Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2498

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Jiang Chen shook his head. Looks like he really had to act. She Zhen and the others were on the verge of dying. Especially She Zhen after taking several blows for She Xinying and Liu Xingjun’s stead. Although it wasn’t lethal, it was too much for him to bear. His footwork and technique became dulled from the injuries and he couldn’t even take on the attacks of a Earthly Fire Giant Python properly. 

Yu Erniang’s technique and footwork were nimble but her robe got burned from the chaos as their situation got worsened by the second. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold as he threw out a series of mighty, lethal punches. Each of his punches landed on the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon, creating holes on the beasts’ bodies. 

Jiang Chen was like a killing machine, every step he took equates to the fall of another Earthly Fire Giant Python. He became ruthless unlike the calm demeanour that he had exhibited earlier. At this moment, everyone was shocked, no one expected that Jiang Chen could be this powerful. Mighty shocks were created after every blow of his landed on those beasts. Afterimages of his could be seen appearing around the battlefield, 80 pythons were instantly killed in a flash. The lifeless bodies of those beasts fell one after another. 

“Strong! To think this fella has been hiding his true strength.” 

“Yeah. To think that Early Heavenly God fella is stronger than all of us combined.”

“One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Looks like we’re saved now. That lad’s speed, technique and power is at its peak. I think only Lan Xiaosheng is his match amongst us all.”

“A young hero indeed.”

Every single one of them was excited and extremely happy. Jiang Chen pushed forward and over 300 Earthly Fire Giant Pythons were killed, almost a half of those beasts lay silently; lifeless upon this forest, it was truly a sight to behold. 

Liu Xingjun, She Xinying and the others silently watched Jiang Chen. Liu Xingjun’s face became red as he remembered what he said and did, he was filled with a mix of complicated feelings… 

She Xinying watched Jiang Chen with eyes of worship. He was like an angel that has descended upon her heart, a protector who protects her from all harm, cutting down Earthly Fire Giant Pythons one after another. Such terrifying attacks, it was unbelievable, is this the battle strength of an Early Heavenly God? Unbelievable! 

She Zhen silently watched. He had already guessed but chose not to believe it, but now that Jiang Chen had shown his abilities, he finally understood how low-key this person was. During the time when Jiang Chen did not answer him whether the Twin Dragon Leopards were alive or not, whether it was he who killed them. Looks like She Zhen’s guess needs not any proof nor answer anymore… 

From the beginning, he saw that Jiang Chen was capable and chose to invite him into the team because of that but he didn’t expect him to save all of them. 

“Little Brother, you’re getting cuter and much more mysterious by the second.” Yu Erniang smiled, with a hint of shock within her eyes. 

Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm and battle strength do not match. Not even she could exhibit such power. Jiang Chen was like a sharp knife cutting across those Earthly Fire Giant Pythons like they were butter. It was like a single-sided massacre, like a wolf that has jumped into a herd of sheep. 

Jiang Chen killed half of those Earthly Fire Giant Pythons, surprising everyone. On the other side, Lan Xiaosheng and the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon noticed what was happening. Lan Xiaosheng was also surprised, albeit slightly because he too could easily kill those Earthly Fire Giant Pythons with no effort. 

But the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon wasn’t feeling the same, Jiang Chen killed more than half of his offspring and the numbers were rising. If this continues, all of his offspring may get killed and that would be a major loss. 

Lan Xiaosheng had his hands tied and he couldn’t get away. Although he was on the losing side, he managed to cause quite some trouble for the Three-headed Dragon. Now that there’s a powerful one amongst the group, who had interrupted the plans of the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon, nothing could be gained anymore if this continues any longer. 

The Three-headed Dragon’s eyes were filled with Jiang Chen alone. Jiang Chen was like an executioner, each of his punches was lethal, killing one after another with his punches alone. Those punches felt like they were hitting his body as his offspring fell one after another and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. He will lose much more if this battle continued on. 

Lan Xiaosheng sneered: 

“Why? It’s a great taboo to be rash, are you planning to surrender now?” Lan Xiaosheng mocked. 

The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon was further angered by it. 

“You’re weaker than me, do you think you can defeat me if it wasn’t for that bastard, puny human.” The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon gritted his teeth and said. 

He then launched a sword strike. Snake-figured swords covered the sky as it burst towards Lan Xiaosheng, the latter then retreated in distraught, managing to defend against this strike. 

Lan Xiaosheng looked at Jiang Chen. This fella has become the focus of everyone. Yeah… if it weren’t for him, everyone would be dead when the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon has my hands tied. Now that more than half of his pythons are injured or killed, he’s lost the confidence to continue this anymore. 

“So what? Hahaha. Let’s see whether you’re able to hold it in.” Lan Xiaosheng said disdainfully. 

“Bastard! Lan Xiaosheng, Black Crag Stronghold, I’ll remember this. I will surely dye the Black Crag Stronghold red in blood when I’m back. Those who go against the Eight Lineages Silver River, I vow to kill them all.” The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon was anxious. 

If the Three-headed Dragon continued to be stubborn, then all the 800 pythons will all be dead. For the sake of the future, he was forced to retreat, otherwise, the casualties and damage would be too much. 

“Hmph, to think the four great protectors of the Eight Lineages Silver River is this weak, I’ve truly seen it all. Hahaha.” Lan Xiaosheng said while laughing profusely. 

The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon harrumphed as he led the Earthly Fire Giant Pythons and left the place. He didn’t expect this result but ‘While there's life there's hope’. 

“I’ll remember you, kid.” 

The Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon stared at Jiang Chen fiercely as he turned back unwillingly, leading the remaining Earthly Fire Giant Pythons away. At this moment, the forest became quiet, eerily quiet. 

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