Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2367

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The mountain will undergo a great change every hundred years. The Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain will crumble and the spiritual water will burst out from the mountain. The spiritual water will drop onto those nine dragon caves. 

As for the nine dragon caves, it existed far, far long ago. 

“Where is the source of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain’s spiritual water? Can’t they just look for the source? Why do they need to wait for a hundred years and get so little amount of spiritual water? ” Zhang Lei frowned, puzzled. 

“Did you think nobody tried to find it? Countless experts had sought for it since the beginning of the Hidden Secret Realm, but none of them came out after entering where the source was said to flow. In the end, thousands and millions of years has passed and the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain still stands tall and none dared to venture into the mountain. The fact is that this mountain is where Lady Death resides and that much of spiritual water is what she produced every hundred years. Nobody could change it nor find the source of it. The road towards the source was a tunnel straight towards Hell. It is an extremely dark place, with no survivor to tell the tale. Hence, I suggest you better not have any strange ideas in regards to the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. Otherwise… you wished you had listened to me.” Wu Tinghou explained. 

Everyone dared not to be reckless after hearing his words. Nobody knew what’s inside that dark tunnel of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. No danger shall befall anyone if one doesn’t venture into it. 

Those Heavenly Godrealm demonic beasts knew where the source was, however, none dared to venture into it and silently waited. 

The black hole began to enlarge, the mountainside of the Sacred Mountain was now completely exposed. However, it was a deep dark hole, not even the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros or Divine Pangolin had the desire to take a sneak peek. 

Droplets of spiritual water went towards the nine caves. The droplets first reached the six small caves, next, it was the dragon caves where the Divine Pangolin and the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros were in. As for the first dragon cave, none was flowing towards it there because the remaining spiritual water will end up there. 

“Hahaha, looks like I’m not late. This spiritual water… great stuff! I could even smell the fragrance of the spiritual water from a thousand li away.”

A thunderous voice resounded throughout the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. A mighty figure appeared in the first dragon cave and stood proudly as he faced the dozen or so Heavenly God Realm demonic beast fearlessly!

“It’s him, Lang Ya! Divine Pill Sect’s Lang Ya!” Liu Quanchao shouted. 

Lang Ya’s reputation was pretty prestigious. This fella was the most mysterious one among the three great sects, yet he was the most famous across the Linhe Boundary. His skills in the art of alchemy were one of a kind. Nobody knew how powerful he was because he rarely shows his skills. 

Wu Qianxun and Wu Tinghou’s were wearing a solemn expression. They did not expect Lang Ya of the Divine Pill Sect to come. This person’s appearance had increased a lot of uncertainties into this battle for the spiritual water. This fella could easily change the battle of humans easily but he’s acting too haughty in the face of these many demonic beasts. Everyone thought Lang Ya had gone nuts. 

“Even though he is pretty strong, isn’t he overestimating himself? There are dozens of Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts, does he really think he could stand his ground against them? Hehe.” Wu Qianxun sneered. 

“Stop giving a wild guess. This fella is no simple fool. Rumours have it that Lang Ya is on par with the Ghost Eye Sect’s Li Zongheng and Clear Stream Sect’s Xuanyuan Canglan. The three of them is Linhe Boundary’s once in a thousand years monstrous prodigy.  I think he has his own plan.” Wu Tinghou said quietly. 

His brother was slightly shocked by his great evaluation towards Lang Ya. 

From afar, Yang Mingcheng and Xu Jin were wearing a solemn expression. Lang Ya’s appearance has disrupted their plans. Giving a massive change to those who were already leaving after gaining the spiritual water. 

“Why did he choose to appear now? This is madness.” Yang Mingcheng said. 

“That fella has a sensitive nose, he has long sensed the spiritual water’s existence. This spiritual water is a vital ingredient for creating spiritual medicinal pills. There’s no reason for him to give up such a large slice of the cake. I’m not shocked about him coming out now. Rather, I would’ve thought something must be going on if he did not appear.” Xu Jin said indifferently. Obviously, he knew better than Yang Mingcheng that Lang Ya must’ve come prepared. 

“Puny human. You dare break into this Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. Do you know where you are?” 

“F*ck off. This is not a place for you to be. Your death has been decided the moment you broke into this place.” 

“An ignorant fool is a stupid fool. You’re dead. Damned human.” 

Several Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts looked at him with hostility. Except for the Spirit Rhinoceros, which remained calm. Whereby the Divine Pangolin was slightly shocked too. Does this human fella not value his own life??

“Senior Spirit Rhinoceros, I hope you’ll take care of me this time. Hahaha, I prepared Supreme Grade Medicinal Pills for each senior. I hope fellow Heavenly God Realm seniors will accept this.” Lang Ya’s lips curved into a pale smile. 

Nine Supreme Grade Medicinal Pills from the get-go. Gifting it to every beast other than the Spirit Rhinoceros. All the demonic beasts were slightly shocked, not knowing what schemes the guy was cooking. 

“Today, your boss has gone to the Withered Dojo, god knows when he will come back. This spiritual water. I shall take it in his place.” 

All the beasts' faces changed after hearing the word Withered Dojo and their expression became gloomy. 

“Senior Spirit Rhinoceros, this is an Immortal Grade Dragon Snake Vigorous Pill and ten Supreme Grade spiritual pills. I hope you’ll accept in kind.” Lang Ya said with a smile.

His heart was bleeding when he took out the Immortal Grade Dragon Snake Vigorous Pill. Because this pill was something given to him by his master. He was reluctant to take it out all this while. But the value between the Immortal Grade Dragon Snake Vigorous Pill and the spiritual water could not be compared. The spiritual water would be able to help him produce much more spiritual pills. 

Even though he’s asking a tiger for its skin, Lang Ya must have the spiritual water!

“Great! Great! Great!” 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros took Lang Ya’s pills with shining eyes. This spiritual pill was great nourishment for beasts like them. Plus, in their point of view, the pills are much better than the spiritual water. Hence, they were all taking on what they wanted. 

“My Immortal Grade Medicinal Pill, where is it?” 

At this moment, a coarse dominating voice resounded behind the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. 

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