Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2456

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“Let’s see whether you have what it takes. Hehe.” Feng Wutian said coldly as he stared at Dragon Shisan. 

This fella is like an unkillable cockroach. The number of times they have sparred was getting numerous.The current Shisan was already at the Early Heavenly God Realm, and with this, even a Late Heavenly God would lose an arm or two if he goes all out. 

“I will let you experience my might this time.” Dragon Shisan said as his lips curved into a cold smile. 

He then swung his iron staff with explosive strength, decimating the plum forest within ten li. 

Dragon Shisan sneered. He’s not planning to hold back this time. He had gained a great understanding of Feng Wutian after battling him more than 30 times, his real-time battle experience also got better. Even though his cultivation realm did not increase much, his fighting power was getting stronger. 

Feng Wutian instantly released his qi which was as firm as a mountain. He then calmly intercepted Shisan’s attacks, slightly overpowering him. But he wasn’t looking down on his opponent. After all, Shisan’s staff was terrifying, it could sever the heavens, devastate the earth, and shred the void. 

Dragon Shisan’s figure was like a blade that shone brightly. He launched a barrage of attacks with his staff to Feng Wutian. The sound of metal clashing against one another could be heard reverberating through the clouds, through the mountains, reaching across a thousand Li away, any wandering demonic beast that was unfortunately caught in Shisan’s staff will surely become dead instantly. 

Feng Wutian’s aura was domineering. His palm was lightning fast, his fist was like the wind as he continued to clash against Shisan’s staff. Each of the blows could pummell and tremble one’s heart. Shisan kept on pressuring without stopping, whereas Feng Wutian kept on retreating. However, it did not look like he was losing, but he was instead getting fiercer by the second, slowly overpowering Shisan. 

“I refuse to believe that I’ll lose against you every single time.” Dragon Shisan roared furiously as he entered into berserk. 

This was his first entering the berserker mode. For him, this was his first time being on-par against Feng Wutian, it may be the best time to defeat him. Shisan has lost 30 over matches against him, but he’s one to never give up, he becomes stronger after every match. 

“This is… you’re not a clan member of the Divine Monkeys? You’re a Battle Saint Ape?” Feng Wutian’s pupil contracted and his expression changed. 

He always thought Dragon Shisan was a divine monkey, yet it turns out he’s one of the ancient demonic beasts—the Battle Saint Ape. A much more powerful monkey than the royalties of the divine monkey clan. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever said that I’m a clan member of the divine monkey.” Dragon Shisan smirked. 

Terrifying energy exploded from his body, he had the strength of a Late Heavenly God just from his body alone. A terrifying foe indeed… forcing Feng Wutian to become serious. 

Feng Wutian retreated under the Dragon Shisan’s berserk mode. Feng Wutian’s fist changed into a featherand clashed against Dragon Shisan’s peerless staff. Shisan was unstoppable, Feng Wutian was in a shock after endureing his violent attacks.  

“Eat my staff!” Dragon Shisan roared as he swung down his staff with his mighty body. 

Feng Wutian’s expression became serious as he continuously threw out sharp feathers. Shisan’s battle intent was off the chart as he rushed towards him and blocking all the attacks without fear, even the mountain was shaking from his strikes. 

Shisan finally gained the upper hand with his violent momentum. Meanwhile, the surrounding beasts were trembling in fear from Shisan’s violent aura. The aura he emitted was the aura of an emperor, a king. Those lower levelled demonic beasts even felt like kneeling down. 

The current Dragon Shisan was only at the Heavenly God Realm but his dominating aura of his managed to make countless demonic beasts suffocate. 

Feng Wutian’s calculation was wrong as he was pushed back by Shisan. Shisan smirked as his iron staff managed to land on Wutian’s shoulder. 

“You won.” Feng Wutian said palely. 

“Hahaha, Old Phoenix, looks like this is all you amount to. But I didn’t win fair and square. I may not beat you if you fight in your true form.” Dragon Shisan looked at him with his fiery eyes. 

“There’s no need for me to use my true form against a youngin. How can I lead the beasts of the Wutong Mountain if I do that?” Feng Wutian smiled, not feeling sad. 

“Battle Saint Ape! To think you’re a Battle Saint Ape, it’ll be our demon race’s fortune if you’re able to grow.”  

“Wait for me. Next time I’ll let you know that I can beat you without using my true body!” 

Dragon Shisan and Feng Wutian looked at each other, as a sense of appreciation against one another grew in their heart. 

“I hope I can wait for that day to come.” Feng Wutian laughed happily. 

“We shall spar again in the future.” 

Dragon Shisan was preparing to leave but was halted by Feng Wutian. 

“I have news of him.” 

Shisan stopped after hearing Feng Wutian’s words. 


Dragon Shisan’s breath stopped as his expression became serious. 

“Linhe Boundary, Ancient Dragon City.” Feng Wutian said. 

“His situation now is pretty worrying.” Feng Wutian added quietly. 

Shisan immediately turned back and his eyes were filled with murderous intent, causing Fengtian to shiver. This fella’s eyes are scary! 


“Not who, but the whole Linhe Boundary. There’s an alliance of a hundred sects, just for the sake of killing him.” 

“Hahaha, it’s my brother alright. Little Chen, you little fella never stop. To think you would offend the whole Linhe Boundary.” Dragon Shisan laughed. 

“Very well then, I shall accompany you in battle, even if the whole world stands against you, at least you have me. No, there’s still a dog. Hahaha.”

Dragon Shisan instantly flew towards the sky, rushing straight towards Linhe Boundary! 

“Many thanks.”  Dragon Shisan said. 

Feng Wutian was slightly stunned as this was his first time saying the word thanks. 

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