Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2463

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Jiang Chen looked ruthless. When he decided to return to Profound Feng Sect, he did not expect to leave peacefully. Even though he might suffer a great loss, he was going to defeat the enemy. Moreover, he might not necessarily lose in the battle. In the face of the five hundred Heavenly God Realm experts, Jiang Chen’s facial expression was incomparably solemn. If it was another Half-step Heavenly God, they would’ve been scared off and run away from the beginning.

Jiang Chen knew that if he ran away, Profound Feng Sect was going to face misfortune. Even though it had the protection of Heavenly Star Sect and Earthly Hades Sect, so what? It still can’t fight over these five hundred Heavenly Gods. Jiang Chen did not want to owe Profound Feng Sect and was even unwilling to implicate Xuan Qingming.

A man can die while he’s standing but he should live without guilt and shame.

Jiang Chen looked around the five hundred Heavenly God Realm experts. He was not afraid at all. Since he could not flee from the battle, he was going to fight at the cost of his life without any regrets. 

“Jiang Chen, this might be your destiny.”

Ding Qiudong said in a low voice while feeling sorry for Jiang Chen because no one would be able to save him after he had offended the entire Linhe Boundary.

“We have five hundred Heavenly God experts here today. Even a true Divine King might be defeated by five hundred Heavenly Gods. Jiang Chen, you’re doomed to be defeated in our hands. Since you have come here, you should pay the price now. Jiang Chen, you’re convicted of creating chaos and disaster at the Twisted Jungle, Hidden Secret Realm and also at Linhe Boundary. Even if you’re killed, it would not be sufficient for the loss you have caused. Humph.

Li Tianhuo said in a deep voice while his eyes were giving off rays. His aura was overbearing. There were five hundred Heavenly Gods here to fight Jiang Chen. Even if Jiang Chen was able to overcome hundreds of them, it would be impossible for him to get the victory.

“Water Moon Sect, Wang Gang, let’s lead twenty Heavenly Gods to defeat Jiang Chen now.” Meng Fanpeng said coldly.

“Yes, sir!”

The great elder of Water Moon Sect, Wang Gang, took the first step and led the Heavenly Gods, pressing against Jiang Chen.

“It’s only twenty Heavenly Gods, I think you guys are really underestimating me.”

Jiang Chen gave a faint smile and immediately clashed against them. Terrifying strong winds broke through the void while Jiang Chen wrestled with the twenty Heavenly Gods with his own fists. Although Jiang Chen did not hold any weapon in his hands, he was not any weaker than them.

Unexpectedly, the Heavenly Gods failed to break through Jiang Chen’s defence and it was difficult for them to approach him. Jiang Chen’s overbearing body had repulsed five of them. All of them were not his match at all, and they were all defeated.

“Hahaha. Come on!”

Jiang Chen laughed out loud. In the face of Early Heavenly Gods, Jiang Chen looked extremely relaxed and calm. It was just a piece of cake for him.

“Twenty isn’t enough. More!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were full of fighting spirit. The twenty Early Heavenly Gods were all defeated by Jiang Chen just now.

“Overflowing Wood Sect, Zhao Kuotian, bring another thirty Heavenly Gods to fight Jiang Chen now!”

Meng Fanpeng still looked calm. Even though Jiang Chen was in high spirit and fearless, he was actually dealing with five hundred Heavenly God Realm experts and only ten percent of them were out right now.

“Yes, sir!”

Zhao Kuotian brought another thirty Heavenly Gods to join the battle. Jiang Chen suddenly faced a greater pressure now. However, he was still able to handle the situation with ease and skill. 

“This guy is really a monster. With his Half-step Heavenly God Realm cultivation, he’s still able to fight fifty Heavenly God Realm experts alone. It’s terrifying.”

“I don’t know if we are too weak or Jiang Chen is just too strong.”

“He indeed has some capability since he was able to kill countless people and has been hunted by the Hundred Sect Alliance for some time. No wonder there have been so many Heavenly Gods killed by Jiang Chen these past few months.

“Jiang Chen is really horrifying. I guess some of those experts have felt the sense of danger now.”

Many people started discussing the battle. 

Jiang Chen’s mightiness was still shadowed by these fifty Heavenly God Realm experts. The battle situation looked chaotic. Everyone became speechless out of shock.

“This young man would have achieved greatness in the future if he’s not killed today.”

Ding Qiudong said quietly. However, he did not have the chance and reason to take action. As long as Profound Feng Sect was not in great trouble, his mission was complete. He did not have the capability to bother if Jiang Chen was killed or not. He also did not have the capability to fight the entire Linhe Boundary. He was confident in his own strength for being a Half-step Divine King, but he did not have Jiang Chen’s boldness

“Only fifty Heavenly Gods, what can they do to me? Hahah.”

Jiang Chen said madly while releasing his overbearing and irresistible aura. Under his dreadful aura, the fifty Heavenly God Realms expert tried really hard in the battle. However, Jiang Chen’s invincible Profound Heavenly Armour managed to resist all kinds of attacks. He even kept attacking ruthlessly as if he  knew nothing about retreat. 

“Fire Flame Sect, Huo QianEr, send out another fifty Heavenly Gods to kill Jiang Chen!”

Meng Fanpeng’s eyes looked as sharp as a knife. QianEr was not weak at all. She immediately took action and rushed into the battle. A hundred Heavenly God Realm experts encircled Jiang Chen and kept attacking him. Jiang Chen started taking steps backwards as his cultivation realm was not capable enough to resist more than a hundred Heavenly Gods.

However, he was still using his palm to defend against their attacks and his fists were as hard as rock. Hundreds and thousands of Profound Feng Sect’s disciples were dumbstruck by the scene. They understood that Jiang Chen could choose not to return to Profound Feng Sect and face such a threat by himself. However, he still made it back to the sect. Although he was taking steps backwards in the battle now, everyone in the Profound Feng Sect still thought highly of him. 

Jiang Chen was their hero forever. 

“Finally, he doesn’t look that arrogant anymore. Let me see if he still can fly high now when facing a hundred Heavenly Gods.”

Jiang Chengzi said with a cold smile as he disdained Jiang Chen. However, he knew that even for him, it was extremely difficult to fight one hundred Early Heavenly Gods. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen was not defeated yet, although he had shown his limitation. But it was already sufficient for a Half-step Heavenly God to gain more than a hundred Heavenly God’s respect.

Jiang Chen’s facial expression looked terrible while facing one hundred Early Heavenly Gods. He was like a moth trying to escape the flame.

“Alright. Then let’s have a fierce fight!” 

Jiang Chen roared and used his Dragon Transformation Art.

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