Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2308

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“Don’t forget that I’m a Clear Stream Sect disciple. My sect is famous for amphibious battle. Let’s see how powerful this Heavenly River Female Clam is!” Tang Zhen’s expression became extremely serious. 

He was the main reason why the Heavenly River Female Clam got away. If he didn’t let go of that opportunity… but it doesn’t matter now. 

“Alright. I shall wait for your good news.” Jiang Chen folded his arms on his chest and smiled. 

Tang Zhen jumped into the lake with a solemn expression as he searched for the Heavenly River Female Clam. Luckily the lake was only ten li (5,000 meters) big. If the lake was as big as an ocean, then no matter how talented or powerful Tang Zhen was, it would be impossible for him to find where the Heavenly River Female Clam is. 

“Tang Zhen, you better not disappoint me. The Green Jade Profound Tortoise was already disabled. If you can’t even deal with a Heavenly River Female Clam, you would truly disappoint me.” Jiang Chen stared at the quiet lake with a serious expression, anticipating Tang Zhen to give him a perfect answer. 

Tang Zhen entered the lake and quickly found the location of the Heavenly River Female Clam. However, the beast was very powerful underwater. Even if Tang Zhen managed to get close to it, he still couldn’t do anything. The clam just opened and closed its mouth, and water waves spread from its body. Not even the amphibious Tang Zhen could do anything against it. 

“Dammit! How could this Heavenly River Female Clam be so strong?!” Tang Zhen was feeling depressed. 

At this moment, he unleashed everything he had but he was still unable to land a hit. The clam did not want to fight him, and only used its water abilities. The result, however, was satisfactory as Tang Zhen was unable to do a single thing to it. 

Tang Zhen did not give up, however. Moreover, how could he face Jiang Chen if he were to go up now? As one of the grand guardians of the Clear Stream Sect, how could he fail in such a manner? He cannot even deal with a single clam. He would’ve wasted Jiang Chen’s effort in dealing a lethal blow to the Green Jade Profound Tortoise. It was Tang Zhen's biggest mistake to allow the clam to run away. 

“No can do. This one must catch you today. ” Tang Zhen clenched his teeth and dove further.  

Yet, every time he closed in onto the Heavenly River Female Clam, he was pushed away by the latter every single time. Currently, Tang Zhen was like a fatty that could not utilise his strength, unable to get a single thing done. 

In the end, Tang Zhen finally came out of the water. No matter how he provoked the Heavenly River Female Clam, he could not do anything to it. The beast could not be fooled to fight him head-on. In the end, Tang Zhen could only come up by himself. 

“Motherf*cking hell. That pair of bastard shells. This is frustrating!” Tang Zhen clenched his teeth as he cursed. 

Jiang Chen too sighed. As the result was clear, Tang Zhen could not do anything to it. The enemy refused to be fooled and they could not do a single thing underwater. 

“I’m out of ideas. Brother Jiang. I owe you one in this matter.” Tang Zhen was out of options. 

He could only lose his face as he told Jiang Chen. 

“Nevermind. This is what I was worried about. I fear that those two will go back into the water and not come out. We can’t do anything against them if they were to do so.” 

Jiang Chen and Tang Zhen knew this fact. Unfortunately, Tang Zhen was too excited earlier and forgot to stop the Heavenly River Female Clam which led to this result. 

“No matter what, it was my fault to begin with. I made you lose the Green Jade Profound Tortoise. I am responsible for all of this.” Tang Zhen was not one to push responsibilities away. 

Moreover, it was really his fault. Jiang Chen was surprised by his attitude. The grand guardian of the Clear Stream Sect should be a powerful and influential person. A prodigious disciple in the whole Linhe Boundary. He should be a prideful man. But now, it looked like this person was worthy of respect, his modesty had influenced Jiang Chen. 

“No matter. I did not mean to blame you. Plus, it’s not like we’re out of options.” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and looked at the quiet lake. He had a bold idea. 

Tang Zhen suddenly became invigorated and his expression became happy as he looked at Jiang Chen and asked: 

“You have other ideas?” 

“I dare not guarantee it, but let’s just try it. It’s better than giving up. Since that Green Jade Profound Tortoise has been heavily injured by me.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Are you great underwater? Can you fight underwater?” Tang Zhen asked. 

“Nope. But we can turn the lake into land.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Brother Jiang, are you…nuts? This is a lake, how could it suddenly become a land. Don’t joke with me.” Tang Zhen smiled bitterly. This fella is starting to spout some nonsense.  

“Observe.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

This Tang Zhen is not taking me seriously. Looks like I have to show him what ‘shocking’ means. 

Jiang Chen took a step forward with the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. A bright light shone and the water of the lake started pouring into the pagoda instantly. At this moment, Tang Zhen was thoroughly dumbfounded. He saw a golden pagoda sucking in the water of the lake, including the fishes that reside within it. In just mere seconds, the water level of the lake decreased by ten metres. 

“This… this is terrifying! What kind of treasure is that? To be able to do such a feat.” Tang Zhen couldn’t help but swallow his saliva with a solemn expression. 

The pagoda in Jiang Chen’s hand did not undergo any major changes, it was just laying quietly on his palm while sucking in all the water of the lake. This overthrew every logic Tang Zhen knew. It was truly unbelievable. 

“Jiang Chen. The only people that I am thoroughly convinced are my big brother and second brother. But looks like you’re the third person now. I’ve truly gained new knowledge. This Pagoda suppressing the River Demon has truly opened up my eyes.” Tang Zhen murmured. 

Two minutes later, the whole lake became almost dried up, leaving only a hundred meters deep water as the water level could not decrease anymore. At this moment, Jiang Chen and Tang Zhen flew up to the air and saw the Heavenly River Female Clam. Of course, that included the  Green Jade Profound Tortoise, that was without any strength left to fight back. 

“Hahaha. Never thought about it, right?! You will not get away from us!” Tang Zhen laughed loudly and rushed towards the Heavenly River Female Clam with his spear. 

Jiang Chen’s ‘not so great looking pagoda’ managed to suck in the water of the lake until it almost dried up. 

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