Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2340

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The Heart of Magma. The energy source of the magma beast. The whole underground magma came from this fiery heart. Jiang Chen took a deep breath with extreme seriousness. If it weren’t for this heart, the magma wouldn’t have shot out towards the ground. The beast wouldn’t have been able to keep on regenerating. 

That magma beast was truly hard to deal with. Especially that old monkey, if it weren’t for the Great Soul Derivation Technique, even Heavenly God experts would’ve died under that old monkey’s tricks. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light was extraordinary. As long as Jiang Chen took the heart and cut off its connection, the beast will be defeated. 

An ancient battlefield was under the magma, albeit sealed. Jiang Chen knew he could not simply take a risk to enter the place, it was way over his league. 

“The Heart of Magma shall become mine. Let’s see what tricks you have, Old Monkey.” Jiang Chen clenched his fist and a mysterious light lit up in his eyes. 

Jiang Chen used the Five Elemental True Fire and the Myriad Qi Cauldron to attempt to take control of the Heart of Magma, to fuse it with his own body. Jiang Chen knew that the heart had the ability to regenerate. His Five Elemental True Fire was definitely stronger, but the heart had unlimited energy. His Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal will surely become stronger with the Heart of Magma in his possession. 

Plus, this heart was a great supplement for the Fire Qilin. 


Jiang Chen used both of his arms to grab hold of the heart. The energy coming from it felt like it could shred his whole body apart, but it was instantly suppressed by the Five Elemental True Fire, so the whole process wasn’t too hard. The heart was slowly getting fused with his body, with the help of the Myriad Qi Cauldron. 

“Jiang Chen is thoroughly buried under that magma.” Zhang Lei said. 

Their final hope may have finally gone. 

“Maybe, this is our fate.” Liu Quanchao bitterly smiled while shaking his head. 

None of them doubted Jiang Chen’s death. Because he was gone for too long. In addition, Fire Qilin was already extremely fatigued. Qilin unleashed everything he had but could not do anything against the magma beast as it had a great defence. 

Fire Qilin retreated in distress. But he believed that Jiang Chen would not die so easily. 

“Now, all of you will die.” The Old Macaque sneered with disdain. 

A Meteor Hammer was launched towards Fire Qilin. The hammer and the magma beast’s attack heavily injured Fire Qilin, who was then thrown from the force. 

The magma beast took this opportunity to deal another blow towards the head of Fire Qilin but the latter managed to avoid it by hair’s breadth. Yet the attack still left a great scar on Fire Qilin’s body. Fire Qilin’s internal organ rumbled as he received the blow. 

Old Macaque took this chance to attack, giving Fire Qilin a lethal blow. Fire Qilin was of shock as he looked at the devastating hammer getting closer to him. 

At that moment, a red figure shot out from the magma. 

“Have you asked my permission before going for my men?” Jiang Chen sneered as he parried off Old Macaque’s Meteor Hammer. 

The Meteor Hammer and Storm Hammer were a pair of weapons. Both of them were at the Mid-Heavenly Divine Tool grade. It was a pretty powerful weapon. 

Jiang Chen once again took the Meteor Hammer from the Old Macaque, making the latter furious.  

“Jiang Chen, you’re alive?” Liu Quanchao was surprised. 

Jiang Chen once again gave them another surprise. He had already given them countless surprises. He managed to walk out from the underground with ease. How can they not be shocked? Even Old Macaque was shocked when he saw Jiang Chen.

“You… you… you’re not dead?!” Old Macaque’s expression was extremely gloomy as his weapons were robbed off from him, twice. 

Now, he could do nothing against Jiang Chen who was now extremely hard to deal with. Looks like he had to place his hopes on the magma beast to quickly deal with the Qilin. By then, he’ll surely become the last victor as the Fire Qilin was obviously losing. 

“I will not die when you’re still alive. I will not die even if you’re dead.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

He pierced towards the giant magma beast once again like a meteor, with the Sword of Solitude and the Fusion of Dragon and Sword. 

The magma beast roared furiously as it grabbed the Heavenly Dragon Sword with both of its arms. However, the blade was indestructible. The beast only managed to grab hold of the blade for three seconds and cracks could be seen appearing on its arms. Then, a hole was created as the sword pierced through its body. 

“My magma beast is immortal. You will never defeat him.” Old Macaque said confidently. 

However, the magma stone lost its colour as the beast crumbled. The magma beast did not stand up this time. At that moment, Old Macaque’s heart felt like it was savagely hammered. 

He quickly turned his head and looked at the magma pool. 

Jiang Chen smiled and said:

“Are you looking for this?”

Jiang Chen held the Heart of Magma in his hands. That scorching heat energy shocked the Fire Qilin and couldn’t help but salivate.

“The Heart of Magma. Impossible! You took the Heart of Magma. No… ” Old Macaque staggered as the light slowly fades away from his eyes. 

He never thought Jiang Chen could reach the bottom of the magma pit and took the heart out from there. It was preposterous. It was a sealed place. Could Jiang Chen really withstand the energy of the seal? 

He, himself could only watch it from afar, as he did not know what dangers hold within that sealed place. 

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