Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2493

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Being one of the four great guardians of Eight Lineages Silver River, the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon was quite popular in the entire Tian Qi Mountain Range. Not to say that they could sweep across the entire mountain range, but as long as people talked about Eight Lineages Silver River, beasts and humans alike would show them some respect. It’s very rare to see beasts or humans simply come to the Eight Lineages Silver River. Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon could be considered as one of the master level experts in Tian Qi Mountain Range but there are still quite a lot of people who tried to compete with him. However, there are only very few people who would dare offend Eight Lineages Silver River. 

“Whether you want to  devour these humans to cultivate yourself or want to chase them away, I think you know the best. These people have never offended you before, and you’re only trying to find an excuse for yourself. Do me a favour and give them to me, my lord would definitely be very happy.”

The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon said with a faint smile while looking arrogant. He did not really care about this Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard at all.

“An idiot talking in his dream!”

The Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard was irritated. 

The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon acted as if he’s sighing and said in a low voice, “Hehe. seems like a battle is unavoidable.”

There were many Heavenly God Realm beasts in the mountain range. However, being one of the greatest guardians of Eight Lineages Silver River showed that the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon must be quite powerful. Ordinary Half-step Heavenly Gods would not be able to deal with him. That was why he was being so arrogant and wild.

The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon and Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard could effortlessly eat Jiang Chen and the others up. They did not even need to chase after them.

“Seems like we have become their prey.”

Yu Er’niang shrugged and said . She still looked enchanting despite the current crisis. It was always hard for men to move their gaze away from her face. Her deep round eyes and curvy body had attracted everyone’s attention. 

“Little brother, how about I bring you to run away later? Once these two monsters start fighting, we start fleeing. There must be a chance for us to run away from the misfortune.”

Yu Er’niang used her fingers to touch Jiang Chen.

“What if you eat me up?”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it. One of them must take a step back if both of them fight to eat us. Otherwise, they would both be hurt badly.”

The short-haired swordsman said, his eyes gave glowing with radiance. They were looking for opportunities as well. Once they had the chance, they would immediately run away. It was such an unacceptable thing to be eaten by the beasts. However, nothing is impossible under the law of the jungle. 

“Get your chance later. Although the people here have not taken any action yet, it’s because they have been waiting for a chance, otherwise, we would only die here.”

She Zhen said with a deep voice. She Xinying, Liu Xingjun and the others nodded in unison. Liu Xingjun was filled with the fear of death and his heart had completely collapsed.

Jiang Chen looked at the two gigantic beasts silently. The dreadful Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon was huge in size and he had three heads in azure green colour. There was a blazing fire between his forehead, and that was why he was called Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon. The most terrifying part of Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon was his beast fire, Earthy Fire. This beast fire was quite terrifying. Although it was incomparable to Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental True Fire, it was still extraordinarily dreadful to other fires. Following with the advancement of his strength, the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon’s Earthy Fire would be even more terrifying. 

“Do you really think that I will be afraid of you? I really want to see how great the Eight Lineages Silver River is.”

The Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard took a step forward and smashed the void. The surrounding mountains were shaken by his overbearing step.

The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon snorted and took action as well with three heads. He swept across the trees and rocks around and wrestled with the Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard immediately. Everyone was stunned by the fierce collision. It’s a battle of physique and it was also the most dreadful battle. For the beasts, they love to fight with their body and see who was able to win at the end. This was the rule of the battle between the beasts. They would compete with their body strength and physique. 

Of course, both of them would not show any sign of inferiority in this battle. At the moment, some people want to take the chance to flee but the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon and Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard would not allow this to happen. 

“I am going to kill you if you dare to step out of this battle zone!”

The Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard was repulsed by the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon’s attack, killing four people in the process. At the moment, everyone was stunned and stopped moving. Looking at this bloody scene, Liu Xingjun was completely freaked out. Life had become so fragile at this moment. He almost cried out while facing such great pressure. He even found breathing difficult now.

No one dared to take any action after the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon made a heavy strike. A Late Heavenly God and three Mid Heavenly Gods were killed by him in just a second. No one dared to believe this. Who would dare to run away now?

Draw a circle on the ground as a prison!

The Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard did not take his chance to attack the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon at the moment. Because he understood that if they did not show some true colours to the human, they would definitely take the opportunity to flee during their battle. The Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard and Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon were not foolish. The reason they fought was because of these humans, of course they would not let them to run away.

Jiang Chen had not moved at all since the beginning. Everyone also got back to where they were slowly and their facial expression looked even more terrible now. The beasts’ intelligence was not any lower than that of the humans. No one could run away from here. Everyone, especially Liu Xingjun, felt extremely depressed as it was scary to face death. What is more terrifying than death was the suffering of waiting for death without doing anything.

“What we can look forward to is wait for those two to get terribly injured in their battle. That would be the best timing for us, not to run away but fight them with our utmost effort. It is impossible to run away and we would only help to strengthen their spirit if we run away. Their power are quite formidable and incomparable. It’s not easy for each of them to kill each other. So before they take action in the battle, let us remain calm and not to take any action. Whether you can survive depends on your patience.”

Jiang Chen said with a low voice. Everyone had their destiny when it came to their life. He did not want to make any changes simply as he was not a savior.

Surviving is an opportunity while death is also another way of reborn.  

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