Chen felt a giant distortion, just like what Ren Yuanzi and the others had said. This jungle was able to distort time and space. Nobody dared to act recklessly here because one would be injured by this distorted space. Even though the outer area of the jungle would not suck a person into the space-time turbulence, nobody still dared to be careless. 

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen was unfazed, and thought: Could it be? Because of my Great Void Technique?

Jiang Chen had no idea. But at least in this jungle, he was unaffected by it. At the moment, everyone looked extremely serious while he was calm and unfazed. 

“The entrance towards the Hidden Secret Realm is just ahead of us.” Ren Yuanzi said. 

Jiang Chen looked forward and saw a giant illusory realm that appeared on the lower half of the mountain. Thousands of people were waiting to enter the realm.  


An ear-splitting bang was heard and the four big stones in front of the Hidden Secret Realm suddenly exploded. 

“What is that?!” Somebody shouted in surprise. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes concentrated and said,  “There’s somebody in that stone?” 

“Yes. They are the four guardians of the Secret Hidden Realm. All of them are at Half-Step Divine Kings. Nobody here is their match,” Xuan Qingming answered.

“The guardians change every five hundred years. These Realm Guardians are the Supreme Elders of the powerful sects in the Linhe Boundary, their strengths are immeasurable. They were tasked to protect the Hidden Secret Realm.” Old Ancestor Di Long explained further. 

A long-bearded old man took a step forward and clasped his fist, and said,  “Clear Stream Sect’s Great Elder Meng Fanpeng leads the various sects of the Linhe Boundary to enter the Hidden Secret Realm. I hope Elder Jing approves.” 

“Elder Meng’s strength is immeasurable, he’s at least at the peak of Late Heavenly God Realm.” Ren Yuanzi said, a hint of envy could be seen in his eyes.     

“Pity… Elder Meng’s time is almost up. If he doesn’t break through and reach the Half-Step Divine King Realm and increase his lifespan. He’ll die soon.” Xuan Qingming sighed. 

“Top ten sects, come forward and show me the sect pass.” 

At this moment, the leading Realm Guardian said indifferently with both of his eyes slightly opened. 

“Clear Stream Sect, Meng Fanpeng!”

“Ghost Eye Sect, Li Tianhuo!” 

“Divine Pill Sect, Jiang Chengzi!”

“Overlord Sect, Liu Yang!”

“Heavenly Star Sect, Ren Yuanzi!”


When the ten great sects showed their respective sect pass, the four Realm Guardians looked at each other and slightly nodded. In an instant, a great path appeared in the sky. 

“The entrance of the Hidden Secret Realm will be opened for three days and will stay shut for a year. It will then be opened a year later and will stay open for three days. If one failed to go out, he’ll be stuck in the Hidden Secret Realm for the next hundred years.” The Realm Guardian said. 

“This disciple remembers. Everyone here is well prepared to enter the Hidden Secret Realm.” Meng Fangpeng shouted as thousands of people swiftly entered the Hidden Secret Realm. 

“I’ve waited so long for this day.” Yang Jian’s eyes were burning as he took a step forward and entered without regret. 

“Yeah. Perhaps this is fate. To think Man Shuai could have this day for him. I shall not betray the heavens expectation on me.” Man Shuai too entered. 

“Jiang Chen, I still think that I have a chance to defeat you.” Wang Chongyang said indifferently. 

“When we’re all out from there, I want to fight you for three days and three nights. ”

“That’s because you still have a wrong impression, that’s all. ” Jiang Chen smiled. 

Wang Chongyang shrugged and was not angered. He was bound to challenge Jiang Chen again in the future. 

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