Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2413

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Jiang Chen curled up his mouth slightly while looking at Xuanyuan Canglan calmly. His arrival somehow shocked the latter a bit. He nodded.

“Not bad, you could have a good life but you chose to come to hell. Seems like if I don’t show you a bit of the real world, you would never know how arrogant you are. You were lucky to run away last time, but now, you wouldn’t be that lucky anymore. Humph. You have so many precious treasures but they are all wasted in your hands. Only great experts deserve to have those treasures and display their mightiness. Hahaha.”

Xuanyuan Canglan said calmly while folding his hands together. He despised the entirety of Jiang Chen. He was just a Middle True God whom Xuanyuan Canglan could kill with his fingers.

“Then, let’s try to see who will laugh until the end.”

Jiang Chen said and looked at Xuanyuan Canglan's eyes. At the moment, Xuanyuan Canglan could feel the killing intent released by Jiang Chen. This guy seriously was not afraid of death.

“Jiang Chen, be careful. This guy is really  powerful.”

Liu Quanchao said seriously. Jiang Chen always created miracles, but even those who were four Half-Step Heavenly Gods could not be compared to Xuanyuan Canglan. The Great Guardian of Clear Stream Sect really lived up to his name.

“Yea, Jiang Chen, be careful!”

Xu Jin said the same as well. Yu Rongyan and Qin Yumo looked at Jiang Chen with very complicated feelings in their heart. Although he managed to chop off Dongfang Kuangyin’s tongue with just a sword strike, it was still extremely challenging for Jiang Chen who was just Middle True God to fight Xuanyuan Canglan. Jiang Chen was an unparalleled genius, but wasn’t Xuanyuan Canglan also an unparalleled genius? 

“I really don’t know where his courage comes from. But I think no one would tease him at this moment.”

Qin Yumo said faintly. She has always been cocky but she did not show her arrogance this time in front of the others. That kind of cocky attitude would only be seen as a joke right now. Although she really admired Xuanyuan Canglan’s strength, he had gone astray and wanted to kill everyone in Hidden Secret Realm. That was why she felt that it was her responsibility to fight Xuanyuan Canglan in this place.

Yu Rongyan stared at Jiang Chen silently. He held the same hope as Liu Quanchao’s and Xu Jin, wishing that Jiang Chen could create a miracle. 

Jiang Chen pointed his sword at Xuanyuan Canglan, implying that the battle was going to break out. Xuanyuan Canglan was as steady as a mountain because confronting Jiang Chen was just a piece of cake for him. 

“The sword looks not bad. But I wonder how’s his battle strength.” 

Xue Liang squinted his eyes, looking at the Heavenly Dragon Sword in Jiang Chen’s hand. Although he did not know the quality of the sword, he could sense the brutal killing intent that it emitted. He could feel that his Ling Luo Bi Demon Sword was being threatened. 

“Your life will come to an end soon.”

Xuanyuan Canglan did not continue to talk much as he immediately made a move forward, pressing against Jiang Chen.

“Thunderous Palm!” 

As soon as the attack struck, thunderstorms and lightning started flashing. In the face of this, Jiang Chen looked calm. After transforming into a dragon, his battle strength had advanced to Half-step Heavenly God Realm. Not to be outdone, he also struck a heavy strike with his sword. Terrifying airwaves swept across within the thousand miles. It’s deafening. Jiang Chen and Xuanyuan Canglan were thrown backwards and then stood in pride.

Everyone was dumbstruck by their fight. Sword God Xue Liang’s mouth was overflowing with a smile, then he murmured:

“It became more and more interesting now.”

“So powerful! He managed to withstand the palm strike."

Yu Rongyan took a cold breath. Xuanyuan Canglan might not yet display his full power, but if he was the one dealing with Xuanyuan Canglan, he would have been injured severely. However, Jiang Chen was still standing still as a mountain right now. 

“Huhu, I have already said that he is going to create a miracle for us.”

Liu Quanchao said with a smile as he felt relieved finally.

“His initial decision is right. We were not able to control the changes that are happening in Burying Soul Mountain, but he still chose to come back.” 

“I have underestimated you, Jiang Chen. Indeed, you do have some capability, but it only amounted to this.”

Xuanyuan Canglan snorted coldly. Although Jiang Chen had shamed him publicly, he did not really care about it because his goal now was to get the things in Jiang Chen’s hand. So Jiang Chen must be killed.

Jiang Chen ascended to the sky with a step and he started casting Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. 

Xuanyuan Canglan continued to make a few more heavy strikes with his Thunderous Palm while turning himself into a dragon to fight in the battle. Jiang Chen was not afraid at all. The Thunderous Palm failed to harm Jiang Chen in the slightest, and he was still stepping on the void and pressing against Xuanyuan Canglan with Azure Dragon Five Steps. His Heavenly Dragon Sword’s technique was not any weaker than Sword God Xue Liang at all. It might be even more superior. Jiang Chen’s sword kept breaking out the Thunderous Palm. Their battle became incomparably intense and attracted everyone’s attention. 

On the other hand, the bloody ancient beast seemed almost completed as the last hundreds of Heavenly God Realm beasts would be sacrificed soon.

“Do you really think that you could overcome me with your True God Realm? It’s funny and ridiculous. Heavenly Thunderous Palm shatters heaven and earth!”

Xuanyuan Canglan made heavy blows again, and this time his attacks were more brutal. With his present condition, he might even be able to defeat a Heavenly God. His Heavenly Thunderous Palms fell down from the sky in all directions, pushing Jiang Chen into a passive position. 

“Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation!”

Jiang Chen suddenly casted a formation, making him able to resist all of Xuanyuan Canglan’s attacks. However, his situation was not completely stable yet. At the end, the formation was crushed by Xuanyuan Canglan continuous brutal attack. Jiang Chen was repulsed backward and blood flown out from the corner of his mouth. At the moment, Liu Quanchao and others were stunned and stared at Jiang Chen silently. 

Although the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation managed to shatter the icy palace, it was unable to resist Xuanyuan Canglan. Since the Formation was shattered, Jiang Chen was injured as well. Fortunately, the injury was not that severe as he had already separated his spirit out from the formation. 

Xuanyuan Canglan was indeed very formidable. According to his current strength, it would be just a piece of cake for him to kill any Heavenly God Realm beast.

Jiang Chen’s eyes had also become colder as it was impossible for him to give up in the battle. The true battle just started.

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