Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2466

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“Finally couldn’t bear it? ” Li Tianhuo smiled, unflustered. 

Sure enough, the 100 Mid Heavenly Gods couldn’t withstand the Little Ashura Sword Formation and were caught inside. They were forced to be on the defensive and if it weren’t for their preparation, they would’ve been dead by now. Jiang Chen stood proudly yet he’s frowning, he felt something was amiss. 

However, his Little Ashura Sword Formation hasn't reached its full strength yet. It’s around 10-20%, because he was waiting for more Heavenly Gods to enter. At that moment, he will fight with his full strength and get them all. He was aiming to kill all 500 Heavenly Gods! This was his plan. 

“This Sword Formation, is that all it has? Hehe, then, I’ll show you mine.” 

Li Tianhuo jumped up to the sky with a Taoist tool, he then looked across the crowd, the remaining 200 Mid Heavenly Gods entered the fray. 500 Heavenly Gods then dispersed across eight directions and Li Tianhuo activated a formation much stronger than the Little Ashura Sword Formation.

“You have your scheme, but I also have mine. This formation is made specifically to counter your sword formation! Jiang Chen, you will never get away from us today. Hahaha.” Li Tianhuo said

Ghost Eye Sect was the expert with regards to formations. 

“A powerful formation.” Jiang Chen frowned. 

The 500 Heavenly Gods were already in their positions, the 60+ Early Heavenly Gods who were killed were replaced by Late Heavenly Gods. At this moment, the whole Profound Feng Sect was engulfed by a dark veil. The Ghost Eye Sect’s formation engulfed the whole proximity of the Profound Feng Sect. It became hard to breathe, it’s suffocating. Those weaker Profound Feng Sect disciples were shivering in fear and a hundred or so of them died just from the pressure of the formation.

“Scary! This is a demonic formation! My heart is about to jump out!”

“Senior Brother Jiang Chen, looks like this is the end.” 

“Is the Profound Feng Sect facing annihilation?” 

The disciples of the Profound Feng Sect fell into despair. 

Jiang Chen looked towards Li Tianhuo’s 500 men formation, it completely covered the Little Ashura Sword Formation, a terrifying black whirlwind started to brew, as if it was the harvester from hell as it flooded Jiang Chen’s formation into the bottom. 

Jiang Chen’s expression became solemn. But the 500 men formation was completed. 

This time, Jiang Chen’s confidence was shaken. The formation looked average and he felt that his formation could defeat Li Tianhuo’s formation, but the manpower of the opponent’s formation was too powerful. It even made his hair stand on end, he felt shocked and proud at the same time because of the scale of the opponent’s formation. 

“What is this formation?” Jiang Chen looked at Li Tianhuo as his pupil contracted.  

“There’s no harm in telling you, this is the Great Arhat Prajna Formation! Formed by 500 Heavenly God experts. It could even instantly suppress a Half-Step Divine King. This is purposely made for your sword formation, you should be proud to die under the Great Arhat Prajna Formation.” Li Tianhuo said with disdain. 

He was extremely confident in the Great Arhat Prajna Formation. This was one of the Ghost Eye Sect’s Great Sect Barrier Formation, a formidable formation within Linhe Boundary. It could even withstand the attacks of a Divine King. 

A dark whirlwind started to brew, a ten-thousand zhang dark skeleton formed, its empty eye socket emitted a terrifying aura. It then opened its giant jaw, trying to devour everything in its sight. 

The 500 Heavenly God experts formed the Great Arhat Prajna Formation, and it was able to thoroughly engulf the Little Ashura Sword Formation. Jiang Chen felt pressured from that looming darkness. 

“Rise! Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation!” 

Jiang Chen took out another 30 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones to activate the Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation. At this moment, the  Little Ashura Sword Formation rose and shone brightly as it broke through the darkness of the sky. Two different qi clashed, the darkness and golden light intertwined. 

“Such a terrifying sword formation, this sword formation is much stronger than the one Jiang Chen had previously exhibited. How can this be?”  Jiang Chengzi’s brow raised as his expression became serious. 

Li Tianhuo was extremely confident. However, he had to admit that Jiang Chen’s formation was pretty strong. It could even kill a Divine King if Jiang Chen’s formation was handled by 500 Heavenly Gods. But Jiang Chen was too weak, it was already commendable that Jiang Chen was able to unleash 1/1000 of the Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation’s power. 

Li Tianhuo won because the Great Arhat Prajna Formation was supported by 500 Heavenly Gods. Although even without the formation, the 500 strong men were already a force to be reckoned with. 

“His Sword Formation is definitely strong but it’s impossible for him to break through my Great Arhat Prajna Formation!” 

Li Tianhuo commanded the terrifying peerless, murderous formation, terrifying black whirlwinds were unleashed and the pressure Jiang Chen felt was getting heavier by the second. Jiang Chen’s blood was trembling from those impending whirlwinds. Cuts appeared on his body as the wind cut through. He forcefully activated his formation once again and released x5 the might that he previously showed and clashed with the Great Arhat Prajna Formation. 

“Myriad Sword Return! Scattering Sword!” Jiang Chen roared.

108 swords shot up towards the sky, breaking the structure of the Little Ashura Sword Formation, further expanding the formation, with the terrifying energy of the Heavenly Dragon Sword, a terrifying sword glow burst out from within. 

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