Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2427

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“I have to say… I have definitely underestimated you, I thought you’d be very weak since you’ve just revived. I would’ve devoured you at that very moment, but little did I know that you’d remain powerful even after so many years. It would’ve been hard for me to devour you if it wasn’t for that fella’s pagoda. You can only blame your own arrogance. You may have been powerful in the past and arrogant, but this is not your era anymore. I shall devour you and become stronger, becoming a true humanoid Tao Tie.” Xuanyuan Canglan said coldly. 

Who could understand the blood, sweat and tears that he had put forth for the last 70,000 years? Xuanyuan Canglan cultivated all those years and gave it all to the Tao Tie. Whereby Tao Tie taught him a special technique that allowed him to reincarnate with his memories and soul intact, this allowed him to become a supreme prodigy for those 70,000 years. 

Xuanyuan Canglan had planned this 70,000 years ago, because he knew that it was extremely hard to attain the emperor realm. This Tao Tie was his biggest chance in reaching it. How could he miss this golden opportunity? 

All those humiliation, sadness and loneliness erupted at this moment. Xuanyuan Canglan instantly engulfed Tao Tie’s tattered and weakened soul with his terrifying soul energy. The beast’s soul was extremely weak, otherwise, Xuanyuan Canglan wouldn’t have a chance to devour him. 

“Puny, despicable humans! I curse all of you to die a dog’s death! I cannot accept this! I cannot! I, Tao Tie, who has reigned supreme for so long, and to think that I’ll fall into the hands of such a scheming and despicable human! I cannot accept this! ” The Tao Tie’s angry roar slowly vanished into the depths of his soul. 

Xuanyuan Canglan stood tall after completely devouring the Tao Tie’s soul. At this moment, he was the Tao Tie and the Tao Tie was him!

No matter how unwilling, how powerful the Tao Tie was, at this moment, his soul perished into nothingness. 

Xuanyuan Canglan’s heart was filled with shock. When his soul entered the Tao Tie, he finally knew that Tao Tie had only used 0.001% of its strength when he was at its peak. A realm that he had never known nor understood before! It was possible for him to reach the emperor realm now! 

“Such a powerful devouring force! Such powerful strength! In the future, Xuanyuan Canglan, this name shall reach all the corners of the Divine World!”

Xuanyuan Canglan raised his arm and clenched his fist. His soul was finally fused with the Tao Tie’s body and had completely devoured its soul. However, this process was extremely complicated. 

Xuanyuan Canglan had become the Tao Tie. 

“Look? Xuanyuan Canglan is devoured by the Tao Tie?!” Liu Quanchao shouted in surprise. 

At this moment, everyone was caught by surprise. Nobody thought that the Tao Tie could devour Xuanyuan Canglan at the end of the battle, including Jiang Chen. 

“Did the Tao Tie save a portion of its strength? intentionally trying to act that it was weakened? Xuanyuan Canglan got devoured, just like that?” 

At this moment, everyone became solemn, because they couldn’t believe what had happened, they refused to believe it. Xuanyuan Canglan was devoured by the beast. 

“Xuanyuan Canglan!”  Qin Yumo’s eyes reddened. 

She admired Xuanyuan Canglan deeply. Now that he had become food for the Tao Tie, she was greatly shocked. 

Xuanyuan Canglan was extremely excited. At this moment, he is the Tao Tie and the Tao Tie is him. Their souls were currently intertwining between each other, him and the Tao Tie, trying to fuse and merge together, it needed some time for this process to complete. Yet, Xuanyuan Canglan’s soul energy instantly rose exponentially, reaching the level of the Peak Divine King Realm. 

Its soul energy could easily win against everyone on-site. 

“Hahaha, this is the strength, the energy that I have dreamt of. I want this heaven to bow down to me. Today, everyone here shall die!” the Tao Tie’s voice reverberated through the sky. 

But they did not know that it was Xuanyuan Canglan that had devoured the Tao Tie’s soul. The 70,000 years scheme for the body of the mighty Tao Tie. 

Jiang Chen’s expression changed. Even though it was the Tao Tie’s voice, that manner of speaking was similar to Xuanyuan Canglan. Plus, he felt that something was amiss between the Tao Tie and this guy. 

“You’re not the Tao Tie, you’re Xuanyuan Canglan.” Jiang Chen said, even though he was just guessing. 

“You’re right, there won’t be a problem for me to tell you guys. The Tao Tie is now under my control. Xuanyuan Canglan is Tao Tie, and the Tao Tie is Xuanyuan Canglan. Hahaha. Now, you all must die after knowing the truth, only I alone shall walk out of this realm alive.” 

Everybody’s jaws dropped as they watched this unbelievable scene. Is he really Xuanyuan Canglan? That’s a giant Tao Tie, a genuine beast. But what connection is there between Xuanyuan Canglan and the Tao Tie? 

“This is unbelievable! He is the Tao Tie? Then, where is Xuanyuan Canglan, didn’t the Tao Tie eat him?” Xu Jin’s face became pale. Everything was beyond his imagination. 

“Am I hallucinating? Xuanyuan Canglan, how can this be? How can he fuse with the Tao Tie?” Qin Yumo’s mental state finally crumbled. 

Her image of Xuanyuan Canglan crumbled. The prodigy that she admired was a despicable schemer. 

“Tao Tie, Xuanyuan Canglan, heh… ” Yu Rongyan said with bitterness. 

So what can he do about it? Now that their lives were within someone’s grasp. Jiang Chen and the four great demon kings were heavily injured, who could go against the Tao Tie now? 

“He must have prepared for this for a very long time, otherwise, he wouldn’t have ‘helped’ us. If my guess is right, he wanted to control the Tao Tie, but it wasn’t easy, hence he needed us to suppress it, only then he could take that chance to control it.”

“This is truly surprising, but the shock came afterwards. Xuanyuan Canglan is still the terrifying Grand Guardian of the Clear Stream Sect.” Sword God Xue Liang smiled indifferently. One could not guess whether it was calmness or he was just acting calm. 

“You’re right. Pretty smart. But it’s a pity that all of you shall die today. Jiang Chen, I shall devour you and get the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda from you. You’re not worthy of it.” Xuanyuan Canglan said. 

His voice gave a heavy blow on each of their hearts because they were once again faced with death, back to where they started. The Tao Tie is dead, but Xuanyuan Canglan was still alive and even became the owner of the Tao Tie, a mighty beast. 

“Looks like we’ll have to make sure that we kill the Tao Tie this time. However, it’s too powerful, how can we stand against it? Did the Heavens want the billions of spiritual beasts within this Hidden Secret Realm to go extinct?” the Nine-Headed Scaled Dragon sighed. 

Xuanyuan Canglan once again reigned supreme, who can stop him? Every one of them was heavily injured, who can stand up against him? 

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