Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2464

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At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly became half-human and half-dragon. His power suddenly advanced to Mid Heavenly God Realm, making everyone feel great pressure. Under the dragon transformation, Jiang Chen’s attack became even more terrifying. Each of his strikes tore the void apart, and all of the Heavenly Gods could not overcome him at all. 

Mountains and rocks were shattered immediately as soon as Jiang Chen made a palm strike. He was as formidable as an ancient giant beast just like the Tao Tie before. They were both invincible. More than a hundred Heavenly Gods were under intense pressure right now.

After using the dragon transformation, his formidable body was able to resist those Heavenly Divine Tools that come his way. His palm strikes immediately defeated five Heavenly God Realm experts, they were all extremely vulnerable under his strikes. 

“Use everything you’ve got. Don’t let him have a chance to turn the situation around.”

All of them were filled with fighting spirit. It was really shameful if others knew that more than a hundred Heavenly Gods Realm experts failed to overcome a Half-step Heavenly God. These hundred plus people were extremely furious from the fact that Jiang Chen had completely suppressed them in terms of power. His dragonic strength spread across the void. The hundred experts’ aura was not as strong as Jiang Chen’s aura alone.

“Haha. A group of bastards. Let me show you how I am going to overcome five hundred Heavenly Gods!”

Jiang Chen stepped on the void and shattered it immediately by using his Azure Dragon Five Steps. About twenty Heavenly Gods were repulsed immediately. Jiang Chen smashed seven Heavenly God Realm experts’ meridians and tore their bones and flesh apart. The seven Heavenly Gods were killed by Jiang Chen in a flash. 

“Whoever stops me will be killed!”

Jiang Chen wielded his dragon arms and sent out another heavy palm strike. As soon as his palm struck, there would be people killed immediately. Those Early Heavenly Gods lost their strength to resist Jiang Chen completely. Jiang Chen once again had the upper hand in the battle. 

“You’re indeed a living demon!”

Many people’s eyes were filled with terror and they were trembling in fear. With Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation mightiness, he had killed more than twenty experts and there were only about seventy left among the first group. Each of them were in a great crisis. Although they were backed by the Hundred Sect Alliance, none of them was willing to die in Jiang Chen’s hand as it was not easy for them to go through those hundreds of years of cultivation. Jiang Chen was like a demon to them and he made them feel despair. 

“Overload Sect, Sun Xiao, it is your turn to take action. Bring in another hundred Early Heavenly Gods into the battlefield. I want to see how strong he really is.”

As soon as Meng Fanpeng finished his words, Sun Xiao smiled coldly and rushed into Jiang Chen. Another one hundred Heavenly God Realm experts battled Jiang Chen. This time, they really pushed Jiang Chen into a predicament. Although he had the dragon transformation as reinforcement, it was still hard for him to resist almost two hundred Heavenly Gods at the same time. Jiang Chen’s face looked extremely ugly and he started to become passive in the battle. 

“Your capability isn’t that bad, but you’re still too weak to fight almost two hundred Early Heavenly Gods.” 

Sun Xiao laughed coldly, and he took out his sword to join the battle. Countless Heavenly Gods followed behind him and pushed Jiang Chen to a dead end. Jiang Chen continued to fight with the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand and his aura remained invincible. Everyone was impressed by his stamina. 

“It’s really unfair that you have an armour to protect your body in this battle.”

Meng Fanpeng smiled coldly then suddenly sneak attacked Jiang Chen when he was fighting with those Heavenly Gods. He broke Jiang Chen’s Profound Heavenly Armour with his sword strike. After Meng Fanpeng’s attack from the dark, Jiang Chen spurted out a mouthful of blood and he was repulsed badly. His imposing manner suddenly weakened, and the two hundred Heavenly Gods took the opportunity to attack him.

Jiang Chen turned his head around at this moment, and stared at Meng Fanpeng. It was out of his expectation that an elder of Clear Stream Sect would do such a despicable thing to sneak attack him and break his Profound Heavenly Armour. The Heavenly Gods now started fighting wildly and ignored Jiang Chen’s defence completely. 

“Meng Fanpeng! I will definitely kill you.”

Jiang Chen was outraged. At this moment, he had no choice but take full guard against the attacks. Without the Profound Heavenly Armour, he did not dare to be reckless when dealing with the two hundred Heavenly God Realm experts. Although his combat strength has not weakened, he had to ensure to defend himself well. If the battle lasted too long, he would surely be doomed to fall into a passive position. Wounds and blood started appearing on his body through the course of the battle. Jiang Chen finally felt a sense of great pressure as if there was a huge mountain pressing against his shoulder. He found it hard to breath now.

“Senior Jiang Chen…”

Many Profound Feng Sect disciples had tears in their eyes while they were watching this scene silently. Despite the severe wounds, Jiang Chen was still holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword tightly in his hands, and he swore that he would not give in. He did this for the hundreds and thousands of disciples. As they watched the scene, each of them started feeling guilty.

When the wounds on Jiang Chen’s body increased, they felt more and more furious, however, they were helpless. If the two hundred Heavenly Gods wanted to kill them, it would be as easy as drinking water. Even their Sect Lord would not have any way to help them as their opponents were too formidable. However, Jiang Chen never gave up at all from the beginning until now. He would not surrender even if he would die in the battle.

This is Jiang Chen! Even though he’s already severely injured, his battle spirit was still high and he hadn’t cried out of pain. However, those disciples of Profound Feng Sect could not help having their eyes filled with tears upon seeing Jiang Chen badly injured.

“Jiang Chen, you have killed so many in the past. You have a deep sin and deserve this karma. Surrender now!”

Jiang Chengzi said coldly.

“If twenty is not enough, then come with fifty. If fifty is not enough, then come with a hundred. A hundred ain't enough again? Then two hundred more will come. I am going to tortune you to death.”

Meng Fanpeng looked at Jiang Chen with ruthlessness while his mouth showed cunningness.

“I will never be defeated.”

Jiang Cheng exchanged a glance with Meng Fanpeng. Although his body was full of wounds, his eyes still looked unbeatable. He was going to fight until the end!

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