Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2474

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Jiang Chen gathered the energy from the entire Phoenix Mourning Mountain in three days. The moment Jiang Chen opened his eyes, he had finally reached the Half-step Heavenly God Realm and there were countless dragon marks growing on his body. There were 3.29 million now! His strength had increased to another level and the Purple Golden Divine Spark in his body glowed with magnificent and glittering light at the moment. Jiang Chen realized that only the true Heavenly God Realm could have such great power.

At this moment, a tremendous cloud and thunderstorm appeared above his head. In the midst of a thunderstorm were bolts of lightning and frightening thunder.

“How did this happen? Is this the Lightning Tribulation that only happens when a Divine King makes a breakthrough?”

“It seems like there is someone that’s about to make a breakthrough. Congratulations, everyone.”

“That’s right. But who is going to achieve the Divine King Realm?”

The ten of them stared at each other in astonishment. Although they seemed to be saying it with some compliments, none of them were willing to accept this situation. If there was someone who was really about to breakthrough to Divine King Realm at this moment, it means that a strong dominant overlord would be born and it would eventually tilt the balance of the entire Linhe Boundary.

Over the past four thousand years, there were no Divine Kings who had ever arisen in the entire Linhe Boundary. Although there were Half-step Divine Kings, they were just one step away from being a real Divine King. However, even if those experts were already close to the Divine King realm, they still failed to achieve it.

How could the Divine King Realm be easily broken through? A Half-step Divine King needed to assemble and accumulate the divine strength in the body. But for making a breakthrough and reaching the Divine King realm, it depends on one’s insight and enlightenment as well. Even if one was just a step away, a decision made in a moment would make a difference. Among all of the Half-step Divine Kings who lived to thousands of years, there was no one who could achieve a breakthrough to the Divine King Realm.

Meng Fanpeng was nearing his end. If he could not make a breakthrough to Divine King Realm in ten years, he would possibly meet his end. He kept looking for an opportunity and the precious Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in Jiang Chen’s hands was the only turning point for him now.

“It’s not me. Are you?”

“No, neither am I.”

“Look. In the midst of the thunderstorm, there is the precious pagoda. How is that possible? Is he going to make a breakthrough? It doesn’t make sense at all.”

Everyone felt astonished, and doubtful at this moment.

“It is my first time to witness the Lightning Tribulation of the Divine King. This will be a kind of experience and inspiration for me to break through to the Divine King Realm.”

Meng Fanpeng and others were extremely dignified. The terrifying Lightning Tribulation showed that this was the real Lightning Tribulation of a Divine King.

Jiang Chen had completely recovered in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Thousands of power assembled in his body, and he eventually reached the Heavenly God Realm.

“Brother, you have never let me down.”

Dragon Shisan threw a punch at Jiang Chen but a smile covered his face. At this moment, there were countless streaks of white growing in Dragon Shisan’s hair.

“It’s time for us to strike back.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile while touching the corners of his lips. He wished to pay everyone a resounding slap as he would like to prove that he could rule over the whole Linhe Boundary, and had never yielded himself.

“Are you confident for this fight? Those old guys are all Half-step Divine Kings after all.”

Dragon Shisan asked in a low voice.

“What’s the chance of survival for those Half-step Divine Kings to bear the Lightning Tribulation of the Divine King Realm?”

Jiang Chen said with ease, and a smile plastered on his lips. At this moment, he had a strong and great will to fight.

“In this battle, I would like to make the entire Linhe Boundary be buried. Do you think these despicable guys deserve to own this Ancestral Dragon Pagoda?”

Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan stepped out of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in the twinkling of an eye. Jiang Chen’s breath became calm and stable, and even more ferocious at that moment.

“How could you still revive? Don’t tell me that this is your Lightning Tribulation.”

Li Gui Gaiying said in a deep voice, feeling completely shocked and astonished.

“What if it’s true? Isn’t it the moment that you have been longing for? It is my real pleasure to have the Lightning Tribulation upon my head. This is what you guys have been anticipating all the time right? Now, here is the chance for you to feel what is the real Lightning Tribulation of a Divine King!”

Jiang Chen said with a cold laugh, and his glance swept over everyone present on the scene. The thunderclouds rapidly spread across the sky. Jiang Chen looked up into the sky with leisure and confidence. This Lightning Tribulation can do nothing to him.

All of the old codgers who were Half-step Divine Kings and the rest of the Heavenly God Realm experts would definitely sink into despair.

“Jiang Chen, are you going to release the Lightning Tribulation here? Are you out of your mind?”

“You are actually committing suicide now. Don’t you dare bury us with you even if you decide to kill yourself.”

“That’s right. Do you know how many people will die here?”

“Are you going to ignore the lives of the hundreds and thousands of disciples in the Phoenix Mourning Mountain?”

The face of Meng Fanpeng and the rest turned sour. Not only the Heavenly God Realm experts, even the Half-step Divine Kings could hardly resist the Lightning Tribulation.

“Seems like this guy is truly insane.”

Ding Qiudong unconsciously stepped back. The Lightning Tribulation was completely formed and it could descend at any time. The Lightning Tribulation of a Divine King was an existence that had a terrifying and devastating force which could destroy the world easily. Meng Fanpeng, Li Gui Gaiying and the others could not stay still.

“You’re wrong. Nothing will happen to our Profound Feng Sect, but all of you must die.”

Jiang Chen was like an insane gambler. His eyes were filled with intense murderous intent. He had his back to the wall and he was bound to fight to the death. If the Life Symbol Art did not bring him back to life at his last gasp, he would have died in their hands. He was determined to take his revenge on them, he wanted to kill all of them as his dignity could not be trampled under their feet.

Jiang Chen immediately formed the Zi Luo Thousand Illusory Formation within the Profound Feng Sect by using twenty Supreme Grade Divine Stones. In Heavenly God Realm, only Jiang Chen could display such a horrifying formation to protect the Profound Fect Sect with ease.

“Form the Zi Luo Thousand Illusory Formation ! Don’t worry, Sect Lord. I will never damage a blade of grass and tree in the entire Profound Feng Sect. This is what I owed to Profound Feng Sect. However, I will not have anything to do with Profound Feng Sect from now on. 

“Everyone else has to die in this fight!”

Jiang Chen looked up to the sky, and flew high above the heavens and formed the Little Ashura Sword Formation once again. And this time, he placed all of the Supreme-Grade Divine Stones to block the path of Meng Fanpeng and the others.

“Let’s see how you guys can escape from this Little Ashura Sword Formation! Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. His laughter was deafening and ear-splitting which also sounded like a declaration of their death.

“This Lightning Tribulation is really that terrifying?”

“That’s right. It is unbelievable that Meng Fanpeng and those ten great experts could not stop Jiang Chen even though they have joined forces.”

“I doubt Jiang Chen can do this. He is just a Mid Heavenly God while Meng Fanpeng and the others were all Half-step Divine Kings. The gap between their power is enormous, they are just incomparable.”

Most of the Heavenly God Realm experts were trying to convince themselves that nothing would happen. But Meng Fanpeng and the others’ solemn expression said everything.

“Do you think you can trap us with this formation?”

Li Gui Gaiying grounded his teeth. He wished that he could eat Jiang Chen’s flesh and snatch that exquisite precious pagoda from him.

“You can give it a try.”

Jiang Chen shrugged.

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