Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2343

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Jiang Chen took out the Great Yu Soul Forming Light and started examining it. When it was in its best condition, the Great Yu Soul Forming Light was a piece of Origin Divine Tool. Moreover, it was not your usual Origin Divine Tool as there were not many Origin Divine Tools that could strike the soul. Just from this fact, he knew that this must be Hidden Secret Divine Emperor’s peerless treasure. However, it was broken now. Since all the souls had been released, he needed to know more about how to fix it the other way.  

Jiang Chen put the Great Yu Soul Forming Light into the Myriad Qi Cauldron to refine and upgrade it, but nothing happened to it. It was really hard to repair.

Outside of the Qi Ling Mount, Jiang Hao and Man Shuai were incomparably anxious because there was no news about Jiang Chen and the others. They did not know whether they were still alive or not. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly sensed that the Myriad Qi from the Myriad Qi Cauldron seemed to have some slight effect on the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. He could not help feeling surprised.

“Great! The Myriad Qi Cauldron is really awesome. Although the speed of repair is very slow, there is still hope. Hahaha!”

Jiang Chen was very thrilled. He was going to place the Great Yu Soul Forming Light here for now. He had no idea how long it would take to repair the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, but there was hope on it. His current refining skill hadn’t reached the realm of refining an Origin Divine Tool, not to mention an Origin Divine Tool that could attack souls.

However, he would surely succeed one day.

“Help! Help……”

Not far away, there were two people amongst the ten people who had left just now running back. They looked pale and their eyes were filled with fear. The two of them were perplexed and it was obvious that they just ran away from death. They had been terrified by the scene they had just witnessed and had not calmed down yet even until now. 

“What happened? Where are the remaining people? Have they died?” 

Man Shuai said in a deep voice while looking solemn. His heart skipped a beat.

“They have all died. They have all died. We encountered a troop of skeleton army and everywhere they passed by became desolate. Hundreds and thousands of skeletons are marching forward. We accidentally passed through their path and were immediately torn apart. The other eight people have all died.” 

The disciple of Earthly Hades Sect murmured while his eyes looked blurry as he was really terrified. 

“What? Skeleton Army? Where are they marching to?”

“They are marching towards the north. I am afraid that the leader of the Skeleton Army is at least at the Heavenly God Realm that’s wearing a black-robed. We weren’t able to see his face clearly before we were already flooded by them. It’s terrifying. I don’t want to see them anymore in my life.”

Another disciple of Heavenly Star Sect said in a low voice, looking terrified as well.

Jiang Hao snorted and said, “Humph. Who asked you to leave here? Why did you guys come back again? I have advised you but you didn’t listen. Now, everyone was killed and only the two of you are left. How daring of you to come back?”

The two of them lowered their heads with their pale face, and they dared not to say anything. It took a lot of courage for them to come back but it was still better than being killed by the Skeleton Army.

“Have Jiang Chen and the others died?” A disciple of Heavenly Star Sect asked.

Man Shuai rolled his eyes and said angrily, “Are you here to find trouble? Do you believe that I will not kill you before the Skeleton Army kills you?”

“No no no, I don't mean that. I just wanted to ask how their battle is going.”

The disciple waved his hand and took a step backward. 

“There are many people wanting me to die but none of them has ever succeeded so far.”

Jiang Chen’s voice suddenly echoed behind the disciple. Everyone took a deep breath after seeing Jiang Chen, Zhang Lei and Liu Chaoquan were all still safe. At this moment, the result had been revealed. The Old Macaque had been defeated and they could already guess that he had been defeated tragically. 

“Just now, the souls of the entire Qi Ling Mount soared up to the sky. Were they released by you?” Man Shuai asked.

“Not bad. The Old Macaque had died. Oh ya, where are the remaining people? Where are they?” Liu Quanchao inquired.

“About ten of them were afraid that you guys had already died inside Mount Qi Ling. They felt not secured so they made their own decision to make an alliance and started looking for another way out. Who knew that they would encounter hundreds and thousands of skeletons. So only the two of them are left. Humph.”

Jiang Hao did not show any compassion to these people at all. It did not matter much if all of them died. These two people were only lucky to still be alive. These people had to bear the consequence themselves. Jiang Chen and the others came back victorious, but they had lost their life instead. He wondered how they were feeling right now. At least, these two disciples were regretting now.

“Everyone has his own destiny, they can’t blame anyone. However, we have to be careful of the Skeleton Army.”

Zhang Lei raised up his head silently. Things had already happened so there was no way to turn it around. They could only blame themselves for being so impatient, otherwise they wouldn’t have died.

“Three hundred thousand miles away from here is the Earthly Hades Holy Mountain. We can go there to have a look. If we could gain some water spiritual springs from the Earthly Hades Holy Mountain, our journey here would definitely not be in vain.” Liu Chaoquan said.

Jiang Chen sighed in his heart. Coming from the more prestigious sect, Liu Chaoquan definitely had the map of the Hidden Secret Realm. On the other hand, to the disciples of Profound Feng Sect, they could only discover everything by themself. This was the difference between the two sects.

Right now, Jiang Chen did not have any direction as well.

“This is the approximate map of the entire Hidden Secret Realm. There might be some mistakes on the map, however, it is still not difficult to find the location with it.” 

Liu Chaoquan took out the map and gave it to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen received it with gratitude. He looked at the map and found that they were now at Mount Qi Ling, the north-western side of the Hidden Secret Realm. It was more than thirty thousand miles from the Earthly Hades Holy Mountain. What kind of crisis were they going to face travelling to that mountain? 

Jiang Chen did not dare to underestimate the beasts and monsters in the Hidden Secret Realm now, and danger was hidden everywhere. You never know when you’re going to fall into a crisis. 

“It’s said that the spiritual spring water from the Earthly Hades Holy Mountain can help save people from death and heal all kinds of injuries. The spiritual spring water can also aid one’s cultivation and nourish the body. A droplet of the spiritual spring could help nourish a cultivator for a hundred years. It’s definitely a peerless saint water.” Liu Quanchao said.

“Old Ancestor Di Long said that it would already be extremely lucky to get a droplet of the spiritual spring water from the Earthly Hades Holy Mountain. If one could get a bottle of the water, that would be a great fortune.” Zhang Lei said solemnly. 

At this moment, everyone's eyes carried excitement and they were looking forward to it. The spiritual spring water from the Earthly Hades Holy Mountain must be very extremely rare.

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