Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2341

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In the past, even if the Old Macaque was under the protection of Great Yu Soul Forming Light, it could only dive to the surrounding area which was a thousand metres away from the Heart of Magma. It was impossible for him to approach the sealed land because it was out of its capability to withstand that place’s dreadfulness. It was estimated that even his master, Hidden Secret Divine Emperor, would not be able to do anything to the sealed land. Old Macaque guessed that the sealed land was the Chaotic Divine Battlefield during the ancient period. It was said to be the most terrifying place during the entire ancient period. No one was able to break through or even get near to it unless he’s the person who sealed the land!

There are too many secrets hiding behind this guy. Even though the Old Macaque was someone who seemed to know everything in the world, it really could not see through Jiang Chen.

Old Macaque was stunned as the effort he had put in throughout a hundred thousand years seemed to have become an illusion at this moment. The Heart of Magma had been taken by Jiang Chen, meaning that the Giant Magma Beast could not stand up again as the Heart of Magma was the one supporting the beast’s power.

“The sealed land and the person who sealed the land. Hahaha. Perhaps I should’ve followed my master hundred thousand years ago.”

The Old Macaque roared madly, a roar filled with desolation and melancholy. He could not tell who was right or wrong. If he was able to laugh and stand here until the end of today, he would be able to rewrite history. However, he was still defeated by Jiang Chen. The Old Macaque was unresigned to the result, but what could he do? This was his destiny.

“Three worlds and six realms of life with the Samsara. It has its reason.”

The Old Macaque gave Jiang Chen a profound glance, making Jiang Chen frown his forehead slightly. It seemed like Old Macaque had some understanding on the sealed land.

“Nothing is impossible. You, old thing deserve death.”

Zhang Lei pierced Old Macaque’s weak soul with his Hong Ying Purple Gold Spear.


Jiang Chen still wanted to ask Old Macaque about the sealed land but his soul had already been shattered by Zhang Lei immediately.

At this moment, Old Macaque’s soul turned into a little star light and disappeared between the heavens and earth. 

“What is the point of keeping a demonic soul like the Old Macaque? It’s better to kill him and reduce the danger for the people who are going to enter the Hidden Secret Realm in the future. This Qi Ling Mount is filled with hundreds and thousands of souls, I am afraid it’s hard to reinstall justice here.”

Zhang Lei said in a serious tone. 

Jiang Chen frowned and heaved a sigh. He did not say much as Zhang Lei had taken action too quickly just now.

“Luckily we have you this time, Jiang Chen,” said Liu Quanchao sincerely. 

Jiang Chen nodded his head slightly and took up the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. Zhang Lei who was standing beside was triggered but he knew that Jiang Chen would not give it to him. 

Liu Quanchao looked at the Great Yu Soul Forming Light which was in Jiang Chen’s hand and said in a deep voice, “The Great Yu Soul Forming Light is filled with hundreds and thousands of human souls. It’s better for you to release them and let them go back to the heavens and earth, and reincarnate to the next life. Otherwise, it’s too cruel to them. These hundreds and thousands of souls have been trapped inside the light for more than a hundred thousand years. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light is so dreadful, I think it must be a piece of unparalleled demonic tool.”

“Alright. The Old Macaque has kept so many souls in order to rekindle the Great Yu Soul Forming Light and reborn himself. However, he has also killed so many innocent people as well.” 

Jiang Chen knew how dreadful this Great Yu Soul Forming Light was.

“He was just a step away to rekindle the Great Yu Soul Forming Light . What a pity to release all of these human souls…”

“So what? How are we going to use these human souls to rekindle the Great Yu Soul Forming Light? Then we have no difference from the demons.”

“It’s not necessary to use the human souls to rekindle the Great Yu Soul Forming Light,” Jiang Chen said faintly. 

The next second, he immediately opened the Great Yu Soul Forming Light and released the souls. At that moment, the entire Qi Ling Mount spun around with cries and howls. Heaven and earth were filled with sorrow as hundreds and thousands of souls soared into the sky.

All of these souls seemed like bidding goodbye to Jiang Chen while feeling grateful. If human souls which were under Heavenly God Realm did not enter the Divine Tomb and got caught, it would be extremely difficult for them to reincarnate anymore. Jiang Chen had given all of them a chance to be reborn.

Jiang Chen looked at the souls and said, “Life and death are all about destiny.” 

The entire Qi Ling Mount was shaken by the strength of the souls and the scene was magnificent.

Zhang Lei gripped his fist tightly as he found this being wasteful. The Old Macaque’s effort had been wasted as all the souls were released. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light was different from a ruined Divine Tool.

Jiang Chen remained motionless and looked at the surrounding hundreds and thousands of souls flying to the void. He felt peaceful. He was not a saviour, but he was not a merciless killer as well. Using these hundreds and thousands of souls to rekindle the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, he could not do that.

If the Great Yu Soul Forming Light was rekindled, his combat strength definitely would advance greatly. However, Jiang Chen could not do that. He could not turn those hundreds and thousands of souls into his slaves and shatter the remaining souls. If that was the case, the Great Yu Soul Forming Light would not be a piece of Divine Tool but a piece of Demonic Tool.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen sensed a familiar breath.

“Bai Yunfei!”

Jiang Chen’s pupils shrunk and he used his hand to grip the flowing soul of Bai Yunfei. At this moment, his eyes became bloodily red and he was filled with towering anger.

“Who? Who did it?”

Jiang Chen was shaking.

Bai Yunfei smiled bitterly while his eyes were filled with unwillingness.

“I can only blame my incompetence.”

Bai Yunfei’s soul had been absorbed into the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.

“Tell me, who did that?!”

Jiang Chen’s voice was deep and full of killing intent.

“I was killed by a monster, however, I am unresigned. We had been suffering from severe injuries and encountered the Three Great Guardian of Clear Stream Sect. We sought help from them but they rejected us ruthlessly. They could actually give us a hand, but...but I was still killed. Perhaps, this is my destiny. But I am not regretful, Jiang Chen. If you challenged me that day, I might not be able to be here today. Coming into the Hidden Secret Realm has been the dream of mine. Living outside without much aspiration is not what I want. If I always stay at Profound Feng Sect, I won’t be able to become a Heavenly God Realm expert, forever. However, right now I have become a genius disciple and entered the Hidden Secret Realm. I have worked together with countless genius disciples here. Even though I died, I have no regrets. Since I left Profound Feng Sect, I have known that this was going to be a cruel contest among disciples, and I was going to risk my life,” Bai Yunfei said in a falling tone.

“The Three Great Guardians of Clear Stream Sect! I swear that I will take revenge for you!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned blood red in color and he pointed his sword to the sky. At this moment, Bai Yunfei was actually excited deep in his heart.

“What could I ask more when I have a brother like you. Hahaha. Although I have passed away, my life has not been bad. Because I know a brother who is called Jiang Chen.”

Bai Yunfei said in a deep voice while his eyes were filled with honour. 

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