Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2338

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“Let’s join them. The more people fighting the battle, the better. This old monkey doesn’t look like it’ll let this pass.” Liu Quanchao shouted. 

“Let’s observe a little longer, we’re not that old monkey’s match even if we rush in now. We can act when the situation gets dire. If Jiang Chen couldn’t handle it then we too are both waiting to die.”

Liu Quanchao sighed as Zhang Lei was right and slightly nodded in agreement. He could neither retreat nor move forward now. The danger Jiang Chen was facing was extraordinary. No matter if it was the Old Macaque or the magma beast, both were devastating foes. Even though the Great Yu Soul Forming Light was useless against Jiang Chen, it could easily deal with Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei. 

Jiang Chen faced Old Macaque and the giant magma beast. However, Old Macaque didn’t want to lose out and ordered the magma beast to retaliate.  

“Giant magma beast! Erupt! Devour them and you shall become much stronger!” Old Macaque said.

The beast leapt up and landed on its opponent, following Old Macaque’s command. Magma poured out from where it stepped its foot on. Jiang Chen was covered with magma but he was unfazed by it. 

Old Macaque was slightly shocked. How can this fella be so powerful? What gives? He felt that this opponent was slightly abnormal. 

The Fire Qilin roared and continuously clashed with the magma beast. Tremors occurred from their clash. Both of these parties were using flames as their arsenal. Hence none of them had managed to overpower one another in the meantime. Only the one with the higher cultivation realm has the advantage. Yet, Jiang Chen was no weak foe, he was the biggest threat for the magma beast. 

“Slaughter Dragon Seal!” 

The seal landed onto the beast but it only managed to slightly move its giant body. 

“Such domineering defence!” Jiang Chen felt shocked. 

“Do you think you’re the only one with a good defence? Kakaka. The magma beast’s unique trait is its flame attacks and defence. If your Qilin is a Water Qilin and not a Fire Qilin, maybe, you could fight toe-to-toe against the magma beast. But with both being of the same attribute, one’s cultivation realm comes into play, the Fire Qilin stood no chance against it. And you, trying to break a Heavenly God’s defence with your abilities alone is just a pipe dream.” Old Macaque sneered as if it was mocking Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen really could not break the magma beast’s defences!

“Oh really? I refuse to believe it!” Jiang Chen said coldly as he watched the Fire Qilin being forced backwards.  

The Qilin was slightly injured by the magma beast. Jiang Chen must unleash his true strength now. Otherwise, they’ll surely die here. 

“Witness my divine might! Unbreakable!” Jiang Chen roared and unleashed his Dragon Transformation skill, allowing him to reach the strength of a Late True God. 

Jiang Chen was at his strongest now, with the indestructible Heavenly Dragon Sword that was masked by a seal, one would have a hard time identifying the might of the blade. At this moment, he had to go all-out. 


Jiang Chen attacked using his blade, a force that could even push away a Half-Step Heavenly God. Jiang Chen refused to believe that he could not break the magma beast’s defence. 

The magma beast staggered two-step backwards with fiery angry eyes, it shot out laser like flames towards Jiang Chen with its eyes. 

Jiang Chen quickly retreated and defended with his blade, pushing him several hundred metres backwards. Jiang Chen saw only a tiny crack on the magma beast where the blade had landed. That was his most powerful strike. If he had the strength of a Heavenly God, the magma beast would’ve already perished from that attack alone. 

“Kakakaka. I’ve said it. You will never break its defence. It’ll be weird if you could break it.” Old Macaque laughed. 

The magma beast was unstoppable as it hurled itself towards Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin. Two flame-based beasts clashed again. Jiang Chen’s expression moved as he witnessed the clash. The Fire Qilin was pushed back by the opponent, and looked like it was getting weaker by the second and the opponent getting stronger as the battle prolonged. The Fire Qilin could still passively defend against the magma beast and looked like it was still at its peak form. 

“You will never know who gets the last laugh in the end.” Jiang Chen said coldly while he squinted his eyes. 

“Sword of Solitude! The Fusion of Dragon and Sword!” 

Jiang Chen changed into a blade and its solitude sword intent pierced through the beast. At this moment, the beast was punctured by thousands of holes created by Jiang Chen.  The Fire Qilin was even dumbfounded by this scene. This fella is too scary. I couldn’t even withstand that technique. 

The magma beast crumbled and the magma within the flame became much more violent. 

“You lost.” Jiang Chen said indifferently as he looked at the Old Macaque.

However, the Old Macaque was still wearing that smile. Jiang Chen frowned. Could this fella still have other cards to play? 

“Good job, Jiang Chen.” Liu Quanchao said as his eyes were filled with happiness that could not be quenched. 

“It’s too early for you to be happy. The Giant Magma Beast is immortal.” 

Suddenly, the shattered pebbles and stones gathered together. 

At this moment, a bigger, stronger, supreme giant magma beast came out. This time it was fifteen zhang tall, the Fire Qilin felt somewhat scared of this opponent now. 

Jiang Chen stared at the magma beast. This Old Macaque was hard to deal with. The magma beast was already heavily injured but it still managed to get up once again and was even stronger than before. This was out of Jiang Chen’s expectation. There are too many mysteries with regards to these two beasts.  

“Immortal, undying. I refuse to believe that there’s a beast without weaknesses. I will make sure it will receive eternal death.” 

Jiang Chen took up his blade again and rushed towards his opponents. But this time, it was not as easy as before, he felt that the beast was definitely stronger than before. Its defence was stronger and sturdier, the previous one already took him a great effort to break but this… 

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