Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2457

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“Haih, we’ve been travelling for half a month, but we hadn’t even found jacksh*t. Can we really find Jiang Chen? He would’ve found a place to hide if he’s not stupid.” 

“Yeah. A bird’s nest is about to grow in my mouth if we keep on looking.” 

“This Jiang Chen is probably hiding somewhere. With our Mid Heavenly God Senior Wang, he will certainly run far away even if he sees us.” 

“You’re right. Senior Wang is our Tiger Leap School’s pillar. Senior Wang is the strongest elder except for our sect lord. The First Elder and Second Elder were only empty titles, without any strength to support it. They could never measure up against Senior Wang.” 

Four middle-aged men chatting away happily while serving the Third Elder with respect. The Tiger Leap School was one of the bigger sects in the Linhe Boundary, they were amongst the top 30 but they’re nothing compared to the top sects like the Divine Pill Sect. 

“Low-key… we’re here to catch Jiang Chen, as a mid-tier sect of the Hundred Sect Alliance, we cannot treat this lightly. If we manage to kill Jiang Chen, our Tiger Leap School’s name will surely reach the whole Linhe Boundary. By then, even the powerful sects like the Clear Stream Sect and Divine Pill Sect will give us our due respect.” Wang Bodan said in a serious demeanour while caressing his long beard with a calm smile. 

“The Third Elder is right, we shall follow your teaching.” The four of them said with a smile. 

The five of them were all Heavenly God Realm experts, with Wang Bodan as their leader. As long as there aren’t any super experts, they could certainly do whatever they want within the Linhe Boundary, and Jiang Chen was just a True God kid, there was nothing for them to worry about. 

“I think that kid’s fame is blown out of proportion. After the Hundred Sect Alliance's establishment, has anyone spotted that kid? He’s done nothing but surprise attacks on several Early Heavenly Gods. To say that he’s killed a hundred or so Heavenly God experts and thousands of disciples, that’s preposterous. I refuse to believe it.”

“Seventh Elder is right. The whole Linhe Boundary has blown Jiang Chen’s name out of proportion. They even say that the four realm guardians and Clear Stream Sect’s Meng Fanpeng almost got lethally injured. They’re Half-Step Divine Kings, experts that are much more powerful than our sect lord. Do those fellas really think that a True God kid was that powerful? They’re obviously fooled by him. He’ll die instantly if I meet him.” 

“Ain’t that right. That fella better not bump into our Tiger Leap School’s guys. Otherwise, he’ll certainly die. Hehehe.” 

The five elders of the Tiger Leap School said mockingly. In this thousand li barren mountains, would there be anyone around?  


A loud rumble could be heard, Wang Bodan and the others immediately straightened up. 

“There’s movement, let’s check it out before we leave.” Wang Bodan said as he gazed towards a certain location ten Li away. 

They then arrived at the place where the explosion occurred. 

“Who are you? To practice in this barren and isolated land. This is somewhat weird.” Wang Bodan shouted with vigour, his voice reverberated through the clouds. 

Jiang Chen was floating in the sky with a smirk on his face. 

“Is this your home? Why should I ask for your permission on where I should cultivate?” 

“Boy, are you purposely looking for trouble? Do you know who we are?” 

“You dare challenge our Tiger Leap School? Looks like you’re itching to die. This is our Tiger Leap School’s Third Elder, Wang Bodan.”

The Fifth and Sixth Elder said in anger as they stared at Jiang Chen. This little bastard is looking to die. 

“Bastard? This name is pretty good. Hahaha. Are you guys from the Hundred Sect Alliance?” Jiang Chen laughed. 

“You dare speak discourteously even after knowing who we are. Asshole, you dare badmouth our Third Elder. You should be sentenced to death! I, Xiao Wangdan, will surely crush your bones.”

Wang Bodan glared at the Fifth Elder. His name was definitely ‘unique’. He always wondered why his parents gave him this name.  Wang Bodan (Wang Bodan only a single word difference to Wang Ba Dan which means bastard). His name was made fun for quite a while, causing him to not mention his name to others for several hundred years. Yet this Fifth Elder used his name to scare someone, you really have to wonder whether he’s genuinely an idiot or acting stupid. 

“An old bastard leading four young bastards, what more do you guys want? Cross the eastern sea? Be a coward for a thousand years? Hahaha.” (Wang Ba Dan = bastard = it also means tortoise) (Xiao means little/small so.. Little bastard) 

Jiang Chen laughed madly, the names of these two fellas were extremely hilarious.

“You’ll die due to your arrogance. I won’t even forgive you even if you kowtowed to me.” Wang Bodan said with dominance as he faced Jiang Chen with vigour. 

“You’re right because I too, will not let you go. Aren’t you guys looking for me? Now that this Lord Jiang is in front of you, don’t you want me? Hahaha.” 

Jiang Chen’s eyes became sharp as he leapt up towards the sky. He’s now a Half-Step Heavenly God, these fellas were nothing to him now. 

“You’re Jiang Chen?” 

They were instantly shocked but at the same time excitement could be seen in their eyes. As if a prey had entered their line of sight, the happiness of a predator. 

“You can’t blame us if you willingly show yourself to us. Hehe, Jiang Chen, right? Let’s see what kind of expert you are. You’re not even a Heavenly God. You dare talk smack in front of I, Xiao Wangdan? Third Elder, let me deal with him. I’ll do this alone. This will be easy.”

Xiao Wangdan took a step forward, and the ten li barren mountains shook. He’s a Peak Early Heavenly God, although he’s not some famous guy, he was still a powerful figure around the sect’s 100,000 li area. 

“As you wish!” 

Jiang Chen and Xiao Wangdan stared at each other, a battle was about to erupt! 

“Be careful, that fella is not weak. He certainly has cards under his sleeve, to be able to force the top 3 sects to join hands and create the Hundred Sect Alliance. The things that happened in the twisted forest may be true.” Wang Bodan reminded Xiao Wangdan. 

But Xiao Wangdan was extremely confident, as he was stronger than Jiang Chen in terms of cultivation realm, he could easily defeat him. 

“There’s no need to use a machete to slaughter a chicken. Third Elder, watch as I catch this Jiang Chen.” 

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