Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2362

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“It’s great. Senior Brother Liu, Senior Brother Zhang, we finally found a group with us,” Pan Hong excitedly said. 

Since their strength was quite weak, it could already be considered finding their backbone upon seeing Liu Quanchao, Zhang Lei and the others. On the journey, there had been so many people that had passed away. Everyone was actually very stressed. Pan Hong felt the same as he kept seeing people of Profound Feng Sect dying one by one without any sign beforehand. When they came into Hidden Secret Ream, they had already known that they would face death anytime. The number of the people who had died had already surpassed the number of people who were still alive.    

No matter if you were a genius of the sect or the son of the Sect Lord, entering the Hidden Secret Realm was like entering the gates of hell to everyone. If you wanted to stay alive and not be defeated, you had to become stronger and stronger and kept killing others.

Pan Hong, Yang Jian and the others knew that their strength was only average. The reason they were still alive was all because of luck. Let alone the first three major sects, Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei were already incomparably formidable in their eyes. It was impossible for Pan Hong and Yang Jian to withstand them. If they met opponents like them, they would be defeated effortlessly.

No one would be  happy to be a burden for others, but Pan Hong and the others knew that if they did not ally themselves with the others, they would surely die soon. This was a world that was justified by the law of Jungle. In order to save them, Jiang Chen had risked himself and now they did not even know if he was still alive. Of course, they were anxious and guilty because of it. 

The arrival of Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei undeniably boosted their confidence. Liu Quanchao and the others actually felt the same as they were all from the four major sects. Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei even bore the heavy responsibility to protect the other. If they could help Pan Hong and Yang Jian, they were very willing to do so with all of their effort.

“What happened before was really our fault. That time, our souls were controlled by Li Yan of Ghost Eye Sect. That was why we did something bad. All of you seniors, please forgive us. I, Yang Jian, give you a bow of apology.” 

After Yang Jian said that, he bowed in a solemn manner.

Liu Chaoquan smiled bitterly and said, “Ghost Eye Sect, Li Yan was indeed a formidable guy. Nevermind, since you guys were unaware of it. Stand up. I never thought of what had happened would become so dramatic.”

Pan Hong and Leng Lingyi felt ashamed as well but Zhang Lei and the others did not continue saying anything.

“Where’s Jiang Chen? How am I going to trust you guys?” Ling Long said coldly. 

Apparently, she was still very angry about what had happened. 

“We were indeed controlled by Li Yan that time. In order to save us, Jiang Chen’s life is still at stake now. Haih.”

After listening to Yang Jian’s words, everyone was stunned.

“What? His life is now at stake?”

Man Shuai’s countenance fell.

“I think Jiang Chen would definitely be able to turn the crisis around. Although his cultivation is not the strongest, no one is actually able to defeat him. At least, I haven’t seen anyone that was able to defeat him before.” 

Liu Quanchao thought for a while and said firmly.

“Hope so.”

Zhang Lei said in a low voice.

Liu Chaoquan gave Yang Jian and look at the others and asked, “Only the three of you are alive?”

“Leng Lingyi, Divine Spear Sect.” Leng Lingyi said. 

It was his great pleasure to be able to join with Liu Chaoquan and the others. The more people, the greater their strength was. Otherwise, it was just a dream for the three of them to stand alone in the Hidden Secret Realm.

“Leng Lingyi of Divine Spear Sect, I have heard of you before. Nice to meet you.”

Zhang Lei said with a faint smile. 

“Are you guys also going to the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain?” Pan Hong asked.

“You’re right. You too? What a coincidence.”

Jiang Hao said while looking at the yellow mountain from afar. He nodded and showed a solemn face. 

Yang Jian nodded and said, “I am afraid that it is not that easy to get the spiritual spring water of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. I guess there are many beasts aiming at it now that might be of Heavenly God Realm.”

“How do you know?”

“The Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain is a place full of devil monsters and beasts. We were chased by the Infernal Evil Dragon from that side last time. We almost died but luckily we were able to survive that. We even encountered a dreadful Divine Pangolin which is also a Heavenly God Realm beast. It’s said that those two beasts have the spiritual spring waters with them from the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. This means both of the beasts came from the mountains and there would be other beasts coming to that mountain as well.” 

Yang Jian said with a gloomy face. At this moment, their hope became slimmer as the Heavenly God Realm beasts were so formidable. If the Infernal Evil Dragon was not injured, they would not be able to escape it although they did not rely on their own strength to escape. That was why Yang Jian and the others knew so much about the Infernal Evil Dragon and other beasts of Heavenly God Realm.

“According to what you have said, does that mean that we have just wasted our effort in coming here? We might not be able to get the spiritual spring water, and might even lose our life.” Zhang Lei said. 

He was actually very concerned about those beasts of Heavenly God Realm. If those beasts appeared, they might not be enough for the beasts to fill their stomach.

“It’s hard to say. We can continue to make more friends with other formidable cultivators and form an alliance with them. If we manage to do that, we might still be able to win against those Heavenly God Realm beasts.” Leng Lingyi proposed.

“That’s right. We can befriend more cultivators, then we will stand stronger and won’t be easily killed by those beasts. Only the true experts can stand proudly and neglect those beasts.” Liu Chao said seriously.

“Well said. You’re indeed an expert of Heavenly Star Sect. Count me in. I am  Wu Qianxun from the Wuyi Sect. This is my brother, Wu Tinghou.”

A cheerful green-clothed man laughed loudly and slowly walked towards them. No one on the scene had actually noticed them. They were all stunned for a moment. Liu Quanchao nodded silently. 

“Liu Quanchao of Heavenly Star Sect. Nice to meet you.”

“Senior Liu is the popular guy whom everyone knows. It’s my pleasure to meet you today. It might be a great thing for us to make an alliance. Haha. For hundreds and thousands of years, I have never heard that any human cultivators obtained the spiritual spring water from the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. 

Wu Tinghou who was dressed in blue clothes said solemnly. He was nine feet tall and his face was bright like jade.

Zhang Lei smiled and said, “You’re right. I am afraid that it has already been more than a hundred thousand years. No one has ever heard that spiritual spring water existed in the Ancient Dragon City before.” 

“Let’s make an alliance to fight those monsters and beasts together. Once we succeed, our reputation will definitely spread across the entire Linhe Boundary and Ancient Dragon City.”

Wu Qianxun was very optimistic while also very confident. The Wu brothers’ strength was quite formidable and each of them was not weaker than Liu Quanchao. 

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