Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2419

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Tao Tie waved his arm and shattered a mountain. Xuanyuan Canglan ran away in a distressed manner as he looked at the lying beast. But who can he look to reason with? 

In this world, the one with the bigger fist has the say on anything. It was the eternal infallible truth. History is and always will be written by the victors. 

“Puny human, you dare steal my Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning, this is displeasing. Why can’t I feel the aura of my lightning?!” Tao Tie opened hid bloody mouth as it looked at Jiang Chen coldly. 

“Immemorial giant beast, Tao Tie, you should’ve died aeons ago. Looks like you’re also a scheming demonic beast, and you’re able to revive now.” Jiang Chen said. 

“What?! Tao Tie?” 

“Impossible?! Tao Tie is born to devour the Heavens. Could this beast really be Tao Tie?” 

“To think I just saved a Tao Tie?” Xuanyuan Canglan murmured. He too did not know that the beast was the Tao Tie. 

“You’re right, to think you know who I am and able to hide the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning. I am curious about you... you’re probably able to know who I am through the inheritance of the Fire Qilin.” Tao Tie said indifferently.  

He then grabbed 8 Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts and put them into his mouth. At that moment, everyone gasped again. Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts were just a snack in the face of Tao Tie. Their situation was much more dangerous than they could imagine. 

Jiang Chen was also stunned. At this moment, Tao Tie locked onto him. 

“Speak, where is my Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning?!” Tao Tie said.

Tao Tie’s divine prestige reached the whole area, his voice reached as far as a thousand Li, immensely pressuring everyone. While he was speaking, his claws and mouth were not stopping, as he continued to gulp down the demonic beasts. The legend of Tao Tie was true, but it was a preposterous sight to behold. Liu Quanchao and co. sighed for their powerlessness as they were lesser than those demonic beasts, they’re just insects, ready to be stomped. 

“Wanna know where the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning is? Easy. I ‘ll tell you unless you’re willing to kneel and give me three kowtows. ” Jiang Chen said calmly. 

Everyone became dumbfounded from Jiang Chen’s words. Does he not want to live? To provoke Tao Tie?! He’s dancing with the God of Death. 

“Your life, at this moment, is forfeited. The Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning will appear after I kill you.” Tao Tie was getting impatient towards Jiang Chen. 

“You won’t see the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning forever if you kill me.” Jiang Chen said confidently. 

“Looks like Jiang Chen must have some plans in dealing with the big fella. Stay calm everyone.” Liu Quanchao said quietly. 

“Then, I’ll kill you to pacify my heart, I refuse to believe that there’s nothing I, Tao Tie, cannot resolve.” Tao Tie harrumphed. His breath could even destroy mountains and valleys. 

“This fella is too strong, I cannot face him head-on nor face him with tricks. Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best. Run, run away!” Jiang Chen shouted. 

He then vanished and ran away under the eyes of the dumbfounded Liu Quanchao and co.

“Trying to run? Not so easy…” Tao Tie’s eyes were incredibly cold. 

Jiang Chen had offended him and stole his Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning. How could he stand this? A mere human dared to provoke the great Tao Tie, ignoring him, the flames of his anger were thoroughly lit by Jiang Chen. 

“That fella, he ran away, just like that?” Liu Quanchao was dumbfounded. 

He thought that Jiang Chen had some plans as he was so confident but to think he would run away at the very next moment. This was too much for them to handle, this fella always chose the most unique path. 

But it was logical, the beast was too powerful, it’s best to run away and get away with their lives. 

“It’s not like I’m going to sit there and let him eat me, of course I’m going to run away.” Jiang Chen murmured. 

Currently, he’s unleashed the Great Void Technique and teleported at the spot a hundred Li away from the site. But Tao Tie had Jiang Chen locked on because he stole his Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning. He must be eliminated. 

The four great demon kings pursued Jiang Chen after he vanished from the mountains of the Burying Soul Mountain, it was time for their great escape. Who could face the powerful Tao Tie? 

But even if Liu Quanchao and co. wanted to run away, it wasn’t an easy task for them. Xuanyuan Canglan was eyeing on them, he wasn’t planning on letting them go. Plus, he’s the lapdog of the beast, he would’ve followed the beast wherever it goes. At that moment, the whole Hidden Secret Realm would become Hell’s on earth. 

It covered a hundred li with three steps, the prestige of Tao Tie was unstoppable. At this moment, Jiang Chen could no longer run away. Tao Tie’s figure was like the sky that instantly stopped Jiang Chen in his tracks. 

“You shall not get away from my grasp. Hand over the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning, puny human.” Tao Tie said. 

Tao Tie locked down the whole area Jiang Chen was in. The latter could only laugh bitterly. Tao Tie’s strength had quietly gone past the Heavenly God Realm even though it had just woken up. If this goes on, he would probably reach the strength of a God Emperor if he completely recovered... 

Tao Tie is the child of the ancestral dragon, it has the purest bloodline, better than those so-called Dragon Clan. A top predator from the Immemorial times, how could he be weak? 

“This fella is hard to deal with, looks like we’re doomed, Jiang Chen.” Fire Qilin said in a depressed tone. 

Because at this moment, they’re trapped. There’s no way for them to run away, this Hidden Secret Realm was like a giant prison for them. 

“I will not give up until the very last.” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

He was prepared to fight to his last breath. Men should die fighting, die standing, rather than cowering in fear. 

“I wish to ride the wind and return, my blade shall cut the void and heavenly intent in half! The invincible Fusion of Dragon and Sword!” 

Jiang Chen unleashed his strongest technique. He never used this before, by combining the Fusion of Dragon and Sword with the Sword of Solitude, not even a Heavenly God expert could withstand that attack. 

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