Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2331

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Fear was suppressing everyone at the moment seeing that the Dead Flower of Paradise was growing at an insanely rapid speed. It was difficult for Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei to resist the flower. They were only able to stay alive until now because of their strength. The people behind them were all tangled by the Dead Flower of Paradise and were unable to run away.

“Hahaha. It’s out of my expectation that you, humans would dare to come here. Seems like you guys don’t remember the lesson of the past.”

A humpbacked old macaque walked out slowly from the Dead Flower of Paradise. It was covered with long black fur while its eyes were swollen and had a protruding mouth. The beast released a strong sense of ruthlessness and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Who are you?”

Liu Quanchao looked at the black-furred macaque and asked with a deep voice.

“Who am I? Hehe I am afraid that I almost forget about that. Since you have come into this Mount Qi Ling, I have always been here. I guess soon I am going to break through.”

The Old Macaque answered with a smile but his voice sounded bone-chilling. It was rough, deep and filled with slaughtering intent. 

“There is no monster and beast in this mountain, isn’t it? Or is it that you’ve oust all of them?” Zhang Lei said.

Old Macaque stretched itself and said relaxingly, “It can be said like that. You guys are so lucky to be here. After killing you, I am going to round it off. Hehe. Great Yu Soul Forming Light will be complete and I will be released finally. After all these years, age has not eroded my bones.” 

Zhang Lei looked at the Old Macaque with excitement and said, “Great Yu Soul Forming Light? Do you have it?”

“That’s right. I might have passed away without the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. You are going to my last wicks. Haha.”

“You… Are you the Heavenly Divine Macaque who was under the Hidden Secret Divine Emperor in the past?”

Li Quanchao took a step backward, he was dumbfounded. He had once heard that the master of the Hidden Secret Realm was Hidden Secret Divine Emperor. There was a macaque under him. The macaque was his most beloved macaque who used to cultivate at the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.As its strength was formidable, it was called the Heavenly Divine Macaque.

“Hehe. I never expected that people would still remember me after a hundred thousand years. It’s not easy.”

Old Macaque smiled and shook his head lightly.

The beast was recalling his old memory and murmured, “Nothing will leave this place. I am indeed the Old Macaque who sat under Hidden Secret Divine Emperor. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light once has saved my life and made me stay here forever. Unfortunately, it was broken when Hidden Secret Divine Emperor fell. I could only be reborn if I could rekindle the wick with souls. The wick had been nurtured by 99.99 million human souls. Over the hundred thousand years, I have gathered all of the human souls to refine the wick. Then I would be reborn to the world. Master, although you have passed away, I, Old Macaque, will not let your life be wasted.”

“This Heavenly Divine Macaque is exactly the Heavenly Divine Macaque who was under the Hidden Secret Divine Emperor in the old days. We don’t have any chance of survival.” 

Liu Chaoquan spoke to himself in a low voice. The Old Macaque gave him a strange feeling as if it was mystical. Even if he joined hands with Zhang Lei, they would not be a match for him. Moreover, the Dead Flower of Paradise was there suppressing them. Their chances of living were cut off. 

“You have sacrificed so many lives in order to exchange your own life. You’re so cruel.” 

Zhang Lei was gritting  his teeth while saying that. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light was almost done refining but his opportunity was messed up by the Old Macaque. 

“Life is worthless and life and death are only a blink of an eye. It’s your fortune to be used to refine the wick. Hehe.”

Old Macaque said. He did not treat Zhang Lei and others as humans because he only cared about his being reborn.

“You are only a spiritual entity right now. Even if you were formidable in the past, it doesn’t mean anything right now.”

Zhang Lei said in an unreconciled manner, now wanting to give up easily in this battle.

“Because I have the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.”

Old Macaque smiled faintly. In an instant, an ancient bronze lamp appeared on his hand that was filled with an oppressive aura. Everyone was stunned for a while and their face became incomparably solemn. They all felt the great pressure and suppression released from the lamp.

“The Great Yu Soul Forming Light is really terrifying! It’s only the afterglow of the light but we have already felt restrained,” said Zhang Lei in a low voice. 

Now he realised that his initial thought was like a  fool talking about his unrealistic dreams. It was impossible for him to obtain the formidable Great Yu Soul Forming Light. The Old Macaque was definitely a cruel killer as it had killed millions of people and drew out their soul to refine its wick. It did all these for his own rebirth and this really provoked public indignation. 

“You don’t have any way out now. Accept your judgement. You are the honoured one because the wick of Great Yu Soul Forming Light will be rekindled again because of you.”

Old Macaque smiled, his eyes were blazing. It has been a hundred thousand years living for the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. In order to gain rebirth and be a hero, he had killed millions of people. Of course, he was very excited for the moment when the refining process of the wick was complete.

At the moment, the magma was boiling intensely and it spurted a magmatic column that was around a thousand metres high. It poured down on the ground and the temperature rose up drastically. Everyone was shocked and withdrew themselves backwards. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light in Old Macaque’s hand seemed suppressing their soul hardly even though he had not taken any direct action yet. This had revealed the dreadfulness of the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.

“I don’t want to die. Even if I become a ghost, I will not let you this old bastard. Argh…”

“I hate you, you-this old macaque. You should die.”

Everyone hated Old Macaque. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light remained suppressing everyone’s soul and they could not counterattack at all. Only Zhang Lei, Liu Quanchao and Jiang Hao managed to withstand the suppression but they looked struggling. 

“It’s our final fight. Even though we might die, we must try.”

Zhang Lei gave Jiang Hao and Liu Chaoquan a glance. Despite the suppression, they crashed towards Old Macaque fiercely. Old Macaque smiled and raised his hands. A blue light shone out from the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. 

“Be careful, that’s the Blade of Soul!” 

As soon as Zhang Lei finished his words, Jiang Hao and Liu Quanchao were immediately repulsed and injured by the Blade of Soul. They looked terrible. One of Jiang Hao’s arms was chopped off by the Blade of Soul and blood spurted out continuously. Jiang Hao looked pale. The Blade of Soul seemed to have pierced through his body. He kneeled down on the ground and did not even have the strength to stand up.  

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