Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2358

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The environment changed, the heaven and earth changed. A loud thunder struck and heavy rain poured. 

Jiang Chen controlled the Heavenly Dragon Sword, controlled the sun, moon and stars, and drew his blade to block the thunder strike, completely unfazed. The lightning strike was assimilated by the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. Jiang Chen stood there proudly with vigour, dominating everything under the heavens. Now, at this moment, his gaze could see through the past, his eyes filled with Dao knowledge. 

“This… this this this, how can this be?”  Young Reverend’s expression drastically changed. It was filled with amazement as he staggered backwards. 

He looked at this scene in complete disbelief. 

Xue Qianying stood behind Jiang Chen silently. At this moment, his figure felt so great, grand, powerful, and brimming with Dao light. As if he was a divine being  that was unparalleled under the heavens. 

Jiang Chen closed his eyes. 108,000 formations poured into Jiang Chen’s mind the moment the No Beginning Formation was broken. 108,000 formations were the blood, sweat, and tears of King Ba An, the owner of the No Beginning Formation. A person with the title ‘Formation God’. 108,000 formation formed the most powerful formation in the world, the No Beginning Formation. Only the Dao Intent could break this formation, it was to create your own unique Dao intent. 

“From the age of the ancient past, I, Reverend Mu Ling, had lived for several millions of years. Never have I thought that I could witness such a thing. To think there’s a second person other than the Lord of the Buddhist City that could break this No Beginning Formation. Hahaha, truly shocking. Avalokiteśvara, looks like you have already anticipated this. The great challenge of mine, whether I become a Buddha or disappear into nothingness in an instant. This lad will surely make it far.” Reverend Mu Ling’s expression was solemn. 

He knew what it meant to break the No Beginning Formation. The No Beginning Formation that has shocked the whole Divine World, the formation that has trapped countless God Emperors, the unbreakable formation. In the end, only one person was able to break through the formation, the Lord of the Buddhist City. 

He had tried for a million years without success. He could only endure the torment of time, but to think Jiang Chen’s appearance became his hope. A young lad, who was not even a Heavenly God, had managed to solve this formation that had tormented him for countless years. It was like an unbelievable dream for the Reverend. However, it was a fact, the formation was solved by this young boy. 

At this moment, Reverend Mu Ling felt happy, tears fell from his eye due to happiness. The years he spent, the loneliness, the torment of time, who could understand it? Moreover, he was an immortal, he shouldered the trust given by Avalokiteśvara, he cannot simply just die. It was already his limit to not go crazy within the No Beginning Formation. 

Reverend Mu Ling slowly kneeled down, and gave the silent Jiang Chen three bows. 

This gratitude is the same as giving him a chance to be reborn. 

Reverend Mu Ling would not have the chance to say goodbye to Jiang Chen and Xue Qianying because he knew that Jiang Chen was now in an extremely unique state. It would be detrimental for his future cultivation if he was disturbed now. 

Reverend Mu Ling’s strength kept on rising as if a part of the divine origin energy of the Hidden Secret Realm were pouring into his body. 

“Return, Reverend Mu Ling! Hahaha, I am finally out after a million years!”

The moment Xue Qianying turned back, Reverend Mu Ling was already leaving through the sky. 

“Such a terrifying expert. That youth…” Xue Qianying was slightly moved. 

She was a little suffocated as she looked at such a powerful person. The most powerful expert she had met was just a Late Heavenly God, lest a Hierarch. Whereby not too long ago, that Hierarch expert was pissed by her, and she even quarrelled with such a person. 

Xue Qianying slightly shivered in fear, but luckily that guy wasn’t such a nasty person. Otherwise, she would’ve died right now.

“What is that?” Ren Yuanzi shouted as his expression drastically changed. 

Those who were at the entrance of the Hidden Secret Realm suddenly became solemn. 

“I don’t know. It looks like a person.” Old Ancestor Di Long was slightly nervous too. 

This aura was pretty scary. 

“It’s too fast. We can’t see properly.” Xuan Qingming shook his head. 

But without a doubt, everyone near the entrance stood in respect. Because such an expert could not be offended and treated lightly. 

“Could he be a peerless expert inside the Hidden Secret Realm? Not even my sect’s old ancestor is this powerful.” Jiang Chengzi sighed as he was slightly nervous. 

This expert flew out from the Hidden Secret Realm, disregarding the limitation in the place. The whole Ancient Dragon City became excited from this news, countless experts looked up in anticipation, but this powerful figure immediately disappeared into the horizon of the skies. 

“I bet it’s a Late Divine King.”

“Late Divine King? Hehe, I think it's more than that.”

“Right?! It’s been such a long time since the Ancient Dragon City became so lively.”

“I bet there’s a great thing happening in the Hidden Secret Realm.”

Four powerful figures appeared in the sky of the Ancient Dragon City. Each of them wearing an extremely solemn expression as they looked at the source of this commotion, the Twisted Jungle. They had to believe that this figure came out from the Hidden Secret Realm. 

“Storm clouds gathered, chilly winds blew. Looks like, this time, the Hidden Secret Realm will cause the Ancient Dragon City to change. ”

This night, the people of the whole Ancient Dragon City were awakened by this powerful figure. 

Jiang Chen stood in the bamboo forest alone. But the current bamboo forest was not like the previous Thousand Leaves Purple Bamboo Forest where rain continuously falls. The surroundings of the bamboo forest were in a mess. It reverted back to the devastated, messy Thousand Leaves Purple Bamboo Forest.

At this moment, Xue Qianying thought that the month she had spent inside the No Beginning Formation was the calmest, happiest time she had. At the moment, Jiang Chen was still standing there silently, she dared not disturb him, because he was in a unique state.  

The moment the No Beginning Formation was broken, Jiang Chen entered into a state of self-awareness (meditation state). Jiang Chen did not expect that the No Beginning Formation was made up of 108,000 formations. These formations signify a true mystery of formations. 

Jiang Chen closed his eyes and looked inside of him—his Dantian, organs and mind were covered with formations. 

108,000 formations, a great number, a number that was hard to carve and memorize. Yet Jiang Chen still memorised all those formations. 36,000 Elementary Formations, 36,000 Intermediate Formations, 36,000 Advanced Formations. Each of those formations was somehow connected. Otherwise, these 108,000 formations could not join and form the No Beginning Formation. 

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