Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2324

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After that, another lightning fell on Helian Wuji and he had no way to escape at all. He was struck and completely ruined by the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. The blood veins in his whole body were shattered and his flesh was badly injured and his face was drained of blood.

“Motherf*cker! You’ve pulled me into this trap. Jiang Chen!”

Helian Wuji roared tragically with all of his energy. His strength had been restrained by the Lightning Tribulation completely. Under the third Dawn Sky Golden Lightning, he had completely lost his strength to resist.

“You are the one who chose to stay here, but now you blame me for this? Have I tied you here? You could choose to run away, why didn’t you run earlier?”

Jiang Chen looked very serious.

“How am I going to run? I won’t accept this. I can’t accept this!”

At the moment, Helian Wuji was in great despair as he never expected that Jiang Chen would trick him like this and here would be his grave.

“Tut-tut, you still show me a face like this even though it has come to this moment. Your brother was killed in this way. No worries. The elder brother is as foolish as the younger brother. How about both of you change your name to Helian Foolish when you reach hell? Hahaha!” Jiang Chen said and laughed madly. 

Before the fourth Dawn Sky Golden Lightning struck, Helian Wuji was already shaking with anger while looking at Jiang Chen with killing intent. He then saw the fourth Dawn Sky Golden Lightning striking, but he had no strength to withstand it anymore.


When a deafening thunderclap resounded between heaven and earth, Helian Wuji was shattered by the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning, completely turning into ashes and even bone dregs couldn’t be found. 

Xuan Qianying was completely stunned and the other sect experts were dumbfounded by the scene. They never anticipated that Jiang Chen would be the final winner as they thought that Jiang Chen would definitely be defeated. After transcending the tribulation, Jiang Chen remained in good condition but Helian Wuji was killed in tragedy.

“This has told us that we should not have bad intentions as morality is very important.”

Jiang Chen looked at all the geniuses from different sects. It was not difficult for him to kill all of them, but he did not want to violate the rules in the Hidden Secret Realm.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “If people don’t come to offend me, I won’t offend anyone. Get out of here. If you want to taste the Nine Layer Lightning Tribulation, I won’t stop you.”

The remaining twenty people ran away immediately and disappeared. 

In an instant, all the lightning and thunderstorm dispersed. Jiang Chen looked solemn and his eyes were giving off a vigorous aura. Although he needed to spend half of his strength in the battle with Helian Wuji, he was still full of pride.

Jiang Chen’s eyes became extremely sharp now, sending out a blow that shook the surrounding mountains. He was filled with an overbearing aura.

Jiang Chen thought, “I guess I could eliminate any ordinary True God cultivators with my current physical strength.” 

The strength of a True God was indeed extraordinary. Right now, if he fought Helian Wuji again, he would not need to ignite the Lightning Tribulation to kill him. His dragon transformation would be enough to help him become unbeatable.

“Congratulations,” said Xue Qianying faintly.

“Thank you,” Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

“I am the one who should say thank you. If you didn’t help me today, I’m afraid I would have been killed by Helian Wuji and the others.”

“That guy has done too many evil things. He and his brother deserve death. He wanted to kill me? He should’ve examined himself first to see if he had such capability. Seems like the Reincarnated Datura is very important to you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have protected it at the cost of your life.”

“You’re right. This Reincarnated Datura can cure an injury of mine,” Xue Qianying replied.

Jiang Chen frowned.

“You’re injured, aren’t you?”

“I have injured myself so it has nothing to do with others.”

“Is it the side-effect of advancing your cultivation realm?” Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

“How did you know?” Xue Qianying gave Jiang Chen a surprised glance.

“Don’t forget that I am an alchemist. Do you know how to use the Reincarnated Datura?”

After Jiang Chen asked to which Xua Qianying took a deep breath as she really did not know how to use the Reincarnated Datura. She did not know whether it should be taken orally or applied externally. 

“Do you know?”

“Of course, the Reincarnated Datura....”

“The Reincarnated Datura is for external application. You need to grind it up and mix it with the water of spiritual spring. Smear it little by little on your body evenly. Hehehe. If you need help, I might be of help to you.”

The person who was talking was Li Yanchao. At this moment, he was walking towards the two of them slowly while his eyes carried a profound sense. He was looking at Xua Qianying’s body lavisciously.

“I was wondering who it was, it turns out that it’s the little bastard of Divine Pill Sect. Hehehe. Are you going to shame yourself again?”

Jiang Chen said while smiling.

“I should be the one calling you little bastard. Are you really proud of what you’ve done back in the auction? We are now at the Hidden Secret Realm. No one is going to help you this time.”

Li Yanchao said with pride and arrogance. In his eyes, Jiang Chen had already become his prisoner.

“Give me the woman and your Divine Tool, then I might spare your life. However, it’s still hard to say.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder and said, “There are defiant people always wanting to harm me. Do you think you can do it? Do you think that you have such capability? If Lang Ya is here, I might try to be more careful. However, it’s only you...Hehehe. I am sorry, I have never really put you in my eyes. I am afraid that you might not even have the capability to confront Helian Wuji.”

Li Yanchao was not angry and replied: 

“Your strength is indeed very strong. To be honest, if I was the one battling with you just now, I might not have a good ending as well. However, Helian Wuji, that fool has already helped me by suffering under the Lightning Tribulation. Do you think that I will still be tricked by you? After you fought against Helian Wuji and transcended the Nine Layer Lightning Tribulation, you were weakened. Do you think that you still have the combat strength to fight me? Killing you will be a piece of cake for me. The reason why Helian Wuji was defeated was because he was conceited. All in all, you are only a little bastard who just advanced to the True God Realm. Do you think that you could kill me?”

His words were filled with disdain and ridicule. He had already made up his mind to challenge Jiang Chen. Moreover, there was a beauty and the Reincarnated Datura that were about to become his. He was thrilled deep in his heart.

Jiang Chen grinned and said, “Seems like you have decided to kill me. Hehe. Interesting. Then you have to show me your true colour. I will not show you any mercy.”

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