Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2425

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“Whether it is wrong or right, true or false, let’s kill the Tao Tie first.”

Sword God Xue Liang realised Jiang Chen’s worry and said in a low voice.

Jiang Chen nodded and immediately went forward to handle the Tao Tie.

“Everyone, count the four of us, Great Demon Kings in this battle. If the Tao Tie is not killed, there wouldn’t be any peace in Hidden Secret Realm anymore. We would fall into a crisis of death as well. We have our responsibility in this battle as well.”

The Nine-head Dragon shouted. Not to be outdone, the Four Great Demon Kings immediately followed after Xuanyuan Canglan. They were not afraid of the Tao Tie at all.

“A bunch of foolish bastards. You guys are not qualified to fight me yet.”

The Tao Tie smiled coldly. Although he had been injured severely, he was not afraid of Jiang Chen and the others’ joint attack at all because even a sick camel was still stronger than a horse.

“You dare to betray me? Then I am going to let you to taste eternal torture.”

The Tao Tie’s eyes were burning while staring at Xuanyuan Canglan whom he saw as his biggest enemy. 

“A  mantis trying to stop a chariot. ”

The Tao Tie was very oppressive with his dreadful giant claw that covered the entire sky. Xuanyuan Canglan and the Four Great Demon Kings joined hands to counter attack, resisting the Tao Tie’s strike successfully. On the other hand, Jiang Chen and Sword God Xue Liang kept pressing against the Tao Tie together. At this moment, the Tao Tie did not dare to be reckless anymore. Sword God Xue Liang and Jiang Chen’s swords swept across the entire universe. Each of their sword strikes landed on Tao Tie’s body fiercely.

The bloody giant beast Tao Tie did not become weakened at all as he had a dreadful overbearing body. 

“A bunch of trash. I am going to devour each of you.”

The Tao Tie roared and then started devouring all the clouds and mists as if he was going to devour Jiang Chen and others into his stomach. Devouring them could help him increase his strength and give him great benefits.

However, Jiang Chen, the Four Great Demon Kings, Sword God Xue Liang and Xuanyuan Canglan were not ordinary cultivators. It was impossible for the Tao Tie to devour them all together. Each of them looked extremely careful during the battle. With the Four Great Demon Kings joined hands together, their strength was formidable and comparable to Xuanyuan Canglan. However, they were still slightly weaker than Tao Tie in comparison. 

“Sword shattering the void!”

“Western Sword, breaking heaven apart!”

Jiang Chen and Sword God Xue Liang’s sword shadows broke through the void. The Tao Tie roared in rage and resisted the attacks with his arms. However, he still needed to take ten steps backwards, stepping on all of the mountains and rivers around with his enormous body.

The Four Great Demon Kings and Xuanyuan Canglan followed behind them and started sending out attacks on the Tao Tie burtally. The Tao Tie was mad and he swept across the void with his fierce claw. As the Four Great Demon Kings were in the front, they were all hurt by the Tao Tie badly and were sent flying backwards. However, while they’re flying backwards, the Four Great Demon Kings took this chance and made the strongest blow against Tao Tie, fatally harming him.

Tao Tie’s enormous body was like a giant mountain when he collapsed. 

Xuanyuan Canglan pierced through the sky with his halberd and the halberd chopped off Tao Tie’s arm immediately. The Tao Tie spurted out blood from his mouth badly.

“Bastard! You guys deserve death!”

The Tao Tie was furious and shocked as these humans and Demons Kings were threatening his life and safety.

“I am afraid that you won’t have this chance. Heavenly Shadow Suppress the Universe.”

Jiang Chen summoned the twelve Fire God Guards and set up the Heavenly Shadow Formation, besieging the Tao Tie inside the formation. The Tao Tie was constantly trying to break the formation while the Fire God Guards found it difficult to resist. Under the Tao Tie’s overbearing strength, the formation started cracking.

However, Sword God Xue Liang immediately took action at this moment with his sword, to pierce through Tao Tie’s chest. Meanwhile, during their clash, the Tao Tie managed to land a hit on his body. Despite being formidable, the Tao Tie’s claw strike still made him suffer severe injury.

Tao Tie immediately tried to escape yet Jiang Chen used his Heavenly Dragon Sword to send out another attack. His sword pierced through Tao Tie’s chest again, and the dragon roared in the heavens. 

“Qilin Divine Arm erupts!” 

Jiang Chen punched with rage. Although the Fire Qilin was incomparably weak right now, he was burning his fire essuence to boost up Jiang Chen’s Qilin Divine Arm. Therefore, the Qilin Divine Arm was still incomparably powerful. The Tao Tie was forced to take a few steps backwards under the Qilin Divine Arm’s strikes.

Tao Tie’s eyes were full of unwillingness but he was indeed badly injured by these people whom he disdained. 

“I want you all to die now!”

The Tao Tie took action again with his claw. The colour of the sky changed suddenly. The Tao Tie’s target was Jiang Chen, however, Jiang Chen was prepared to resist the Tao tie. His sword pierced through the sky and Tao Tie’s claw instantly.

“This is the moment.”

Sword God Xue Liang smiled coldly. Sword shadows spread across the surroundings, turning into hundreds and thousands of sword lights falling down on the ground like feathers. The Tao Tie was repulsed once again and his body was full of wounds.

Jiang Chen and Xuanyuan Canglan took the lead together, tearing the void apart with countless sword shadows and halberd radiance. The Tao Tie kept being repulsed, withdrawing himself. At this moment, they finally saw the hope of victory.

Jiang Chen waved his Qilin Divine Arm and sent out three powerful attacks to Tao Tie’s eyes. Blood spurted out from the Tao Tie’s eyes. This was the first time Tao Tie was so embarrassed.

The Tao Tie kept roaring in rage, wanting to fight even at the cost of his life. His claws managed to catch Jiang Chen, and he then tightened his grip, trying to bring Jiang Chen to death. Jiang Chen was unable to get out of the Tao Tie’s claws, but suddenly Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword turned into thousands of swords, shuttling across the void like meteors. The Tao Tie’s chest and arms were completely shattered by Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword.

“Man and Sword merging into one…. Is this really Man and Sword merging into one?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing with essence and he managed to get out of the Tao Tie’s claw.  Just now, when Jiang Chen merged with the Heavenly Dragon Sword, he had completely achieved the realm of ‘Man and Sword merged into one’ and it was even more superior than the Fusion of Dragon and Sword.

Fusion of Dragon and Sword was the perfect combination between Jiang Chen and the Heavenly Dragon Sword, whereas, ‘Man and Sword merging into one’ was even more powerful as Jiang Chen was the sword while the sword was also Jiang Chen.

Although Jiang Chen managed to defeat the Tao Tie, the others were severely injured. Jiang Chen was not an exception as the Tao Tie managed to catch him and was almost devoured. However, he managed to turn the situation around and completed his counterattack with the realm of ‘Man and Sword merging into one’. This was Jiang Chen’s highest realm and his connection with the Heavenly Dragon Sword had attained another level. Jiang Chen could sense that the Heavenly Dragon Sword’s sword spirit seems to be about to start connecting with him now. 

“Now, it’s your time to die, Tao Tie. Evil will never conquer justice. You won’t be able to win against us. Hahaha.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s eyes looked bright and said coldly. He crashed into Tao Tie and gave him the strongest strike!

Jiang Chen watched Xuanyuan Canglan silently. Did he really turn good from evil? Tao Tie finally was going to be defeated at this moment.

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