Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2472

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“I want to merge the lightning, just to transcend the peak. Let’s merge the power of Heavenly Lightning!”

Jiang Chen’s hands were holding Dawn Sky Golden Lightning and the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning. The whole audience became silent when both Heavenly lightnings had appeared. Even Meng Fanpeng was totally shocked as he already knew how terrible the situation would be if Jiang Chen really displayed the Fusion of Lightning. Even if all the Heavenly God Realm experts aligned, it was still impossible for them to defend against the Fusion of Lightning, as the thunder and lightning were intertwined. It was probably impossible and no other power could compete against it.

Like the reincarnation of Heaven, the Heavenly Lightning poured down and broke through the sky. The power of the Heavenly Lightning was staggeringly strong and irresistible, even the entire Heavenly God Realm experts on the scene could hardly resist.

“If you decide to kill me, I am gonna take you all with me. Let's perish together! Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen roared like thunder. Both Heavenly Lightnings merged together. The horrible power poured down and sprinkled the entire Phoenix Mourning Mountain. However, Jiang Chen still did not forget to protect the disciples in the Phoenix Mourning Mountain.

“Finally it is going to start? But sadly, I am well-prepared for it this time.”

Meng Fanpeng said lightly. There was a light of stiffness and coldness in his eyes. This was the moment that he had been waiting for.

“Everyone, I earnestly hope to get your full support. Only with the union of all the Half-step Divine Kings can we restrain him from bringing a huge disaster. Don’t you ever underestimate the power of the Fusion of the Heavenly Lightning, it can sweep through the universe and split everything into pieces.”

Accompanied by Meng Fanpeng’s howling, the nine greatest Half-step Divine King experts gathered all their strength. This time, there were ten experts including Meng Fanpeng, and their only target was to overcome Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Heavenly Lightning. Five Half-step Divine King Realm experts were almost sacrificed before, so Meng Fanpeng came prepared for this fight.

Following the thunderous clouds, the rainbow-coloured evening light surged up. The heavens and earth constantly changed its colour. Almost half of the five hundred Heavenly Gods were devastated under the power of lightning in the twinkling of an eye. There were cries and sorrowful howls all over the Phoenix Mourning Mountain range. Even the strongest Heavenly Gods had fled helter-skelter.

“Jiang Chen, I’m always incomparable to you even if you are weaker than me.”

Dragon Shisan said unwillingly. However, he felt delightful in the inner depths of his mind, this was truly his brother. Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Lightning was obviously beyond Meng Fanpeng’s expectations.

“We are bound to fight to the death, vanquishing monsters and demolishing demons to defend Linhe Boundary”

The nine Half-step Divine Kings said in unison. At this moment, Jiang Chen had suffered great pressure as the ten greatest experts were above him, and his passage was completely barred. The power of the Fusion of Lightning somehow stagnated as all the strongest experts held their hands to stop it. However, rhe Heavenly Lightning was spotless and perfectly irresistible. The Heavenly Lightning which was intangible and invisible ran throughout the heavens and earth eventually. However, the ten experts were not some nobodies that can be easily dealt with. Together, they were definitely a formidable power. Besides, there were ten of them.

Jiang Chen’s eyes contracted and spelled death. If he could take  down more experts, the power of the entire Hundred Sect Alliance would be weakened thoroughly. Meng Fanpeng and the others joined forces to besiege Jiang Chen, intending to constrain his Fusion of Heavenly Lightning. However, Meng Fanpeng had forgotten that Jiang Chen was way stronger than before, and it could even be said to have jumped to the next level. Even if the ten experts had joined together, it was still exceedingly difficult for them to resist his attack. The explosive force was completely unimaginable, and terrifying that it could destroy the universe.

An ear-splitting noise reverberated around the sky and the center of the clash glowed with an incomparably bright light, blasting off toward the galaxies. Jiang Chen was helpless and his power was finally exhausted. His body was overburdened after carrying too much pressure, and it seemed like he had already reached his limit.

The ten strongest experts displayed their own power. There were ten beams of light lighting up the sky and the Fusion of Heavenly Lightning was totally suppressed by them.

Meng Fanpeng and the other nine experts were on another level after all. The Half-step Divine King Realm was not just two realms from Jiang Chen’s realm, instead, the gap was as big as the whole universe. Meng Fanpeng wasn’t so sure if they could really defeat Jiang Chen even if the ten of them hadn’t joined hands together. But the fact proved that the Fusion of Heavenly Lightning was not unbeatable. Jiang Chen was defeated by the joint forces of the ten experts although they had also suffered severe injuries. The Fusion of Heavenly Lightning still made them feel frightened.

“What a terrifying Fusion of Heavenly Lightning, it was like the end of the world.”

“Even so, you are still bound to die today.”

The ten great experts broke through Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Heavenly Lightning. Jiang Chen’s body got thrown out. Whether he would live or die could be decided in an instant.

Dragon Shisan’s pupil constricted. He felt Jiang Chen’s body which was dilapidated and was dying.

Jiang Chen had never expected that Meng Fanpeng would come prepared and all the ten greatest experts could resist his greatest strike.

“Enter the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda quickly!”

It seemed like the divine light in Jiang Chen’s eyes wasn’t keen. At this moment, Jiang Chen released the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and both of them entered the pagoda instantly. But the moment right after he entered the pagoda, he had already fainted and lost consciousness.

“What a great pagoda, I will definitely keep it for myself!”

Meng Fanpeng stared at the pagoda and there was a sparkle in his eyes. He coveted Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword and Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

The others were shocked as they watched Jiang Chen enter the Ancestral Dragon pagoda but they were helpless and desperate.

“What’s happening? Did Jiang Chen just enter the pagoda?”

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was about ten feet tall but Jiang Chen was too weak and was now unable to make it transform and disappear. The other nine experts were astonished and starred at the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda with sparkling eyes. A divine tool that could help one shutter through space  was rare but it was not impossible to get. The Spatial Divine Tool was different as it was a treasure which could be used to accommodate any creatures. It roused everyone’s  envy, Jiang Chen had not even reached the Heavenly God Realm but he already had such a precious treasure in his hand.

If it was a Spatial Divine Tool which could accommodate anything, it was equal to a moving space. And if the space was even big enough, it could be a moving universe.

“The pagoda is truly tempting and made people have an insane desire to get it. Haha.

“True. This pagoda is really a magnificent treasure.”

“Meng Fanpeng, now I understand the reason that you swear to take his life with such a great effort.”

Meng Fanpeng frowned slightly. This guy obviously took an interest in getting the pagoda. However, taking over this precious pagoda was not a simple thing that everyone could do.

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