Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2426

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Honestly, Xuanyuan Canglan’s was very strong, he took his halberd straight from the ground and dyed the sky red. At this moment, the Tao Tie’s figure staggered and Xuanyuan Canglan wasn’t letting the pressure down. With Jiang Chen delivering a lethal injury upon the beast, Xuanyuan Canglan then hammered the final nail upon the Tao Tie’s coffin. 


The Tao Tie roared as it stomped the ground, shaking the lands of the hidden secret realm. Jiang Chen, the four great demon kings, and Sword God Xue Liang used their final ounce of energy to fly up to the sky and put the Tao Tie down to the ground. After a barrage of attacks landed upon the Tao Tie’s giant body, the beast finally fell to the ground. Then, Xuanyuan Canglan took this chance to land on top of the Tao Tie and a flash of light entered the Tao Tie’s mind. 

“Tao Tie, ah Tao Tie, your soul energy is finally weakened. Hahaha, let’s see how much you’ll struggle this time. Hmph. This is called the sandpiper and clam fight against each other and the fisherman catches both.” Xuanyuan Canglan sneered secretly. 

At this moment, the Tao Tie’s body was punctured by thousands of holes, blood spilling all over the place. Xuanyuan Canglan stood on top of the Tao Tie with a wave of emotion hitting his heart. Because he had planted a mark on those hundreds of Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts that the Tao Tie devoured. Those soul marks were fully integrated into Tao Tie’s body as he devoured all of those beasts. Xuanyuan Canglan willed, and a terrifying intent moved within the Tao Tie’s soul, another entity was competing to gain control of his soul. 

Jiang Chen and the others breathe out a sigh of relief. The Tao Tie had finally fallen, they were finally saved. The four great demon kings and Sword God Xue Liang were heavily injured, including Jiang Chen. But the wood spirit and Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was able to help him, allowing him to be slightly better off compared to the others. 

“What is that Xuanyuan Canglan planning?” Jiang Chen looked at Xuanyuan Canglan. 

At this moment, Xuanyuan Canglan was standing on top of the Tao Tie with a serious expression as he attempted to kill the struggling Tao Tie. 

“Looks like Xuanyuan Canglan is turning over a new leaf. The Tao Tie wouldn’t have fallen if it weren’t for him. We won’t be able to thoroughly put it down ourselves. ” The Nine-Headed Scaled Dragon said seriously. 

Although he did some atrocities before, he managed to turn over a new leaf at the most crucial moment and join hands with them, finally putting down the Tao Tie in the end. 

Xuanyuan Canglan was still a major player in this conquest, following what he had said earlier, to balance demerits with merits. Finally, everyone saw some hope in this disaster. 

“There’s still hope in humanity. In the end, Xuanyuan Canglan did not disappoint us. The honour of the Clear Stream Sect is preserved.” Qin Yumo said quietly. 

She still admired Xuanyuan Canglan. In the end, he joined forces with all the other experts and washed away his previous wrongdoings.

“This time, Xuanyuan Canglan became the greatest contributor in this battle. This is a joyous occasion.” Yu Rongyan said with a smile as he was able to escape from a major disaster.  

Everyone felt relieved, ‘evil shall never win against good’ was true, since they had become the final winner in this battle.  

Xuanyuan Canglan fought the dying Tao Tie till the very end. Everyone was gratified from this, only Jiang Chen felt somewhat unhappy about this. This fella… It feels like he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Could it really be due to good intention that he finally joined us to fight against Tao Tie? 

Yet, at this moment, Jiang Chen had to let go of his suspicion towards Xuanyuan Canglan. Because the result was clear, no matter what atrocities Xuanyuan Canglan had previously made, this moment was enough to balance it all. 

However, the Tao Tie’s revival was also due to his action, yet, he’s also a major contributor in putting it down. Only Jiang Chen knew that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor was the true major contributor in this conquest. It was a pity that it went straight into a deep slumber after clashing against the Tao Tie. Both of them became heavily injured due to the clash. 

However the Tao Tie still came out on top, it still managed to hang on until this very moment. Otherwise, without the help of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor, none of them could live through this trial of this Hidden Secret Realm. 

“You… you’re trying to devour my soul?” 

Tao Tie’s soul kept on roaring in anger, struggling. He could feel a terrifying evil soul intent was contesting against his soul to gain control over his body. That soul mark was hidden deep within the devoured souls, those hundreds of Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts were filled with soul marks. At this moment, all of them gathered together to form a powerful soul energy as it contested against the Tao Tie’s soul. 

Now that the Tao Tie was heavily injured, it’s soul was in a weakened state. As it fought against the terrifying soul marks, two different forces of soul intent were fighting for the control of the body. Now, with Xuanyuan Canglan joining the fray, fighting together with the soul marks to fight against the Tao Tie’s control. 

“How can this be? You dare place a soul mark within my mind?” the Tao Tie was filled with shock and the anger within his heart burned fiercely.  

“You planted a mark in my soul?” 

“Isn’t it rather too late to realise it now? Hehe, I know that you’ll be hard to control. So, I planted a mark on every Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts that you devoured. Those souls were under my control, that soul energy is not something you can control. Whereby, I can control it through my will. Hahaha.” Xuanyuan Canglan sneered with disdain. 

“You bastard, you’re a f*cking animal! You have been plotting against me from the very start.” 

No matter how angry the Tao Tie was, he could not change his predicament around and the soul mark became stronger under the control of Xuanyuan Canglan, suppressing his soul energy. 

“You’re right. Otherwise, why would I serve you for 70,000 years? Ten reincarnations, ten lives worth of cultivation, all for the sake of prolonging your life, aren’t you a little too naive?  You should know the reason for me serving you for 70,000 years. It’s your power, your strength, I long for that strength! With that power, I can truly become a God Emperor, the 70,000 years will not be in vain. However, the effort I put into those years were excruciating. Today, I can finally be rid of you and take over you as the Tao Tie. Hahaha.” 

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