Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2298

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“They were too hasty. Haih...” Yang Jian bitterly smiled and sighed. 

But what can they do?  Not even the gods could stop those ants, billions and millions of ants that could devour anything in their path. 

The ant wave left a terrifying impression for the group. A man-eating ant wave. It’s like the autumn wind, it comes and goes without any warning. They couldn’t help but tremble in fear thinking back where they have almost become a pile of skeletons. Fortunately, Jiang Chen managed to save them and get them away from the ant wave. 

Undeniably, this had become every person’s eternal nightmare. Their own seniors and brothers became a pile of corpses in less than a second. A living, breathing human instantly became lifeless. Who can accept such a mental beating? 

“Everybody. Do not act presumptuously. Otherwise, your life will be decided by fate! Do not become a burden to others.” Pan Hong shouted. 

At this moment, as their Big Brother, he had to exert some prestige. Those three wouldn’t have lost their lives if they did not act presumptuously. 

“Jiang Chen. This time you saved us once again.” 

Unknowingly, even Pan Hong understood that Jiang Chen may not be the strongest amongst them but he had the most ideas. Now, Jiang Chen has become the true pillar of this team. 

“Senior Pan, why are you talking about that now. Let’s first find a place to hide and recuperate. I think there’s something major happening in the vicinity.” Jiang Chen shook his head and said in a serious tone. 

At this moment, he did not want to look at the three skeletons any longer because they seek their own death and nobody was able to stop them. The ant wave disappeared and they were bound to be casualties from its path, but it was not his concern. 

Bai Yunfei, Wang Chongyang and Man Shuai had always been led by Jiang Chen. Now, even Pan Hong was the same. Now, they all knew how great this outer sect junior was. 

Yang Jian was the smartest amongst them all. Because he knew that he was not Jiang Chen’s match, hence he chose to follow Jiang Chen. A person’s life was extremely fragile at this moment. Nobody could help them in this cold and dark Hidden Secret Realm, the only luxury they have now was being alive. 

The group found a hidden area and rested. Three people were tasked to stay on guard for any sudden danger that may appear. 

“Did you guys notice? That ant wave was not aiming for us, they were not looking for food too. They were moving in the opposite direction. There are only two possibilities, they were pursuing something or they were running away from something.” Jiang Chen said.

“Don’t know. But I know that we should stay away from those ants, as far as possible.” Bai Yunfei’s head kept on shaking. 

“This fella… What are you afraid of? Since those bunch of ants are afraid of my Qilin Saint Fire, this means that we’re safe. What are you worried about?” 

“I’m scared! This is my first time being so terrifyingly scared.” Bai Yunfei shouted as he expelled the worry in his heart. 

He even hated himself that he couldn’t be braver. But he did not want to see that terrifying ant wave once more. 

“We’ll move forward but only for a short distance, if there’s no danger or any sudden movement. We’ll backtrack and follow the ant wave. Is this what you’re trying to say? Jiang Chen?” Pan Hong said. 

“Yes. But I do not want to waste any of our time. We need to think and consider, whether to move forward first or we track them down first.” Jiang Chen nodded. 

“We just came from that side, there shouldn't be any danger over there. But we cannot deny that there’s a high chance that those ants are running away from something.” Wang Chongyang murmured. 

“Yes. I think so too. Hence, we’re moving forward and we should be able to meet what we’re trying to meet. Even though it’s dangerous, it’s bound to exist. ” Jiang Chen smiled. 

At this moment, only Jiang Chen alone managed to smile. 

“You’re nuts. You still want to take a risk even though you know it’s dangerous.” Bai Yunfei rolled his eyes. 

However, he knew that he must not leave the group. At this moment, he needed to follow Jiang Chen and the others who were seeking for a much more terrifying thing. 

“Something that those ants even fear. We’re truly looking for our own death.” Man Shuai smiled. 

Even though it seems like a joke, he still persisted. Since they have entered the Hidden Secret Realm, then they have to put the concept of life-and-death aside, otherwise, how could they walk through this dangerous ground and survive? 

“You’re right. We’re going into the nest hive, but if we’re afraid of such things. Then wouldn’t we be considered as cowards? I believe in Jiang Chen.” Pan Hong said seriously. 

At this moment, nobody was willing to become a deserter. Bai Yunfei was just setting up the mood, to reduce the tension and stress. Also, nobody mentioned those three guys anymore, however, it does not mean they were not thinking about it. They can only blame themselves, whether they live or die, nothing was certain. They could only improvise for every step they take. 

To continue living and to live a vibrant life. 

After they’ve set their minds, Jiang Chen stepped over the layers and layers of ant corpses and walked in front of the group just like an ancient, powerful warrior. Yang Jian was the same, as they both looked at each other, none of them were willing to back off. 

Pan Hong recognised those people that had fallen. 

“These are people from the Raging Fire Sect, Immortal Crane Sect, and one of the top 10 sect, Mad God Temple. To think the people from the top 10 sect died here too.” Pan Hong sighed. 

Not even the powerful ones were able to live, but the weaker ones may not die. Sometimes luck played an important role. 

The group walked for another 800 li. After three days, they finally saw a barren mountain with withered floras. As if it was a deathly place to be, it was filled with the stench of blood, the flowing water of the mountain was blood-red in colour too. With the sky and environment being dim and gloomy, it caused people to feel much more pressured being there. 

Japan Luo Yin Mountain! 

Jiang Chen saw these few fading words on that faraway peak. Even though those words were broken and faded, it was still readable. 

Bai Yunfei’s pupil constricted and said, “Look, there are signs of battles over there and it's still fresh.” 

A terrifying sword strike that cut a thousand meters down the mountain. 


The clouds on the sky shivered from the roar. 

This roar shocked them, as if it could engulf the hearts of men. 

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