Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2501

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“I have never thought that you’re such a cool one. That girl has been thinking of you all the time but you are still able to remain unmoved without giving any response. You’re truly dumb and wooden.”

Yu Er'niang laughed. Both of them were adverse to others. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was located in the west, which was a remote region. The region was full of highly poisonous snakes, mice and insects, even beasts were running wildly. Compared to the central region of Tian Qi Mountain Range, the west region was like a hellish place.

“Did you expect me to like you if you adore me?”

“You’re shameless. I prefer someone who is older than me. Hahaha.”

“But I’m not young either.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. Yu Er'niang casted a shy glance at Jiang Chen this time.

“You’re so playful. I won’t ever dare to go along with you. Perhaps you’ll swallow me one day.”

“I am afraid that the opposite thing will happen.”

Jiang Chen shrugged, showing an anxious expression on his face. Even though they had gone through two thousand miles, things seemed normal and they did not encounter any danger yet. However, they still remained cautious as it could be just the lull before the storm. In Tian Qi Mountain Range, a slight mistake could cost them their lives.

“Why are you looking for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?”

Jiang Chen asked.

Yu Er'niang did not speak much along the way, but every word was full of provocation. In these ten days, she was always cautious and concerned all along. Jiang Chen felt impressed as her strength was quite comparable with him.

“So what if you got the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart? What are you going to do with it?”

Yu Er'niang asked curiously.

“Making pills. I am an alchemist, that’s why I always have an eye for all valuable treasures.

Jiang Chen decided not to conceal the truth intentionally as this was his original intention after all.

Yu Er'niang was startled and her eyes lit up.

“I have never thought that you’re an alchemist. You’re such a young and talented man.”

Even though Yu Er'niang was shocked upon hearing this, she still didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could make any supreme level pills with his power. The one who made those supreme level pills were none other than those geniuses in Alchemy. Yu Er'niang considered Jiang Chen merely a junior level alchemist since he was still young.

“You still haven’t answered my question yet.”

“It’s a secret.”

Yu Er'niang smiled slightly. She was like a butterfly, dancing smoothly and gracefully with soft footsteps while moving forward.

The west region of Tian Qi Mountain Range was all covered with pure white snow and the temperature dropped rapidly. However, the flowers there were still blooming, trees were green and wooded, and there’s even softly gurgling water. The warm air flowed from the peak while the hot spring water tasted sweet and refreshing.

The west of Tian Qi Mountain Range was just too quiet and peaceful, which was totally different with what was mentioned as a purgatory of death. But Jiang Chen and Yu Er'niang had never let down their guard, they moved forward carefully as everything seemed strangely peaceful.

“Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain is just forty thousand miles ahead, I think we should walk for another three months. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine is located in the  Wan Li Grand Canyon of Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain. However, the geographical location of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine constantly keeps changing every year. So, no one knows its exact location.”

Yu Er'niang whispered under her breath.

“Thousand miles of white snow covering all over the mountain while the mountain wind howls. It seemed like there’s still some distance to reach our destination. Finding the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is not as easy as I had thought.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

“Signs of dangers will appear everywhere in Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain. My two elder brothers are waiting for me over there.”

“Oh, I thought you’re alone.”

Jiang Chen felt surprised.

“I have never told you that I am alone.”

“There are seemingly a lot of people yearning for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

Jiang Chen sighed.

“Hundred years ago, I had followed my elder brothers to Tian Qi Mountain Range. We have been waiting for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart in the Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain but we failed to find it. I lost patience at last and left. Unfortunately, I faced a crisis once while travelling and I was saved by Lan Xiaosheng. Since then, he has had a crush on me but I have no opinion of him.

“However, he wouldn’t stop breathing down my neck even after more than a hundred years. He decided to accompany me to find the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart when he knew that I wished to get it. But I refused to go along with him even if his strength is actually great enough. As one of the disciples from Tian Qi Mountain Range, I believe that he should’ve heard of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Not only that, those who heard about it were quite a lot. And it was rumored that during the maturing phase of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart in ten thousand years, the place will relapse into chaos.”

“It means that there will be great fighting over the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

Jiang Chen whispered.

“Not bad, but no one knew where the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was. Even though my two brothers can sense the fluctuations of its strong vitality, they are still unable to find its sign at the moment.”

Yu Er'niang obviously knew well about the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

“Am I getting a tough opponent?”

Yu Er'niang was looking at Jiang Chen suddenly.

“Don’t worry, I am not that frenzied. Even if the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Hear is really precious, I am still a good man.”

Jiang Chen said confidently.

“I hope so. Hahaha. Please don’t let me down.”

As soon as Yu Er'niang said this, a loud buzz attracted their attention.

“Such a terrifying aura. Even though it is comparable to me, it is far more powerful.”

Yu Er'niang looked dignified and stunned. A long sword swept through eight hundred miles and its light was spreading cold, producing powerful beams of light. It was surrounded by more than ten Fire Spiritual Lions which were all at the Late Heavenly God Realm. However, the lions could not simply approach, and all of them were suppressed. The terrifying sword shadow swept through the sky which was extraordinary and remarkable.

“True. It is truly horrifying.”

Jiang Chen looked serious. He could feel that the aura of the sword was familiar.


The Ten Fire Spiritual Lions that were covered with scarlet red crystal were ferocious and moved rapidly. They could even rend a strong Heavenly God Realm expert to pieces. However, they were utterly confused in the hands of the swordsman in white. His sword was terrifyingly sharp, and his strikes were overbearing and as fast as lightning.

“It’s him!”

Jiang Chen stretched out the corners of his mouth and murmured. He recognized his old friend.

“Do you know him?”

Yu Er'niang fixed her eyes on Jiang Chen and stared in amazement. This guy was relatively stronger, and even more terrifying than Jiang Chen and could even be compared to Lan Xiaosheng. She could feel the coldness from his heart which made her feel astounded.

Lonely, cold, unrestrained and unbeatable!

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