Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2303

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Jiang Chen was looking for Pan Hong and the others while also looking for the Golden Lotus. However, after more than ten days, he still could not get any news about them. He had completely lost his direction and lost contact with Pan Hong and the others.

When Jiang Chen wanted to use the spiritual talisman to contact them,  only then did he realise that the spiritual talisman did not work in the Hidden Secret Realm. This meant that all of his spiritual talismans were only decoration right now. There was no one here to help him. In order to survive, he could only rely on himself. 

In these more than ten days, Jiang Chen had killed about twenty monsters which were under the Mid True God Realm. If he really encountered any ferocious monster that was above the Late True God Realm, he was not willing to fight it. Although he would be able to kill the monster, there might be people behind waiting to take advantage of him. 

Jiang Chen also obtained about ten pieces of monster crystals which all contained incomparably intense Divine Origin Qi. His cultivation realm now was at the peak of Late Void God Realm. If he managed to breakthrough now, he would reach the half-step True God Realm.

Jiang Chen found a cave and took a rest there and then started to cultivate with his utmost effort. Within three days' time, he absorbed more than twenty pieces of monster crystals and finally broke through to the half-step True God Realm. Now, he was not far from the True God Realm. However, he needed some good fortune for him to break through. When he advanced to True God Realm, only then would be considered as a true expert. At this moment, Jiang Chen thought that he was still very weak. In every battle, he needed to use his utmost effort. Although he was confident to overcome enemies coming from all directions, he also needed to pay a heavy price to overcome them.

When Jiang Chen took out the formula of the Immortal Grade Pill, he was stunned for a while. The name of the formula was “Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill”, which literally meant seizing the fortune between heaven and earth, and could help cultivators to break through bottlenecks.

The Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill seized the spiritual qi between heaven and earth, turning the qi into great fortune. Once one took the HeavenSeizing Fortune Pill, your body would experience a complete transformation and achieve the perfect realm. The pill would transform a cultivator’s body, and the pill’s essence could help the body reach the optimal condition where he would be engulfed in Divine Origin Qi without cultivating. The only downside was that only cultivators under the Divine King Realm could take this pill. 

Moreover, since most of the ingredients of the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill are divine herbs, the pill could also provide cultivators a perfect Divine Origin Qi.

Cultivator only needed to swallow and breath when taking the pill, and he would not feel any pressure during the process. The Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill could help one finish the cultivating process. The entire body would be like a refined jade and one’s breath could be blended well with heaven and earth. So, it could also help the cultivator conceal himself. Even experts two realms higher would not notice your existence.  

Cultivators at the peak of Heavenly God Realm could take this pill as well and it could help them conquer their bottlenecks and could even help them achieve a cultivation breakthrough. One could imagine how great this pill was. Without an advantage like this, how would it be graded as an Immortal Grade Pill?

Although the quality of the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill could only be considered as in the middle range among the Immortal Grade pills, its efficacy was mythical enough and astonishing.

“Even though it only requires five kinds of herb to concoct the pill, I have never heard of the other three types of herbs.”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. Ten Thousand Years Blood Spirit Mushroom and Human-faced Demon Ginseng happened to be two of the five herbs, but he had never heard of the other three herbs.

“Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, Heavenly Snake's Gallbladder, Eye Spirit Spring. What is the Eye Spirit Spring?”

Jiang Chen shook his head. It seemed like it was extremely difficult to find the other three herbs. It could be said to be as difficult as ascending the heavens.

When Jiang Chen came out of the cave, he encountered a group of people. There were around ten people in the group and all of them looked very solemn. Jiang Chen had seen the person who took the lead once before. He was from the Overlord Sect and his strength was formidable as he had already reached the Late Void God Realm.

“Jiang Chen!”

The leader smiled faintly.

“Not bad,” Jiang Chen replied.

“Someone wanted to pay me three thousand high-grade Divine Origin Stones to kill you. Do you think I should take it or not?

Zhu Mingyang played around the half-moon scimitar in his hand and said calmly.

“You will lose a good opportunity to earn money if you don’t take the three thousand Divine Origin Stones. That fortune is already enough for you to play around with ladies. Hahaha,” A thin young man said and smiled coldly.

“Sky Hawk Residence, Qin Lang.”

“Five Elements Sect, Ouyang Shaoxin.”

A chubby young man walked forward with his ruthless eyesight and stood beside Zhu Mingyang.

Qin Lang grinned and said, “I have heard that this guy is wealthy. In the Gathering Destiny Square, he took out three pieces of Divine Tool. I guess he must have many treasures.”

“You have to tell us honestly then,” Zhu Mingyang said in a regretful way.

“We are all people from the same alliance and are here for cultivation. I don’t want to kill you but you have to take out all the treasures you have. If they are worth more than three thousand Divine Origin Stones, then I will buy them with your life. Even if the person asked me about you, I will not tell him. What do you think? I am very righteous, do you think so? Hahaha.”

Zhu Mingyang’s laugher resounded between the mountains; everyone echoed in the same way and supported him. 

“Alright, You should know what to do best. Young lad, take your treasures out then we’ll ensure that you’ll be able to walk out of here alive. Otherwise, we can’t promise you anything.”

Ouyang Shaoxin said in an uninterested manner.

Jiang Chen opened his hand to indicate his helplessness.

“If you want money, I don’t have it. But I do have a life.”

Jiang Chen’s attitude suddenly made Zhu Mingyang and the others unhappy. They thought that Jiang Chen would kneel down and beg them to spare his life. Unexpectedly, he dared to be so reckless and fearless. A half-step True God expert had been so boastful in front of them.

“Why do you want to make the situation embarrassing like this? I always like to solve problems in a peaceful way but you forced me to take action. Although my Overload Sect’s reputation isn’t that good, we never bully the weak and the elderly. You belong to the weak as your cultivation realm is too low. As long as you are obedient to me, I won’t bully you. Hehe.”

Zhu Mingyang’s ruthless face started showing impatience.

“It’s okay to have a weak cultivation realm. What is sad is that you guys are such idiots to find trouble from me.” 

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh which made them start laughing at him as they thought he did not know what death was.

Zhu Mingyang closed his eyes and said faintly, “Alright, you won the argument because you managed to irritate me. As a prize, your date of death is here now.”

Ouyang Shaoxin concentrated his mind then he waved his hands to signal the two Early True God experts to lunge towards Jiang Chen.

“Defeat him.”

As soon as Ouyang Shaoxin finished his words, Jiang Chen used his Heavenly Dragon Sword to sweep across those two True God experts, making the two fall onto the ground slowly. Jiang Chen had killed them with his sword in just a second. 

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