Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2357

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“Don’t belittle me, I have been researching and looking for ways to get out of here. Even though I have failed countless times, I will certainly succeed in the future. Even Avalokiteśvara said before. I have to rely on my own two hands to open the Eye of the No Beginning Formation.” 

“Then, continue looking for it.” Xue Qianying rolled her eyes but still looked beautiful. 

“Young man. You look pretty cocky, aren’t you afraid of dying? You’ll be devoured by loneliness by staying here.” Young Reverend looked at Jiang Chen. 

“You only live once. Why live an average life if you can live excitingly? However, if I cannot live an exciting life, then I will settle in living an average life.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

Looking back on the Saint Origin World, Immortal World and the path he had gone through, he felt emotional. His path was filled with life-and-death experiences, brotherly love, affectionate love, familial love, all of those were engraved in his heart. He remembered it all. Jiang Chen felt like he was undergoing another metamorphosis. From being useless to conquering the world; from a dominator to becoming a rubble. All of this was like an illusory dream. 

Young Reverend looked at Jiang Chen and Xue Qianying as if he knew something. These two fella… pretty hard to grasp… Li Zongheng is easy to understand but this Jiang Chen is truly a mysterious guy. 

Jiang Chen stood in the bamboo forest and touched the green leaves around him. 

“ No beginning, everything comes from nothingness, I am but a being devoid of everything, a lonely person. Hence, I can witness the no beginning, right?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

The mist and fog under the heavens and earth cleared up. He stood in the bamboo forest like a mountain, not minding the wind, rain and everything else around him. 

Xue Qianying accompanied him while maintaining distance. Meanwhile, Young Reverend sighed over and over again. He thought he could finally find a partner to have a conversation with. But Jiang Chen stood in the forest like a madman, not saying a single word for a whole month, like a psychotic patient. 

“If the Lord of the Buddhist City can solve this formation, why can’t I?” Jiang Chen said to himself as if he was in a monologue. 

“My fate is dictated by me, not by the heavens, I am fate itself and fate is me. There is no Dao in the Heavens, I shall forge my own Dao. But what is the Dao?” 

The bamboo leaves were growing flourishly. A month has passed and Jiang Chen is still standing. He did not sleep for a single month, he was observing the bamboo, the growth of bamboo shoots, and its germination, it was like a baptism of time. 

It’s autumn, a cold day. The rain fell, and Jiang Chen who was without divine energy allowed the rain to shower upon his body. Those rain droplets fell upon his body, causing his robe and face to get wet. 

Jiang Chen did not have a single shred of divine energy, but he felt grateful for it. This mountain, this rain, this greenery, this bamboo forest, it felt like a seed was planted in his heart, it was nourished by the rain and was growing. 

All of this is but a cycle of reincarnation. This rain cleansed Jiang Chen’s soul and mind. Allowing his heart to metamorph. 

“Dao is Dao. Mine’s not your average Dao, Dao is natural and one shall attain Dao naturally. One gives birth to Two, Two give birth to Three, Three give birth to myriads. This is Dao.” Jiang Chen murmured. 

At this moment, he closed his eyes and both of his hands touched the lotus leaves that were showered by the rain. He could vaguely feel the emotion of the lotus leaves. The wind blows, the rain showers, the sun shines, the sturdiness after getting pounded and grinded a million times, allowing the wind to blow from all directions!

“This is Dao? Why is Heavenly Dao this sorrowful?” Jiang Chen closed his eyes. 

He saw the Saint Origin World, saw his past friends and families, he saw the Immortal World, saw his father, saw Yan Chenyu, Wu Ningzhu, Yan Qingcheng, Nangong Wentian, the sky of the boundless Immortal World. 

Jiang Chen’s soul went across a myriad of galaxies and worlds. He saw Big Yellow, that fella was teasing a beautiful lady wearing just her undergarments……  

He saw Dragon Shisan with fiery eyes, wearing a golden crown, his body bathed in blood. With his peerless golden staff, he fought across the battlefield with his mighty vigour, standing behind him was also a beautiful lady that could choke a person out from their soul with her beauty alone……  

He saw Tyrant with the golden alms bowl in his hand, dominating across the world with his pair of iron fist……  

He saw Heavenly Dao dying, a pitiful death, everything was but a sacrifice for something greater, the heaven and earth was just a chess board. 

Jiang Chen suddenly looked up. At that moment he could not suppress himself and tears dropped from his eyes. His tears were connected to the Heavenly Dao. His gaze was filled with pity and anger towards the Heavenly Dao. At this moment, he knew what he saw was the truth. At least, his friends and family were still okay. At least he did not need to be so hung up on being the most powerful one under the Heavens. 

“Is this Dao? Why do I feel like I could see the whole world at this very moment?” Jiang Chen was uncertain, but he too was shocked by himself for his understanding towards Dao. 

Jiang Chen’s Dao was slowly carved into his heart for that very month. His Dao was not Heavenly Dao, it’s only similar. His Dao was his guts. His Dao was for the sake of the Heavens and Earth. For the sake of his family and friends, for the sake of standing up against the injustice under the heavens!

Jiang Chen threw away everything. Everything is but emptiness, only one could attain the No Beginning Dao. Everything is emptiness, your heart is empty, but not your Dao. 

Jiang Chen waved his palm and everything under the heavens succumbed into his will. This was Dao! His Dao does not need divine energy to become a unique Dao. Now Jiang Chen finally knew why the Lord of the Buddhist City could solve this formation. Because the Dao of Buddhism was the Dao of compassion and good. It was different from the Dao of the others. It was a unique Dao. It was not affected by the formation, hence the No Beginning Formation could not stop the Lord of the Buddhist City. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen was filled with questions. In the future, he wished  to meet the Lord of the Buddhist City that had created his own Dao for himself, what kind of person was he. 

“From now on, my Dao is to surpass the Heavenly Dao!” 

Surpassing everything, taking control of the Heavenly Dao!

A light appeared in Jiang Chen’s heart, that light was Dao. It was an illusory thing, but it was something that truly existed. It was his Dao. 

Jiang Chen’s lips curved upwards. His Dao had finally become a unique Dao after he lost his divine energy. But his Dao was still weak, it was just a Dao intent, something outside of the Three Worlds, not existing within the five elements. 

“This No Beginning Formation, what can it do against me?” 

Jiang Chen raised his arm towards the sky and the formation instantly broke. 108,000 formations poured into Jiang Chen’s mind at this instant. 

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