Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2497

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Lan Xiaosheng stared at Jiang Chen coldly. Jiang Chen’s not backing down and looked straight at Lan Xiaosheng’s eyes, emitting intense killing intent. 

“I don’t mind killing this obnoxious lad before that.” 

Lan Xiaosheng changed his servile attitude towards Yu Erniang into a cold and icy one, like a cold blade piercing straight towards Jiang Chen’s heart. 

“Stop trying to cause trouble, he’s far weaker than you. Are you really going to stoop so low? Lan Xiaosheng, don’t forget that you’re the castellan of the Black Crag Stronghold.” Yu Erniang harrumphed. 

Her words of protection for Jiang Chen pierced Lan Xiaosheng’s ears. He then looked at Jiang Chen with a much thicker murderous intent, never once did Yu Erniang protect somebody and such a weak person to boot. Lan Xiaosheng’s anger was burning passionately as Jiang Chen had become a target of his hatred. 

Lan Xiaosheng pursued Yu Erniang for a hundred years. The latter had never once shown any feelings towards him, such perseverance was admirable. Plus, he never allowed her to get close to any men, if there was… he would kill them. 

Jiang Chen’s gaze also turned extremely cold. Lan Xiaosheng was already arrogant, now that Yu Erniang was protecting him, Lan Xiaosheng now saw him as a rival in love. 

“A fool, a muscle brained fool.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

“Boy, do you think I won’t dare to kill you?” 

Lan Xiaosheng took a step and immediately appeared in front of Jiang Chen like a cold blade yet Yu Erniang stood in front of Jiang Chen and said coldly: 

“You dare? I won’t let you go if you dare.”  

At this moment, Lan Xiaosheng suppressed his anger, but Jiang Chen knew that he had entered this person’s kill-list. Murderous intent was lurking in his cold eyes. 

“Hah, commendable, to hide behind a woman.”  Lan Xiaosheng said cynically 

Jiang Chen was completely unfazed. He would’ve disgraced himself if he were to act against such a foe. He would once again become a public enemy if he really did so. For such a person to be this mad for just a single woman, one could see how self-centered the person was, and Yu Erniang wasn’t even interested in him. 

“Lan Xiaosheng, you’re truly shameless. Haha, to think this is the girl who’s caught your heart for a hundred years. I’ve seen it all now, but what if I caught your girl? Hehehe, what will you do?” the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon said. 

It then changed into a middle-aged man who had long white hair, possessing a fiery brow, wearing a green battle armour that covered his whole body, he was emitting a dominating qi with his giant figure. Even if he was injured by the Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard earlier, his aura hasn’t weakened, possessing more than enough strength to face Lan Xiaosheng. 

As one of the four great protectors of the Eight Lineages Silver River, he’s truly a formidable foe to be reckoned with. Although the Black Crag Stronghold was also famous in the Tianqi Mountain Range, it couldn’t be measured up against the standards of the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon. 

“Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon, looks like you’re trying to die.” 

Lan Xiaosheng was greatly angered. The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon had said something that shouldn’t be said. This fella dared to joke about the woman he loved?  Lan Xiaosheng couldn’t stand it. 

“You wanna fight me? Not even your Big Brother has the ability to stand against me.” The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon put his arm forward and a snake-shaped blade appeared in his palm, the tip of the sword was extremely sharp as it struck towards Lan Xiaosheng.

“This fella is mad, ignore him.” Yu Erniang looked at Jiang Chen and said. 

“Really? He wouldn’t be like that if you didn’t use me as a shield.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“I would have used the others if I can. Just that… I wonder if this little brother is someone who’s truly worthy or just someone who only has good looks. Hehehe.” Yu Erniang smiled graciously, a smile that could be deemed to be a wonder of the world. 

“Watch your six, he’s gone. Nobody will become the charming prince that’ll protect you.” 

Jiang Chen punched and decimated an Earthly Fire Giant Python with a lingering flame on his fist. Yu Erniang was slightly shocked as Jiang Chen did not get hurt from that flame. This fella is much stronger than your average Heavenly God expert. Probably on the level of those Mid Heavenly God experts, however he’s still weak when compared against the standards of the Tianqi Mountain. 

“Don’t I have you?” Yu Erniang’s eyes widened as she lightly bit her lips, she then proceeded to roll her eyes. 

“I do not have the strength to protect you. Hahaha.” 

Jiang Chen took ten steps forward with vigour and pushed back all the Earthly Fire Giant Pythons surrounding them. 

“Such an insensitive boy!” Yu Erniang lightly laughed as she took on 20+ Earthly Fire Giant Pythons carefully. 

800 Earthly Fire Giant Pythons surrounded Yu Erniang and Jiang Chen at this moment. This time, those Earthly Fire Giant Pythons came rushing towards them like a waterfall. Only Lan Xiaosheng who was on the scene could possibly withstand the instantaneous explosive force of those 800 beasts. 

Not even Yu Erniang, the old man nor the swordsman could take it anymore as injuries kept on piling on their body. Plus, the numbers on their side were dwindling, She Zhen fought tirelessly as he took on the mission of protecting the rookies like She Xinying and Liu Xingjun. But no matter how experienced he was, he couldn’t take on that many Earthly Fire Giant Pythons alone. 

She Zhen and the swordsman got injured. Yu Erniang was slightly better off but was also pushed to the corner. Only 15 of them were left from the original 30 men. Those 800 beasts were too much to handle, even though they were easier to deal with compared to the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon, but they were all more than enough to deal with their group. 

At this moment, Lan Xiaosheng became extremely fierce as he was able to take the initiative. He managed to push the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon back but was unable to deal an effective blow as the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon was stronger in terms of cultivation. Although  injured, he managed to stay on top of Lan Xiaosheng. 

Lan Xiaosheng’s blade was fierce but there wasn’t enough power behind those strikes. Whereas the snake-blade of the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon was like a terrifying silver snake, vicious and precise. Lan Xiaosheng had to be wary against his strikes. However, he couldn’t completely evade the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon’s strikes as several stab wounds appeared on his body. 

Even though Lan Xiaosheng managed to stand his ground amidst the clashing of swords, Yu Erniang and the others were pushed to a corner. 

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