Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2342

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Bai Yunfei could see that Jiang Chen was even stronger now as even the number-one disciples of the Heavenly Star Sect and Earthly Hades Sect stood behind him. Right now, Jiang Chen had the competence to gain their respect.

“Don’t  worry, Brother Bai! I am going to avenge you. I am going to refine the Great Yu Soul Forming Light for you. Wait for me, when the Great Yu Soul Forming Light rekindles, you will be reborn.”

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. He could not hide the resentment he felt for Bai Yunfei. He was going to look for the Three Great Guardians of Clear Stream Sect to count the grudges. Otherwise, it would be a knot in his heart forever. Although he was not the one who caused Bai Yunfei’s death, Jiang Chen felt really guilty.

“Great Yu Soul Forming Light? Do you mean this divine light can help me be reborn?” Bai Yunfei said excitedly while his eyes were filled with tears.

“That’s right. However, this Great Yu Soul Forming Light is currently broken, so it can’t help reform the souls to be reborn. There were hundreds and thousands of souls that had been kept to rekindle it. You’re one of them. It was almost done but I have released all of the souls. Believe me, I am going to rekindle the Great Yu Soul Forming Light in order to reform your soul to be reborn.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice.

“Brother Jaing, I believe you!”

Bai Yunfei could not conceal the excitement he felt and wanted to hold Jiang Chen’s hands but failed to do so.

“From now on, this Great Yu Soul Forming Light is only for reforming your soul.” 

Jiang Chen and Bai Yunfei exchanged a glance. This kind of friendship really moved Bai Yunfei deeply. At this moment, only Bai Yunfei’s soul stayed inside the entire Great Yu Soul Forming Light. Jiang Chen could not refine and rekindle the Great Yu Soul Forming Light right now, however, he would be able to do that one day. By that time, Bai Yunfei would surely be reborn!

Bai Yunfei’s soul was settled into the Great Yu Soul Forming Light by Jiang Chen again. He would definitely look for the Three Great Guardians of Clear Stream Sect and inquire about the things that had happened. A man who could not help his brother in his hour of need is not much of a man. Ignoring  Bai Yunfei and letting him die was very detestable to Jiang Chen.

“Even if Tang Zhen was involved with this, I still think that I am not going to be merciful. We won’t be reconciled, the Three Great Guardians of Clear Stream Sect!” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

Liu Quanchao and Zheng Lei’s heart shivered for a while as Jiang Chen’s killing intent was too intense. Regardless, Old Macaque and the giant magma beast died in Jiang Chen’s hand, this Early True God was not as simple on the surface.

Jiang Chen took up a piece of gemstone that had fallen out from the Dead Flower of Paradise, then heaved a sigh of relief. He would definitely be able to use this gemstone to refine tools in the future.

“Seniors, I am going to check out how this Great Yu Soul Forming Light works. Please look after me.” Jiang Chen said.

“Alright. No worries,” assured Qiu Chaoquan. 

Jiang Chen nodded and entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda with his spirit. He saw that the Fire Qilin was still suffering from severe injury.

At the thirty-third floor, the Fire Qilin was in the healing process. Jiang Chen threw a piece of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. The Fire Qilin did not eat the pill immediately but glanced at Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen smiled.

“I am the one who’s supposed to say thank you. Without you, I might have suffered worse today.”

“I have told you that if you encounter any danger, I won’t stand aside and just watch. Moreover, I am now depending on you. Hahaha,” Fire Qilin said and laughed. 

Although he was joking, Jiang Chen still heaved a sigh. How he saved Jiang Chen at the cost of his life at the most critical moment had made Jiang Chen feel touched. This monster indeed had a very weird temperament, yet he was very trustworthy and did not reserve himself when helping Jiang Chen. He had made a great contribution in this battle. If Jiang Chen had to deal with the magma beast alone, it would not be easy for him to defeat the beast.

After thinking twice, Jiang Chen decided not to take the Heart of Magma as the Fire Qilin might need  it more than him. The Fire Qilin deserved to have it and Jiang Chen never wanted to mistreat the Fire Qilin. After all, the Fire Qilin saved him at the cost of his life, it only meant that he had seen him as a friend. The Fire Qilin has a good character and he’s not selfish. 

“I give you this.”

Jiang Chen opened his hand and the Heart of Magma appeared on his palm. At that moment, the Fire Qilin’s pupils shrunk and his facial expression changed dramatically while his heart was beating hard.

“This is… the Heart of Magma!”

He swallowed his saliva. The Heart of Magma was undescribly significant to the Fire Qilin. However, it belonged to Jiang Chen, so he would not ask Jiang Chen for it.

Wait...did he say that is giving me the Heart of Magam?

The Fire Qilin was startled and it shivered for a moment.

“What do you mean? Do you mean to give this Heart of Magma to me?”

The Fire Qilin finally responded to Jiang Chen. He murmured and was in disbelief.

“Yea. This is for you. I don't need it.”

Jiang Chen threw the Heart of Magma to the Fire Qilin. The Fire Qilin held his breath as this Heart of Magma was the source of energy of the magma beast. It contained enormous fire energy, and it was impossible for someone to say that they didn't need it. The Fire Qilin was well aware of this.

Jiang Chen already has the Five Elemental True Fire. If he combined the Heart of Magma and the Five Elemental True Fire, he would have the perfect combination. However, he had chosen to give it to the Fire Qilin. This was completely out of the Fire Qilin’s expectation. The value of this Heart of Magma was immeasurable and priceless.

“Okay, I will keep it.”

The Fire Qilin gave Jiang Chen a profound look. The Heart of Magma was too significant to the Fire Qilin. If he had the Heart of Magma, he would have the chance to break through to the Heavenly God Realm. If he succeeds, he would have an even more terrifying fire strength. When his true fire combined with the dreadfulness of the Heart of Magma, it might even be comparable to Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental True Fires.

The Fire Qilin knew that Jiang Chen had shown him great trust. Jiang Chen really appreciated him. This guy’s strength was very terrifying. Even if the Fire Qilin fought Jiang Chen in his best condition, the Fire Qilin might not have much confidence to defeat Jiang Chen. One could see how dreadful Jiang Chen was, from the fact that he was able to dive into the depths of the magma and obtain the Heart of Magma. Jiang Chen was the one who took action and the Fire Qilin only gave Jiang Chen more time.

The Fire Qilin was someone who emphasized principles strongly. He had fully benefited from cultivating in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. He was very much willing to spend a thousand years inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda as that would equal to thirty thousand years for others. By the time he comes out of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, his strength would be able to shatter everything.

However, it was an opportunity Jiang Chen had given him. He had been doing this to pay back what Jiang Chen did for it. But now, it seemed like he would not be able to repay Jiang Chen back everything. The price of the Heart of Magma was priceless, and Jiang Chen just gave it to Fire Qilin without a second thought. The Fire Qilin would never forget this kindness but he would not say this out loud.

“I am badly injured now. The Heart of Magma can definitely help me a lot in recovering and cultivation. I am going to do my best to recover and shut myself here to cultivate. Take care,” the Fire Qilin said.


Jiang Chen nodded and left the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

The Fire Qilin started to cultivate using the Heart of Magma. Even if he might not be able to break through to the Heavenly God Realm immediately, his strength would definitely advance by leaps and bounds.

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