Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2301

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At the moment, apparently the Nine-tailed FireFox did not want them to just simply leave because Bai Yunfei and others would be its perfect meal. 

“Your opponent is me!”

Jiang Chen sneered, and then he stood up with his sword and blocked the Nine-tailed FireFox immediately.

In response, the Nine-tailed Fire Fox sneered and said with disdain, “If you don’t have that unparalleled divine sword to rely on, I might have killed you already.”

“Really? Let me see how long you are going to withstand my sword. Haha.”

Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hands and casted the dragon transformation. At this moment, his strength reached the Middle True God Realm and his instant transformation had terrified the Nine-tailed FireFox.

“I never expected that you’re one of the people of the Dragon Clan. However, since there’s no one to help you here, your strength is still not powerful enough to overcome me.”

The Nine-tailed FireFox spun its nine tails and displayed its divine might to fight with Jiang Chen fiercely. This time, they were both neck-to-neck. The Nine-tailed FireFox had never foresen that Jiang Chen would be so powerful after using the dragon transformation. In addition, his Heavenly Dragon Sword was a kind of supremely powerful Origin Divine Tool. Although Jiang Chen was still young and had such a low cultivation realm, he still managed to hold such a powerful Origin Divine Tool. A Divine King might not even have a piece of an Origin Divine Tool.

Following the deafening sound of clashing, the Nine-tailed FireFox obviously had the upper hand in the battle as its strength had already reached the Late Void God Realm. After all, there was a huge gap between their cultivation realm.

“Sword of Human, Fusion of Dragon and Sword!”

Jiang Chen roared in rage. The Nine-tailed FireFox made a strike with its nine tails and clashed with Jiang Chen, blasting out a heavenly shocking sound as a result.

The Nine-tailed FireFox’s eyes were filled with astonishment. In its heart, it somehow began admiring Jiang Chen as he was only a Void God realm expert but has such formidable combat strength. The beast had never seen someone like him before.

Nine-tailed FireFox unexpectedly withstood Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Dragon and Sword. Jiang Chen was quite shocked by the Nine-tailed Fire Fox’s strength. Was it an ancient saint beast? Otherwise it would not be able to withstand his blow.

“Are you human or a member of the Dragon Clan? You have really made me interested. If you take out the Golden Lotus, I won’t trouble you.”

The Nine-tailed FireFox said coldly and still insisted that the Golden Lotus was stolen by Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes, then smiled bitterly and said: “How many times do I need to say it? How are you going to believe me? I really don’t know about the Golden Lotus that you are talking about.”

“Seems like you won’t cry if you don’t see the coffin. Then I’ll let you taste it under my hands. This will be your last chance,” the Nine-tailed FireFox warned. 

It once again struck a blow towards Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s face looked extremely gloomy this time, and he thought that he must show some of his true colour to this Nine-tailed FireFox. Otherwise, it would really seem  that he was afraid of it.

“Fire God Guards, appear!”

Jiang Chen roared in a deep voice. At this moment, the twelve Fire God Guards appeared in front of Jiang Chen. The twelve Fire God Guards were completely different from how they were in the past due to Jiang Chen’s advancement. Right now, the Fire God Guards had recovered their strength at the True God Realm and their mightiness was comparable to a Late True God Realm expert. Moreover, the Fire God Guards had their own attacking techniques that were more powerful than Late True God experts.

“This is…”

The Nine-tailed FireFox’s eyes shone in astonishment, meanwhile, the impression of the twelve Fire God Guards flashed in its mind for a moment.

Jiang Chen joined hands with the Fire God Guards and encircled the beast, putting it into complete suppression. This time, the Nine-tailed FireFox has been completely restrained. 

“Such a cruel way. These puppets are very tyrannical!” 

The fox could not help but feel startled. Although it had the support of its Nine-tail Heart Fire, it still felt a bit powerless to handle the situation. These puppets seem to have a kind of magic power that could resist it and make it unable to display its full power. On the other hand, not to be outdone, Jiang Chen used his Heavenly Dragon Sword to make another few strikes against the Nine-tailed FireFox. Its arm was injured by Jiang Chen badly, and as a result, the beast now completely lost its upper hand.

“Nine Tail Anger, Burning Gods!”

The Nine-tailed FireFox raged. 

Jiang Chen took two steps backwards as the flame rose up so suddenly. While Jiang Chen withdrew his steps slowly, it seemed like the Nine-tailed FireFox had also used up quite a lot of energy. Both of them were neck and neck, and none of them had gained the upper hand during this clash. However, obviously Jiang Chen’s suppressing strength was still stronger than the Nine-tailed FireFox who looked restrained.

Jiang Chen’s chest was also burnt by the Nine-tailed Heart Fire. However, it was impossible for the Nine-tailed FireFox to melt his Dantian because his Five Elemental True Fire was not any weaker than the Nine-tailed Heart Fire. It was even possible for Jiang Chen to melt the Nine-tailed FireFox.

“Let’s stop here. I think there’s no need for us to continue the fight. I did not steal your Golden Lotus. If I really want to fight you until the end and engulf you, you would be injured badly.”

In a flash, Jiang Chen surrounded himself with the Five Elemental True Fire. The Nine-tailed FireFox immediately withdrew itself but Jiang Chen could also feel its astonishment. 

The beast was well-aware that if Jiang Chen used the Five Elemental True Fire to engulf it, it would suffer a severe injury. However, he did not do so. If Jiang Chen really had stolen the Golden Lotus, what was the point of him to spare its life? What was the point of doing this?

“You didn’t steal my Golden Lotus, did you? Then where’s my Golden Lotus? Where should I go?”

The Nine-tailed FireFox suddenly transformed itself into a lady who wore a skin tight dress. She kneeled down on the ground while her face looked absent-minded. The nine tails on her back, which was filled with deadly air, shook unlively.  However, even though her graceful face was full of worry and sorrow, her beauty was not lesser than Yan Chenyu. A weak looking lady like this was the Nine-tailed FireFox just now? Jiang Chen found it unbelievable.

Jiang Chen asked, “Is the Golden Lotus very important to you?”

“Yes. The Golden Lotus is called Jie Po Golden Lotus. It is the lotus mother above the Nine Clouds Pond. In order to obtain the Golden Lotus, I had risked my life back then. I did that only to rescue someone’s soul and spirit and release his frozen soul from purgatory. However, I did not succeed and got very frustrated. It has been more than seventeen thousand years and I finally have some hope to help him as the Golden Lotus finally blossomed not long ago. His soul has finally formed up.”

Nine-tailed FireFox murmured while her eyes were filled with tears.

“But now, someone had stolen it. I must get the Golden Lotus back as it is my only hope. Whether I could still see him now has become a luxurious wish. Once the Golden Lotus is broken, his soul is destined to vanish.”

The Nine-tailed FireFox’s passion had made Jiang Chen feel a bit heartbroken. A lady like her was really rare between the heavens and earth. 

Passion of hundred thousand years, without regrets and complain!

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