Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2448

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“Jiang Chen, I will surely crush your bones and turn it into dust!” Meng Fanpeng said with a pale expression, his clothing was ragged and dirty. 

The four realm guardians also looked the same, looking completely shabby. Jiang Chen’s lightning storm gave all of them a big fat slap. That slap caused Jiang Chen to become the number one of the whole Linhe Boundary. 

“Jiang Chen, my Ghost Eye Sect vows to kill you today!” Li Tianhuo roared. 

Jiang Chen has now offended not just the three great sects, but also the hundreds and thousands of other sects. His fame will surely reach the ends of the Linhe Boundary. 

“My Divine Pill Sect will surely find you even if you hide at the ends of the world!” Jiang Chengzi gritted his teeth with ash and dust covering his face. 

He obviously took quite a hit. The lightning storm changed the whole situation around. 

“This kid is too monstrous and cruel, we need to eliminate him fast.”  The leading realm guardian shouted. 

This was the first time since a million years where a realm guardian suffered such humiliation and to lose against a Late True God to boot. 

“Hmph, today’s vengeance, we shall settle it in the future.”

Jiang Chen’s voice reverberated through the sky, shocking the hearts of the survivors. That terrifying lightning storm had crushed all of their spirit. They can never reach such height. Jiang Chen had killed so many experts single-handedly—137 Heavenly Gods, who could believe it? 

Jiang Chen had already escaped from the jungle, leaving a decadent misery to the survivors. 

When they tried to look for him, he was already long gone. 

Meng Fanpeng looked at the four realm guardians before heavily nodding, and said:

“I declare, from this moment on, my Clear Stream Sect is willing to unite all the experts within the Linhe Boundary, and form a Hundred Sect Alliance. Our target is Jiang Chen! Kill him and gouge his heart! My Clear Stream Sect will be the first to join.”

“My Ghost Eye Sect will join.” 

“Divine Pill Sect too.” 

“Overlord Sect too.” 

“Mine too!” 

Hundreds of sects roared, crusading against Jiang Chen. Meng Fanpeng raised his arm and got the support of everyone. Now Jiang Chen has become the scum that must be eliminated. This event will surely shake the whole Linhe Boundary. All the young prodigies died, their young and hopeful buds were killed. 

“Alright. I, Meng Fanpeng, swear that I shall be less than a human if Jiang Chen is not killed! From now on, Jiang Chen shall be killed on sight in Linhe Boundary. Our alliance’s mission is to eliminate this tumour. Our 80,000 sects will not be scared by a kid that hasn’t even reached the Heavenly God Realm.” Meng Fanpeng was filled with killing intent. 

Public enemy number 1 = Jiang Chen! 

“Even though Jiang Chen managed to get away now, his future is bleak.” Ren Yuanzi sighed. 

Even though he did not join in the alliance, he knew what that alliance meant. It would be hard for Jiang  Chen to move in the future, he may not be able to leave Linhe Boundary. He’s already lucky to be able to escape now, but once the alliance is completely functional, the whole Linhe Boundary will become a giant net that would ensnare him. 

A day later, Ancient Dragon City was in a huge uproar. Countless Heavenly Gods sighed from the news, and it looked like this year’s trial had become the nightmare of all the participating sects. Many people died, youngsters, elders and lords alike. 

There were around 10,000 Heavenly God Realm experts within the Ancient Dragon City. Because this place is where the majority of the Heavenly Gods could be seen, most of the Heavenly God experts like to reside in the city, even lonely wanderers too.

The Ancient Dragon City of Linhe Boundary, a place where the mighty and scum gathered. The place where information could reach and spread the fastest. The whole Linhe Boundary was in an uproar. A single True God youngster massacred a hundred or so Heavenly God experts using his Heavenly Lightning Art, including those mighty and powerful elders and sect lords. 

Are those Heavenly Gods weak? No. But to think there’s such an event where a huge number of Heavenly Gods fell. It was truly very tragic news. 

“This is unexpected. To think the casualties for this year’s Hidden Secret Realm trial would be this high, only 20 of them returned out of ten thousand participants. Not even the three great sects, Clear Stream Sect, Ghost Eye Sect and the Divine Pill Sect could escape it.” 

“Ain’t that right. I am curious about the identity of this Jiang Chen. To think he has such a terrifying technique, unstoppable, bold and decisive. Haha.” 

“Thousands of young prodigies were buried in the Hidden Secret Realm. My God! The young prodigies of the Linhe Boundary are all gone. Looks like there will be a gap in the next hundred years.” 

“That’s nothing! Over a hundred Heavenly God experts died that very day. This Jiang Chen’s name will surely shock the whole Linhe Boundary! The birth of a new demon king is near if he can survive this.” 

“Now, I’m curious. Wouldn’t he turn the whole Linhe Boundary upside down if he really managed to survive? Haha, I’m quite looking forward to it. Since the Linhe Boundary has been quiet for far too long. It’ll be fun if someone stirred things up. Plus, the Hundred Realm Contest for Supremacy is going to start after 10 years. Looks like Linhe Boundary will be dead last again this time.” 

Not just the Ancient Dragon City, the whole Linhe Boundary had known about the news of what Jiang Chen had done, killing a hundred of Heavenly Gods. His might has already reached where the realm guardians couldn’t even stop him, he is even able to escape from them, his fame has already reached the height that has never before seen. 

Everyone thought that Jiang Chen had run away towards the ends of the world. But little did they know that currently, Jiang Chen was hiding inside Ancient Dragon City!

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